Live Update Bugs 05/16/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 16, 2018.

  1. niente Developer

    Ok, I looked into this. Certain NPCs do not want to equip items, and now they are responding this way. Any pet who "eats" the item -- it means they are not going to equip it. Generally NPCs that do this destroy the item. I can change it so they will give the item back to you.

    For reference here are the types of goranga in Maiden's Eye that will equip items:
    a goranga battlemaster
    a goranga forager
    a goranga prophet
    a goranga savant
    a goranga seer
    a goranga chieftan
    a goranga scout
    a goranga shaman
    a goranga spiritseer
    Here are the goranga who will not equip items:
    a goranga follower
    a goranga gatherer
    a goranga hunter
    a goranga lookout
    a goranga scout
    a goranga tribesman
  2. Menanie New Member

    Same issue here and I am on a live server.Trying to complete PoP flagging for the Artisan Prize aug and now bottle-necked.

    Cannot port from Chaotic Vortex, tried to hail, say transport, target it and click U, and all nada. Hail Askr and get more Chaotic Vortexes.
  3. Dzarn Developer

    Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next full patch.
  4. doah Augur

    Were you scrolled in when clicking U? U doesn't work in 3rd person.
  5. Monkman Augur

    Thank you Ngreth, I can sleep at night peacefully now.
  6. Atratus New Member

    The new Journal thingy does not appear to be formatting the text properly when opened. Mine was showing text headings over the top of the items supposed to be below it.
  7. Kirkisx Augur

    minor bug but arcron hero forge pieces lack TS tag
  8. doah Augur

    Graphics bug in undershore with the illusion from Polymorph wand: phantom froglok.

  9. Metanis Augur

    I think the Dev who worked on this doesn't understand how these alliance spells work. The new "wears off" messages only announce it to the player that had the alliance cast on them.

    Priests DO NOT CAST these spells on themselves. We want to see when it wears off some poor tank_00 3 groups down in the raid. What you've turned on here today is useless unless you expect every tank in the game to trigger the fades message and then announce in chat or Teamspeak that their alliance has worn off.

  10. Hadesborne Augur

    Took 4 times to log into the game from the launcher. The game just hangs in limbo (black screen). Had to end task in windows 7 64 Ultimate. Very annoying.
  11. niente Developer

    Those of you who are crashing while logging in or at server select -

    This is an issue with 3rd party software ([Unmentioned 3rd Party Software]/WinEQ). Please try logging in without it and see if it works, and report the crash issues to LavishSoft.
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  12. Prathun Developer

    Unable to reproduce.
    I cast Ancient Alliance on another player. When the spell fades, I see:
    Your Ancient Alliance spell has worn off Soandso.

    In game data, the modified spells now have the SHOW_WEAR_OFF_MESSAGE flag set.

    The wear off message for Ancient Alliance "The ancient alliance leaves you." has been on the spell since 10/12/2016.
  13. Prathun Developer

    She will wander before the event starts and she will periodically run to someone's location in her room during the event.
    However, she will not wander the room during the event.
  14. Imak Augur

    The natural alliance fades is precisely the message I have always seen when I cast my own Alilance on myself and it wears off me. This isn't the new messaging.

    Your Bosquetender's Alliance Rk. III spell has worn off of Player_Person12.

    ^^ THAT is the new messaging when the spell wears off of a target that is NOT yourself. Druid spell messaging is working just fine for me.
  15. Miss_Jackie Augur

    I've been having problems with foraging. In non-combat zones, the forage button will not pop. It's not in cooldown or anything. It just won't work. Zones like PoK, Guild Lobby, etc.
  16. DizzleFoShizzle New Member

    Rathe council is broken. Please fix it.
  17. Hadesborne Augur

    Not crashing at server select. I can't even get to server select without Ctrl-alt-del Task dismissing 3 times. I use Windows 7 64 Ultimate. No 3rd party programs running in background. Game hangs, then after 3 failed attempts and subsequent closing of eqgame.exe, it works and allows me to reach server select. After that, everything seems fine.
  18. DizzleFoShizzle New Member

    Rathe council is broken. They do not respawn. There is no timer. You pull and kill each, spawn avatar, and collect your flags.

    Please kill the AoCs for this event and stop deleting posts about this.
  19. Imak Augur

    Dunno whether this was intended or oversight, but the recently added Fereth ornament achievements are completed by equipping a set of Fereth archtype ornaments. However, using the Marketplace suit consolidator creates something no longer Fereth; it creates Suits of Krellnakor armor. Kinda confusing for bazaar shoppers.

  20. Drewie Augur

    Recipe #77123 was renamed from "Half-Moon Cut Alaran Gemstone" to "Half-Moon Alaris Gemstone" instead of "Half-Moon Cut Alaris Gemstone".
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