Mag's beam kiteing

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Booger, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Booger Elder

    should this be looked into ?
  2. Cicelee Augur

    Magicians beam kite??? Wow I must have missed the boat on that!
  3. silku Augur

    Apparently they are doing it by using a server lag issue. I'm guessing that if they get caught they'll likely get in trouble for it.
  4. Booger Elder

    wasnt wizards beams fixed because of similar ummm problems. ?
  5. Raymond Journeyman

    In defense of Mages you saw a player using an exploit and he/she was a Mage. Mages don't beam kite. Mages don't kite at all. Ever.
  6. Booger Elder

    so Mag's that are kiteing entire zones are exploiting? Im just trying to understand i thought beam spells were " fixed " to were this wouldnt be problems . aparently Mag's beams were over looked and yes Mag's do beam kite . There is a few Mag's offering PLing useing this . in general chat. " you too can be level 100 in a few hours "
  7. Quiptos Journeyman

    There are several classes who can pull off fast leveling, 7 hours to 100 swarm kiting. Not sure what the SK's this year did via swarming Kaesora over and over and over but they were a bit faster than our full group was.

    Full group in RT nonstop with only 1 pee break I pulled mobs for 16 hours to hit 100 for our group.

    Last year I swarm kited it out and was done in about 7 hours, SK's are fast, Mages not sure if they have a new way to beam kite but it can't be much faster than SK's pulling the entire zones at once. Rogues can also but have a timer to slow them down a bit I think.

    You will all be 100 within a week with just normal groups I would imagine and normal playtime, doesn't really matter much. :)
  8. Kaenneth Augur

    I have killed a dozen or so mobs at once with beam spells. light blue mobs in DSH, but I didn't kite them, I tanked them while water pet added some DPS. and merc kept me healed.

    I wouldn't try it again until I see that mercs are fixed.
  9. Booger Elder

    looks like Mag's are able to beam kite dark blue - yellow conned mobs. im talking like 100s at a time
  10. CaptAmazing Augur

    What is this beam kiting? How does it work?
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  11. Xnao Augur

    Beam kiting is like level 100 in a day. Grab an instance, round them up, hop on your mount and run circles beaming.
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  12. Piemastaj Augur

    So you have a 1.5 second cast time on a Beam that does 10k DMG base. You also have no way to snare any mob at all, let alone swarms of them. Not to mention, the HP totals mobs that would be yellow con mob would have it is going to take at least a minute to drop them if not more. I am inclined to think it is an exploit.

    Wizards got theirs nerfed because they were dumb and choose to swarm Icefall, and they also can snare/root things to make beam kiting far easier. Magicians lack Snare, which is a huge help in Beam kiting, which is why ours did not get nerfed.

    Exploits are bad, calling for nerfs even worse. Numerous melee classes swarm kill mobs daily, but lets make a thread about a possible exploit to try and nerf something. Possible troll added here also ftw.
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  13. Booger Elder

    so its an exploit that Mag's can beam kite like this ? im trying to understand . there is people offering PLs this way .
  14. Magik Journeyman

    Mages not Mag's!! Who ever used the term Mag's??

    Also, why are you so angry about this supposed exploit, that no one but you seems to know about??
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  15. Falos Augur

    I bet I know which instance they are doing this in... I have not done this myself but if my theory is correct it's not an exploit because the mobs in question give absolute trash for exp (aka fear itself weak con mob style exp per a kill)
  16. Booger Elder

    the exp is pretty dog gone good in windsong instances
  17. Falos Augur

    Oh, i was not thinking of that instance, i was thinking of A RoF instance, so perhaps I am mistaken.
  18. Booger Elder

    im just trying to f

    im just trying to find out if it is or is not an exploit . others in this thread have called it an exploit. if it is then it should be looked into .
  19. Bigstomp Augur

    I remember during VoA launch some mages were doing some form of kiting in valley, rounding up so many mobs that the zone was lagging so bad it was unplayable. The 1 or two mobs we managed to drag into our camp before gating out of frustration at the lag I was able to kill before they actually swung at me the lag was so bad server side.
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  20. Dre. Augur

    Don't beam spells have a target limit? The number 9 seems to jump out at me.
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