Mag's beam kiteing

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Booger, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Sanh Elder

    1. Ive personally never witnessed an sk swarming to the point where he disrupted me, much less to the point of server lag.
    2. Sk swarming is not nearly as overpowered as Mage beaming is.
    3. 2 wrongs never made a right.

    If you think swarming 100+ current mobs is just fine and dandy, say so and support why you think this is the case instead of deflecting the issue.
  2. Sashagray Journeyman

    I know a mage well enough to have finished the entire rof and cotf expansion boxing with its pet as my main tank, and doing everything I want in the group game... Could I smash a top mage on a raid parse? Probably not.. But I wouldn't be totally inept either.
  3. Loratex Augur

    now this is just funny to read
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  4. Mysl Augur

    I think most people would be happy if the zone disruption stop. It really is not mage's beam spell issue, it is some people being inconsiderate.

    If the dev team can come up with a way to stop the lag issue, this thread will go away. Maybe the coming change which allows the level spread to be bigger will help on this, assuming the whole issue of zone disruption is due to Mage PLing other toons.
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  5. Edrick Augur

    He plays a lot of classes. It is irrelevant anyway.
  6. Anaskesia New Member

    I have the perfect solution. Every time you cast a beam spell (or use your SK swarm ability) you become player-killable for an hour. Problem solved!
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  7. sihpa Augur

    It's relevant as its a conflict of interest.
  8. Booger Elder

    it is both the spell. allowing folks to gain insane amounts of exp and zone disruption. zone disruption is done by several classes not just mages . but don't think for 1 sec that the amout of exp from it isn't as bad as the zone disruption part.
  9. Edrick Augur

    This is getting to the point of being a conspiracy theory and I think it's best if the issue is dropped because it's silly.

    The only reason to keep an eye on Piestro is because he's a gnome.
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  10. Ammeren Augur

    LOL yup he nailed it guys, Piestro is keeping beam kiting in the game selfishly for himself to use! You know how the GM's need all them AAs ;).
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  11. McDougal Augur

    In what EQ universe was it ok to be able to kill 30+ yellow mobs at once? I guess I missed that part of the vision. I remember when they nerfed dots to do less damage if the mob is not rooted however.
  12. Ammeren Augur

    This ^ explains everything!!
  13. Piestro Augur

    But I'm a halfling. :(
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  14. Edrick Augur

    You just made your biggest mistake of your life. Or should I say, your half-life.
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  15. SOE-MOD-19 Journeyman

    Thread locked.
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