Mage hit again

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Yimin, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Sancus Augur

    Edit: I hate doing this but, never mind again.
  2. Zalamyr Augur

    I don't think people would mind this concept of "strengths and weaknesses" balancing if every class adhered to it.
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  3. Igniz Augur

    Well, one facet of the problem might be that it has never been clarified, where the burn ends and where the sustain starts. (This might be even more difficult if you consider different ranges for group and raid game, but let's concentrate on raid game for the time being).IMO, a burn fight during raid should be around 60-100 seconds in duration, with another 60-100 seconds of gray area, and everything after that would count towards sustained. Any objections?

    Again, this is not to artificially create any balance criteria, but simply a matter of definition for the sake of discussion. It's rather nice if everyone is talking in the same units of measure ;-)

    Sadly, it is the only basis for discussion we have apart from anecdotal experience. If you wish, I can send you the complete logfiles from my parses so you can look at them yourself.
  4. Brogett Augur

    Obviously you don't want to give dps figures given the event didn't go well with regards to emotes. However what sort of ballpark duration are we in? 100sec? 80sec?

    Rogue can indeed match wiz pretty much for 60sec perfect sync. I'd estimate with perfect timing I could reach around 400k and have already shown by chopping out the 60sec of my burn from a far from perfect ADPS sync that I do 360k dps during that region. However after that things vary A LOT.

    So saying rogue is 94% of wiz without saying how long the fight was is meaningless. It's like saying "I'm more dps than" or "you know you're way around a"... incomplete.

    So, let's guess and say you'd be 400k dps in optimal cases (already seen this figure banded about elsewhere and it tallies with rog) but lost 10% due to emotes. So to is say 360k, rog is 340k, ber is 290k, mag is 250k; fight duration say 70sec?

    I doubt I'll get solid answers, but is this in the right area at least?
  5. Naugrin Augur

    He said it was slightly faster than the 100 second fight posted I would guess 90ish seconds ballpark.
  6. Vlerg Augur

    Wizard burn also drop quite a bit after the 80-90s mark... once you've used improved twincast / twincast spell...
    let's not pretend they can reliably sustain that 300kdps for long...

    unless you are lucky and get more twincast proc (5%)
  7. Songsa Augur

    Top rogue being 94.5% dps of top wiz with 3 wiz topping and another 1 Just behind we can conclude that 4 wiz are between 94-100% of top dps meaning their dps is pretty consistant. For rogues we have one at 94.5 and another one behind 3 bers who are below 80% dps of top wiz. So it's difficult here to know if things are totally fixed for rogues and 2nd was slacking/very unlucky or if stars were aligned for top one. Basically we need more data.
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  8. Yimin Augur

    Going to test Mage DPS a lot now that I am no longer silver account ...

  9. Yimin Augur

    Bolts bolts and more bolts . So long rains was good having you , hey where did my mana go :)

  10. Igniz Augur

    Probably where the power of our rains vanished to, as well :-(
  11. Yimin Augur

    How do you all feel about or fade being messed with ?
  12. Leex Augur

    Everyone's fade was changed, not just ours. Although we did lose 1 fade.

    Invest in FD pots.
  13. Yimin Augur

    Yeah I know all fade were hit that was not my question... what do my fellow Mage think of our fade being messed with ?

  14. Zezack Journeyman

    I for one enjoy the new fade improvements to encourage more skill.... Granted I always have my chanter with me lol

    I do miss casting my rain spells though *tear*
  15. Mintalie Augur

    The nerf to Summon Companion was pretty nasty imho.
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  16. Sancus Augur

    The worst part IMO is that our fade now has a 90% chance to fade us, but a 100% chance to fade our pets. I don't mind it having a 10% chance to fail, but our pet should only fade if our fade succeeds.
  17. Mintalie Augur

    They actually took two fades away from us--by combining Drape and whatever else, plus removing the fade from Summon Pet. Us mages have taken a bunch of hits lately.

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