Live Update Bugs 05/17/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 17, 2017.

  1. Orbital101 Augur

    All of Conqueror of Veeshan's peak does not update.

    Dirt Criminal Vakov doesnt update Hunter of the Temple of Droga
    [Wed May 17 23:15:38 2017] You have slain Dirt Criminal Vakov!
  2. Qillaan New Member

    Call of the Forsaken: Bixie Warfront: Heroic Adventure: They're Everywhere!
    Task will progress up to "Speak with Queen Shulriya Fiume to ensure that she's ok"
    she will give some dialogue, but the task will not update past this step and issue the reward.
  3. Orbital101 Augur

    Same here, already had that posted on the test tread and tried again on live for the same result
  4. Qulas Augur

    Efreeti Lord Djarn is an ice djini instead of a fire one 8( 8( 8(

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  5. Gremin Augur

    Lost all achievements previously completed.
  6. Xdev New Member

    Both TDS missions that I tried to complete are completely bugged (Tempest Temple, and Katta). Firstly, in Tempest Temple Kelpin Larch (sp) and Blindless Ion are not where they should be, Ognit is not progressing through the mission like he usually does, although he does send you to the correct, floating islands. Furthermore, in the Katta mission on the 4th Step when you investigate outside the temple, the mobs that spawn that are suppose to be killed, are acting like friendly NPCs. Meaning that you cannot cast on them, or do anything hostile towards them. Seems like there's a bunch of things in TDS that got screwed up. One of the partisan tasks in Tempest Temple wasn't spawning mobs as needed as well.
  7. Prathun Developer

    Werewolves can be anything they wanna be!

    Also, I found this.
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  8. Qulas Augur

    He re-spawned, here is him standing up!

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  9. Cavall Journeyman

    Just experienced this bug. Cleared all the lower dragons, no checkmarks. Took out Phara Dar, still nothing at all. Disappointing.
  10. kamien New Member

    Crying for the Dead- Not spawning mob from clicking the Memorial Ceremony Announcement in the correct rooms
  11. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    I am having a similar issue with TDS#4: Edge of Balance. Praetorians won't respond to spells or melee. I get the red immune message when they should be killable.
  12. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    Bug: Unable to engage mobs in TDS#4: Edge of Balance

    Upon reaching step "Kill 5 Invaders", the praetorians spawn but I am unable to cast spells or melee them.

    It looks like there is a broader issue with killing mobs being immune in many instances.
  13. Orbital101 Augur

    Conqueror of the Plane of Hate does not work
  14. Siny Augur

    Cancel-this now looks correct -the thick boned at the cook spot updated the 2nd listed in hunter
  15. Brohg Augur

    No a_keepers spawned in Rings of Fire mission in Argin-Hiz. Mission frozen at step 11 of 14
  16. Sparkx New Member

  17. sandrak New Member

    Ok what on earth is going on. I just did the Call of the Forsaken Ha, Jailbreak one. everything went fine till it completed. Once i finished and got my bonus reward my char locked up. I have restarted my computer 3 times now and every time i go to log him in, eq locks and will not respond. I can log in my other chars just fine. I honestly do not get, why is it every time you dev's do a patch you manage to break something. I came back to Eq cause i missed the community, but at this point is getting beyond stupid you can't do a simple patch with out creating more problems then before. Please get your crap together or just retire EQ. Thanks Narolin
  18. Asune New Member

    Last night my guild killed the first 2 events on the EOK: Korsha Labs raid. The first one didn't give us any achievements even though we qualified.

    Then we killed Ancient Dragon and no chest, no lockout and it was just bugged. We reset the instance and tried again and still the same outcome.

    What is going on?
  19. segap Augur

    Anchor fix is a mixed bag. On some characters, it's fixed. On some, still broken. On others, it flipped (primary anchor in one guild hall that was broken now works, but secondary in different hall that was working now doesn't).
  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    well, the change will not be in until the next patch, so in the meantime, your information may be useful (not confirming or denying this. I like to let you guys solve these). The new name could hint at the placeholder :)
    There are three different thick boned skeletons, each with the same name and all rare. I'm leaving it to you guys to find the differences, like you are!
    Some developer in the past had a mean streak and I missed it. The table is like this:
    JAGAPotMatriarch a_potameid_matriarch 94%
    JAGAPotMatriarchRare1 a_potameid_matriarch 2%
    JAGAPotMatriarchRare2 a_potameid_matriarch 2%
    JAGAPotMatriarchRare3 a_potameid_matriarch 2%
    I also only caught Rare1. With the way these are named I will add the 2 and 3 as the "same" rare(in an OR condition), and I will probably go ahead and pull the capitalization trick on the names of the rare.
    I will poke around at these. Thanks. On a quick look, I don't see why Dirt Criminal Vakov didn't work. NM. Found it. It should work next patch. The VP thing I'll look at when I look at the rest
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