How Loot Works (need vs greed)

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  1. Kalipto Augur

    Most of you are completely missing the point. But that's why I called you idiots in my OP =)

    Seriously. You're in such a greedy hurry yet you're slowing yourself down by not using the loot system. You'd rather spend time asking for something you need rather than just clicking the box that says "need". But whatever, this community is getting more and more toxic. I'll try to just drive by, as suggested.
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  2. Krezzy Augur

    NBG gives me warm, fuzzy nostalgia, but is practically unused outside of guild groups, and for good reason. Calling people idiots doesn't help.
  3. AgentofChange Augur

    They do click need. Just like everyone else in the group.
  4. Renshu Augur

    Click need on everything. If you REALLY want something, bring it up with your group. This is a crybaby post.
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  5. Ceffener Augur

    I am always ML, we need on everything and when it’s actual loot we do Need before greed. Simple.

    Guess I could go back to the old way of ML keeping everything, then going to sell when people have to leave and split PP....but I feel randoming the vendor loot is easier.
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  6. Fallfyres Augur


    On the same page with you Kalipto -- but so many of the replies in this thread are snarky and totally supporting the opposite. Many of us came BACK to enjoy the nearest thing to classic as possible, aside from q-o-l improvements which I guess DB can't undo anyhow. If I make a group, I'ma state what the rules are...which ARE oldschool cause thats why I'm here. It does NOT have to be only with besties or guildmates.

    I am not here to make anyone do anything they don't want, but my group - my stated guidelines, join or not. Need before greed worked just FINE years ago and is NOT something that HAD to be changed. It was changed because people allowed it - its just more expedient to literal greed and for people to go fast, fast, fast and get as much as they can and then jump to some other group to fast-roll over others in that one too.

    C'est la vie. You do you "all greed, all the timers", I'll keep doing me and we can agree to disagree. ****Need Before Greed**** for class specific items. Random/roll on other things. And I am absolutely CERTAIN there are plenty of other oldschool players who enjoy playing this way as well. Happy Anniversary Norrath!!
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  7. Fallfyres Augur


    What is the "good reason?"
  8. vylo Augur

    Worked just fine = oodles of ninjas. Rose tinted glasses about the past there man. It is like when people complain TLPs are toxic. Man, I remember training people out of camps being a thing that happened several times a night. There were no picks, competition was fierce. Even with actual enforcement by GMs and guides, the amount of toxic behavior back in the kunark-luclin days was intense.
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  9. Weebles Augur

    I love that the concept of “everyone needs everything and has an equal chance of winning everything” is considered “greedy” when it is literally the only fair way to distribute loot. No one is more entitled to an item than anyone else. 5k is 5k, whether the item is used or sold. NBG applied when you were doing Kael plate cycle and gearing up your guild tanks, it has no business in pickup groups. If I joined a frenzy group on a healer and was told I couldn’t roll on fbss to sell for sole upgrades, I would find a new group. To call that selfish is like saying I’m selfish for expecting a paycheck for working.
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  10. Fallfyres Augur


    *I do note your comment Vylo about rose-colored glasses and try to leave mine on the desk by my 9-inch thick EQ Notebook ^-^. Nothing perfect about old school EQ, except the friendships made in and out of game for sure! But I did love playing it for many, many years, warts and all. That doesn't mean we have to individually give in to agreeing with toxic, greedy wastes currently "cause everybody is doing it." Taught my kids better than that, live better than that myself. Yes, even in virtual worlds. Just because I cannot completely insure there will be absolutely no shithead moves in my group, does not mean I have to give up what I consider to be "fun" or trying to be "fair" in my group. So, although some may still make me/us feel 'cheated' if they need EVERYTHING, to the extent I know about it, I will exclude it from my group. Reputation used to mean something in EQ. I hear ya that it seems not to anymore, but for my immersion, to the ones who "get away" with it, well, dark karma on them heh heh!!
  11. AgentofChange Augur

    People like the OP can keep their opinion, but eventually they will either convert to needing everything like every other reasonable person in EQ, or they will lose out on a ton of loot due to their stubbornness. Whatever they decide though has little to no effect on anyone else so it doesn't really matter.

    Just an entertaining thread I suppose.
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  12. vylo Augur

    Needing everything is fair, it is literally the fairest system, everyone gets a the same chance at the same loot....
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  13. Mescar New Member

    For the simple minds and greedy people, I work with the needing of everything, then if someone needs it ssk in group. I for one am happy to give said loot over to who can use it if I can't. However, there are plenty of people who will not do the same back. Example, when I was on another TLP, an FBSS dropped. Me playing a caster, I really didn't need it, but other in group did. I won the roll but gave it to the war tank. Same group, we moved camps. An SMR dropped. The warrior I gave the FBSS to won the roll, but yet kept the robe to sell, knowing there were people in group who could wear. Needless to say that warrior soon became groupless as everyone in the group was mad at him.

    And before you flame about giving a FBSS away, I am still a firm believer in if you were on group for kill, and can use, it should go to you before to someone to sell. So all you melee out there doing Frenzy, look me up coz if you need it you can have it over me.
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  14. oldkracow Augur

    Just click need on every item.

    Everyone at this point is able to sell loot for whatever they want to upgrade into.
    It's simple and fair and easy to understand.
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  15. Vorlic Journeyman

    I cannot fathom how this is even a debate anymore...

    A FBSS is also a GEB (depending on the market...) in a different cosmetic. Some camps have nothing for certain classes. When forming groups, you also often don't now what camp you will get so need all in a pug is the fairest way to do things. Anyone that says otherwise is trying to shame you to give them an advantage.
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  16. Xeris Augur

    Well, here's a good reason: 5 people in the group are clicking greed and one person is clicking need, then one person is getting all the loot and ruining everyone's time. Maybe they're not even doing it on purpose and they didn't change their filters, or maybe they just feel they should need everything. Maybe you guys have philosophical differences about the SMR drop; maybe the warrior in the group needs it to sell so he can buy other gear... I'm not sure how that's wrong or bad. But, people can disagree on that.

    Either way, since you can't predict what random people will do in your groups, the easiest solution is to need on everything. That way everyone has an equal chance at getting every loot drop.
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  17. taliefer Augur

    i used to be a big advocate of NBG even in pugs, and really in most groups i'll still do it if someone is really pushy, cause classic, most loot is meh and im more concerned with leveling than loot.

    but i cant count the number of times ive seen a caster "NBG" a SMR then seen that caster sling the robe in commons, or a melee do the same with an FBSS. especially early on a server when you can make a killing on these items.

    need everything really is just the fairest way to do it
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  18. Machentoo Augur

    It's a huge hassle to change between need on everything and greed on everything. I'm not changing back to greed after having all my stuff set to need from the previous three groups. Especially when that means I'll miss out on loot in the next three groups when they are all needing and I'm still trying to catch all my greed filtered items. The only good and realistic solution is for everyone to need everything all the time, or only ever group with your own static group.
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  19. Zish Elder

    Hi, OP.

    Glad to see some people are still rational.

    Unfortunately, (a lot of) the people in the EQ community are very stubborn and set in their ways. They refuse to use or acknowledge better systems because it's not what they are used to.

    I agree with you 100% that people should be using the system as intended, and not mindlessly rolling "need" on everything. This isn't the old days where people can't find out where items drop or how to move up in the world. It's okay to give loot to the people that will actually use it. You're not going to lose anything by not being able to sell it for some cash. People will debate this system, but I have no wish to engage with those people. This kind of loot system has existed and been used successfully in almost every other MMO. It's widely understood and accepted, and for good reason.

    Sadly, I don't think we're going to be able to change how it works for the general population, but perhaps if we all try to be a bit more selfless.. we'll see some progress.
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  20. taliefer Augur

    there is so much irony here. WHERE IS ALANIS WHEN YOU NEED HER