How Loot Works (need vs greed)

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  1. Sturn Augur

    I'm usually too busy killing mobs to mess with the settings. I mean sure, if you have a camp with downtime after each pull then it is easy. If you are chain pulling though, when am I supposed to sit and look up to see if I "need" it or not? You want my dps or you want me messing with loot settings?
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  2. Zish Elder

    The EQ community, ladies and gentlemen: Too lazy to autoattack and click greed.
  3. Madae Elder

    One could argue that being "happy about it" or generous doesn't really factor in to garbage loot that nobody needs/wants/can't sell. It would get left there to rot anyway, in which case anyone could pick it up assuming they had the care to.
  4. Sturn Augur

    I'm a rogue. I need to do more than that. I need the mobs back. I need to be hiding on the pull. I need to be firing BS and hide when they pop. I haven't got time for the loot window when chain pulling. Hard enough to deal with it when you are ML all while trying to rep the healer that wants to log.
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  5. Sturn Augur

    Was in a group at crocs a couple of days ago. We were needing everything. Got a vest to drop from LockJaw. I won it and traded it to the druid without really thinking about it because I had better and I care more about establishing a good rep for groups as a rogue than I do about trying to sell lowbie loot like that early on a TLP. However, I reserve the right to not do the same for jerks or loot .
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  6. Machentoo Augur

    This is usually what I do too.
  7. Jaenisch Elder

    Sounds like someone doesn't understand PUGs...
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  8. Madae Elder

    Do that with an FBSS and I'll be "impressed" with your "generosity". No one farms Lockjaw for his vest. No one cares about his vest. It's a cherry on top of a mound of poop at that level.
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  9. raylone New Member

    to me this is the best way and more then a fair way to handle loot unless were on a raid, not sure how i feel about camps were gems randomly drop Thu and one guy wins 5 next guy wins 4 and everyone else tough luck you had a " chance " with /roll. in the past we would let a player loot one till everyone got one gem then repeat.
  10. Sturn Augur

    I'm a rogue. Someone else should be passing on the fbss for me if anything. However, as a rogue, when I make groups at Frenzy I insist on all need so I have no problem getting healers to come.

    Also, the few times I've been in camps like Frenzy where the main drop is being passed by entire group for me, then I decline to roll on everything else that drops so that the rest of the group at least gets something for being there
  11. Madae Elder

    It's an illusion. Handing off newbie loot once you have better is a nice way to pat yourself on the back and feel better about yourself, maybe make a friend, but ultimately the gesture doesn't mean much in the long term because no one expects to be living in that loot for very long, or in that level bracket. It's also the equivalent of a fart in the wind when it comes to worth, so "not being bothered" to sell it and waving off 5pp is of zero consequence. Comparing this to camping for a 40+ item for days, or handing off an item worth several krono, is a joke. Those people are rare, I respect them, but lumping yourself in there is going to take a lot more than a random post on the EQ forums to convince me of their character.
    This isn't a knock on you, btw, I'm just pointing out the flaw in this line of thinking. It's a nice thought, but in Everquest, those people are few and far between.
  12. Sturn Augur

    So what about insisting on "all need" as a rogue at a camp like Frenzy where the drop can bring multiple kronos right now? That equivalent to handing off a high priced item? I could just be "greedy" and insist on "NBG".

    I saw at least 7 or 8 belts drop on Phinny before getting mine but it sure made those clerics and other casters happy knowing they were coming to a camp where there was loot they could roll on.
  13. Xanathol Augur

    How horrible the game community has become, saying 'need it all to sell, etc', justifying one's own greed bc there was a mythical greedy person abusing the system once upon a time? Get real. It didn't use to be this way & the only real change is krono - that's why people are so selfish now. Loot the item to sell to ge the krono; screw the rest of the group!
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  14. Madae Elder

    You'd be no different than anyone else. In fact, your insistence means jack, because 99% of those people would insist on that anyway.
    But you did point out another problem worth noting; with the way Everquest was designed, it tends to push the mentality in that direction anyway because camps tend to drop loot specifically for one class, and usually only 2 pieces, at least until raids. Just another flaw in design, and why many MMO's (perhaps the majority) after Everquest made so many changes to loot distribution and how it is awarded. This tends to make people gravitate towards specific camps where classes outside of the loot have very little reason to contribute unless they're there for a specific reason. NBG would kill most interest in those camps.
  15. Gingyr Elder

    Still worked this way in PoP. I remember playing a necro and having train wars in Storms with a druid over the frogs. Its just how it was.
  16. Kaysa New Member

    Community is really horrible on Mangler. Everyone needs everything. I lost 3 masks on my bard in a row at /sup to a shaman, to an enchanter and to a dark elf cleric who said he might race change in future expansions. Shaman won 4 items then left group without saying a thing. This is not the game I remember back in 1999.
    Survival of the fittest at it's best.
  17. Sturn Augur

    Had a guy on Phinny abuse the system to get an ODS in Seb when it was going for 6-8 Krono at the time. Yes, RMT is the problem. Not sure Krono makes the problem worse or helps but I don't think it is significant either way. RMT is the evil.
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  18. Aegir Augur

    Basically did my levelling in classic/kunark on two TLP's where 75% of the time it was random Pick-up-Groups and rarely was it anything else but Need before Greed. When it was an all Need group we never got far before some batphone came out and all those hyping all need, had to go. Then we replaced them with newcomers and switched to Need before greed and everyone had a good nights grind.

    But yeah, that's just how I prefer it. I like the adventure aspect and seeing a group member working hard all night for an item while we all had good exp and trash loot, finally had his/her dream item drop - and it was awarded accordingly for their efforts (I remember a mage finally getting his SMR after 18hours).

    But I don't mind grind in the other all need instance either, i just don't turn my greed filter to need by principle - and if they want everyone to need on an item like FBSS or SMR that I won't equip and won. I would do as Sturn posted earlier, give it to the bloak you feel deserved it most - or have the people who needs/can wear it, /ran 1k for it and hand it to the winner.
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  19. birisu Elder

    It's not greed if everyone has equal chance to get everything. Greed is demanding you get a certain item because it's 'for you' and nobody else. If you want an item then make your own group and demand everyone gives it to you, see how that goes for anything remotely valuable.
  20. Madae Elder

    That irony of calling people who are for need before greed being greedy... lol.