Live Update Bugs 05/16/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 16, 2018.

  1. doah Augur

    Seru bane is working. Hail of arrows is supposed to be unresistable and was working before patch.
  2. Nightmares Augur

    Thanks, that might explain it, I've been seeing similar issues between revival and just needing end medded up again while in groups. it seems hit or miss. I'll keep watch and see.
  3. Pyrott New Member

    Not sure if this is recent, or even supposed to happen. Decapitation keeps firing off regardless of whether or not I can actually decap the mob and what level the mob is. I have audio triggers set to "decap" for when it procs, and I've been noticing it procing on mobs that don't qualify, like mobs higher level than my decap is supposed to hit or mobs such as goos and plants. The damage doesn't go off unless the mob is appropriate level, just the line "X mob is hit with a nearly-decapitating blow!"
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  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    A not very important but slightly annoying text error. The systemwide messages for defeating Ayonae Ro are missing a space between <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE> and Ayonae Ro. It causes the entire phrase to be treated as a single word, and it cuts off the text in chat windows if you're using a larger font size. A normal systemwide looks like this:

    <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE>: Trakanon has been defeated by a group of hardy adventurers!

    while Ayonae Ro looks like this:

    <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE>:Ayonae Ro has been defeated by a group of hardy adventurers!
  5. Siny Augur

    From Game Update notes :' The timer for foraging will now correctly persist between logins.'

    It may work correctly inbetween logins, however it seems it doesnt always work now after zoning.

    Usually when u have clicked on forage, you can hover over the button and see the countdown.When the countdown finishes, the button resets and u can forage again.

    Currently ou can forage, see the timer counting down, zone and find no timer and the button doesnt reset (no matter how long you wait).

    You can zone again and it will reset it.

    I've been zoning my druid in and out of lobby to pok and both types of guild hall for about half an hour now. I initially noticed the problem on my bard. Both have all the respective forging AAs
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  6. Tegila Augur

    I'm having yet a different issue in PoP flagging for this purpose as well. Only needing 1 flag from years past, I have had a ranger parked staring at track and into the room for Mith Marr's spawn logging everything for 3 days. Rholthazor (or whatever the frog's name is) spawned after a few hours. No one else spawned, then overnight he despawned. No one even entered the room. 12 to 16 hrs later another of mithmarr's triggers spawned and has remained up alone for nearly 48hrs. No sign of the 3rd.

    I've never heard of these guys respawning for no reason, and having sat in the room for 3 days and seen 1 spawn and respawns then another pop and never the 3rd or more than 1 at once, I wonder if like other PoP events, this is now bugged. It has not been truly 3 days +/- 2hrs from the time I arrived with ranger, but it has been 3 days with odd occurrences and no sign of the 3rd mob much less all of them to trigger the event. I could be missed someone, but no scouring of the server has unearthed anyone having killed MM or anything else in the zone since the patch either. If in 12 more hours the other trigger hasn't spawned, I will know for a fact something here is broken, but I'm 90% sure now with the other happenings in zone, and in PoP. I'm afraid to leave the zone to do anything else and miss the kill so can do the last few combines, get the Prize quest itself and hand all that in. Requiring the Pop progression is great, but it's not like modern raids that are on demand instances, unbreakable by unknowing players (in this case if someone had killed frog out of order for example) and backflagging enabled. I'm backflagged for Time and still had to find someone to port me up for the 1 ground spawn in PoI as well as being blocked from finishing Aid Grimel by this 1 kill, that will take less than 2 seconds. From what im reading, something fishy is happening all over PoP either sonce the patch or since fabled ended, I'm just not sure what could be possibly broken little pieces of an entire expansion that's 14 years old.
  7. Tegila Augur

    Not sure that your posting issue is related to your odd connection in-game, but I too have been having random unannounced (100% connection all the way) disconnects. So far, this has only happened on 1 or 2 of my accts, and thus machines, but it has happened numerous times. Of my 4 machines running eq, the 2 that have randomly disconnected since the patch are bot win7, but one is pro and 1 is ultimate. The ultimate has disconnected the most by far. Neither win10 machines have done this, though it could be coincidence on the OS. I was doing nothing of importance at the time of any of the disconnects so I don't think there was any overload going on from kills or GL MGBs etc, just sitting on quiet housing area or Pok doing Tradeskills with other account
  8. Grubbie New Member

    Agnarr server - not tested on any others

    Zoning while Forage is on cooldown causes the cooldown to stop until you zone again, 100% repeatable.

    Alla's spell data on Cannibalize says the minimum should be 16 mana @ level 23, my shaman is level 27 and gets 8 on every cast, but still takes the full 50hp.
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  9. Imak Augur

    Erroneous chat message:

    Alternate Advancement abilities cannot be auto-granted while you are over the earned Advancement point limit point limit of 220.
  10. Nightmares Augur

    I've had this happen to me countless times now as well, totally repeatable.

    And music files are glitching for me. was in Morell's Castle and all of a sudden music stopped ( combat music as well). Gated, and zoned multiple times and persisted. had to log all the way out and back in to fix and then it happened again ( a couple of times) not sure if this was related to MC at all initially. Not sure how I would repeat this as it seems hit or miss, Validated all my files and configuration settings.tried "/help normal" and used the command for music to play and in the options window as well. did it only once for me today, but many times yesterday and the day before.
  11. klanderso Developer

    Thanks for the reports, we're looking into seeing what's up with it.
  12. Yinla Augur

    AB has just had a hickup and mass LDed almost everyone from Skyfire raid and guild hall
  13. Siny Augur

    Dont know why you stopped investigating the server issues DB. We are still seeing them on AB. Channels are dissappearing and chat is spiking
  14. Siny Augur

    Oh and btw I'm not orange. Raid cancelled after waiting for ages on the imfamous carpet. waiting for the lag to go.
  15. Yinla Augur

    Chat lag on AB is ridiculous and is making the server unplayable.
  16. Imak Augur

    Which begs the question ... what is it trying to auto-grant me at level 110?
  17. Allayna Augur

    Advanced loot window:

    Apply filters unchecked.
    Raid loot rules: Leader selected.
    Master looter set and added to the looter list.
    Some items “appear” in the window that are not there for everyone. These items cannot be managed by the master looter.
    Also. A chest unlocks under 15 min remaining on the timer. Why does the advanced loot window “take over” around 17 min remaining and lock the looter out of controls.
    If an item is assigned to someone and they don’t loot it, ie, leave it on the chest, the entire chest is locked until the 15 min remaining timer.

    I do not profess to be an expert on the advanced loot tool. But it does seem a bit wonky in the raid setting.

    Edit: Also changing the raid leader requires resetting of master looter, MA, etc...
  18. Bobbybick Augur

    Unable to access quest - "Elder Longshadow #5 : Confronting a Traitor" 68+ Difficulty

    Questgiver -Shadowalker Dustspirit

    Zone - Stoneroot Falls

    The 68+ Difficulty for this quest appears to require a group average level above level 75 (unsure exact level), rather than level 70 which all the other quests in the Depths of Darkhollow Expansion are set to.
  19. Daedly Augur

    I noticed this awhile back but didn't get a response. It seemed to me it was causing spikes in my aggro as if the mob was actually decap-able and it was landing.
  20. Pyrott New Member

    I am definitely noticing spikes in agro, which makes me think decap is definitely "landing"..the damage just isn't being applied unless the monster fits into the level qualifications.
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