Live Update Bugs 05/16/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 16, 2018.

  1. Snowman Augur

    I keep crashing soon as I hit the play everquest or the server button --- can not even get to character selection - crashing has been extremely rare for me over the years also
  2. dentalplan New Member

    The "a chaotic vortex" that ports you up to Agnarr's room during his scripted event appears to be broken now, and clicking on it does nothing. You can also spawn them infinitely from Askr which shouldn't be possible.
  3. segap Augur

    I've had several instances of loading spell sets not work. The text reports success, but I just sit there with the spell book open and no spell gems have been changed. Never saw this until tonight. It's happened on multiple characters/classes with different installs.

    I am quickly switching sets after casting (not in combat), so the global cool down might still be up if that matters. I'm using right click rather than the console.
  4. Braikkarrii New Member

    The descriptions for weapon ornaments are incorrect. For example, looking at Kranigan's Fist ornamentation, its description states that it fits in two-handed slash weapons, but the ornamentation fits only in hand-to-hand.
  5. Remind New Member

    Rathe council aren't respawning in instances. Theres no time limit. was this intended?
  6. Rayzen Elder

    I am having the same issue that alot of other ppl are having. My Client crashes at server select. I have validated game assets, and rebooted and everything else I know how to do. some people also seem to not be affected at all. If there is a file that can be deleted and re-patched or some other type of fix, please post it for us in the forums.
  7. Klunk New Member

    The Goranga's (Gatherer at a minimum) in Maiden's eye when charmed is eating weapons and items when given to them, literally eating them.

    "Chomp, Chomp, Chomp a Goranga gatherer takes a bite from their shiny ore Machete."

    and when I broke invisibility and killed the mob it had no loot or weapons/items given. no loot at all.

    Fix their appetite please, they seem overly hungry.
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  8. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I use Win7 too, and i do not crash.
    Did you try to start the client with bypassing launchpad? If not you might want to perhaps, i understand there's been some issues with that (but it sounds as if both of you were already past the launchpad at the time of crash, so i dunno - all i can say that eqgame works fine for me, no crash).
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  9. Metanis Augur

    Maybe just terminology... but the new "wears off" messages for priest alliance is confusing for shaman. It would appear the message is for the affected player rather than the caster...

    Shaman = The ancient alliance leaves you.
    Druid = The natural alliance fades.
    Cleric = The divine alliance ends.
  10. Monkman Augur

    Icon/Actor for Veltar's Staff of Tranquility is still bugged, shows up as a 1HB weapon. To recreate this bug simply equip the staff and look at it.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This very low information bug report is why it lingered so long. The more complete bug you posted in another forum I saw too late to get into the patch, but I did make myself a ticket to look into it for June.
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  12. Greymantle Augur

    I keep crashing (crash window pops up) when i camp a character. Since i run a merchant this is annoying as i have to log back in, wait while it kicks the other char. Then set up the merchant and set him to work ofline. Note this only happens when i camp out normally, not when setting up the merchant.
    On The Rathe if that has any bearing.
  13. Repo New Member

    The Chaotic Vortex that ports you up to Agnarr the Storm Lord in Bastion of Thunder is broken as of 2018-05-16 patch.

    When hailing Askr the Lost, the A Chaotic Vortex spawns. Right click and "U" simply cons the NPC as ally, it does not port anyone up. Hailing Askr again spawns another, and then another This happens in both a DZ and open world.

    Please see this related thread:
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  14. Allayna Augur

    Gorowyn acting like an instance...

    This zone is not ready to receive visitors yet. Please try again in a few moments.
  15. ZoomBox Journeyman

    Numberous Your Merc will be suspended soon due to insufficient funds messages . . . While the merc is PASSIVE, not sure how many thousand plat have been erroneously spent for passive mercs
  16. Remind New Member

    This may be fake news. I apologize. I have no proof of this.
  17. Sheev Lorekeeper

    Drusella's Vault - Implemented some bug fixes and tuning changes:
    - - Removed Drusella's wandering during the event.

    Really? She seemed to wander a fair amount...
  18. doah Augur

    Since you are all doing floaty object bugs there is a skull candle in the sewer area of the Hive that is about a wood elf height on one of the islands.
  19. Pani Elder

    This happens to me also on Xegony. Not all the time, but enough to be annoying.
  20. Elyssanda Augur

    [IMG][/IMG][IMG]Balance of Power group mission lists the zone to kill in as Chardok, not Gorowyn.. zones you in to Gorowyn, but the alt+Q shows Chardok.

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