Guild members talking about the "new" TLP server last night

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Risiko Augur

    Just for reference for those who might not know, the Mangler server is in the Planes of Power expansion right now. Many guilds are working their way through the flagging system, and a number of them are very close to elemental flagged. Its a good time to be on the server right now.


    Thanks to the belief that there is a new server killer, aka new TLP announcement, coming, discussions already broke out last night in my guild. Some people saying they can't wait for the new server while others (like myself that actually enjoy our current characters on Mangler) stare at the monitor thinking "well there goes all the hard work I put in to get to this point".

    I am so very sick of this cycle. Every time we get to the content that MOST Everquest players didn't play through due to World of Warcraft and other games coming out (along with many other factors), you kill the server by announcing a new one.

    And, I get it. You haven't announced a new one yet, but the reality is that people believe you are going to announce a new one, and it's already causing waves. Why would people login for raids if they believe that their guild will collapse in a few weeks because of a new server sucking players off of their server?

    This cycle of killing servers needs to re-evaluated please. Some of us want to continue on all the way to Live IN ERA on the Mangler server.

    For the love of God Darkpaw Games, please just once, do something that helps your customers rather than hurts them. If it's all about money needs, then give us the opportunity to buy a second large bag on the TLP servers. We will support you monetarily on EXISTING TLP servers if you give us the opportunity. You don't have to decimate existing servers just to get us to give you money.

    Please make the new TLP server a PvP server this time. That would at least keep the majority of the existing TLP players from moving off their existing server, and it MIGHT bring new TLP players back to the game that prefer PvP.
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  2. Stagentti Augur

    Your guildmates liking the earlier expacs and wanting to quit to do it again is a problem with them not DPG.

    And it isn't even a problem. People can like what they like.

    If folks quit from your guild I bet they quit from others.

    Simple solution: merge guilds.

    Phinny is still going strong. If they did it with slower xp for people to catch up and keep up you can too.

    If people like the earlier expacs and like the fresh TLP feeling then they ARE helping their customers. And given how packed the new TLPs are: I'd say they are helping the majority.
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  3. Tymeless Augur

    PA just got into time. At least our membership hasn't really talked about the new TLP possibility. We are focused on our task of clearing content and progressing in the game. I'm sure if a new TLP is announced we will see some attrition but a very large core of us were people that played on Phinny until SoF or SoD in some form or another so we aren't looking at jumping ship but more so looking forward to being a strong guild well into the future of Mangler. To the smaller guilds out there if another TLP is announced though I hope you don't lose a significant chunk of your team.
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  4. Tayvial New Member

    You said it all.. "Cycle has to die." but the question is are they going to stop it? after how many years now its been going on you figured they would stop this cycle but its making them more money because we're following the cycle with them.. Its all about business at this point of a 20 year old game. I quit mangler on the launch of Luclin because I know there's another server on its way, that's gonna be better than mangler "Im sure". so I told my self I had to stop now before wasting my time of doing more keys in luclin and all the flagging and reflagging for slackers lol..

    now its just a waiting game on seeing what the say about the new server or if one is coming anytime soon ><
  5. Xanadas Augur

    Don't worry. It'll be a boxable server so you can all stay where you are.
  6. Stagentti Augur

    Why does the cycle have to die?

    Some people like the earlier expacs. Some people like fresh launches. Some people don't like playing past a certain point.

    Those people shouldn't get what they want?

    Merge guilds. Do better recruiting: ask people if they want to go to the same expacs you do. Ask if they are going to grind it out if a new TLP drops.
  7. Aoradek New Member

    How many people quit after POP and will just quit without a new TLP? I have no idea what those numbers look like, but there is some percentage that falls into this bucket. It’s when I quit the game originally and when I quit the only TLP I’ve played. Looking forward to a new one because I love the early game. I know I do not represent the whole.
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  8. Tymeless Augur

    Just out of curiosity why are you quitting after PoP over and over again? I get it you enjoy the early game but have you even given the game a true chance after PoP. There is a lot of great enjoyable content to experience and explore. I just want to understand the thought process about not even giving post-PoP a chance. Is it because you don't know where to exp,don't know the raid mechanics, just set in your ways? I can tell you my experiences in SoF and SoD are more enjoyable than anything I experienced in classic-luclin on a TLP when it comes to the group game. No experience raiding those expansions atm but I hope to rectify it this time around and then see all the cool things expansions after that have to offer.
  9. Aakek New Member

    The 'dungeon crawl' game I think falls off a lot post PoP. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game for me are the experiences in places like Guk, Chardok, etc while there is some it is just not on the same level. That is my 2 cents.
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  10. Stagentti Augur

    Once the game becomes more raid oriented it becomes harder for people who can't dedicate hours to a raid, even once a week, to enjoy the new content.

    And that makes it near impossible to keep up and catch up.
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  11. yerm Augur

    Mangler itself was a spoiler for coirnav. The original intent for the 20th anniversary servers was for a casual fast server (selo) and a hardcore punishing server (mangler). Massive community outcry, NOT the game staff, caused the hardcore intended server to instead be a reskinned phinny clone without early expac focus effects.

    If you want a server that has the mangler design and stays the course through the post-65 game... honestly, why are you not doing exactly that on the phinny server which had exactly that opportunity and still sees guilds there doing latter expansions? Or maybe on coirnav? What makes mangler so special that it should be the phinny clone to get preserved - its laden with people who happily pay real money to get ahead and the box armies to supply them. I would venture a pretty strong guess that even if NO new tlps were launched a great deal of manglerites would still quit - eq GoD+ just isn't the environment suited for the kind of player typified, and many good people will quit as their guildmates do.

    Meanwhile, this doesn't get at the heart of it: if people are super excited to jump to a new tlp, them they are clearly NOT excited with what they have. It sounds like your guildmates want to do something else and it would frankly be selfish of darkpaw to try to force them like serfs to stay on your server and not one they prefer. Perhaps instead of blaming the folks on iteration 3 of the classic-pop run for wanting to do a 4th go of it, you could look at other options. Phinny is likely to keep going the distance and a guild there may be able to catch you up in short order. Selo is a week from mercs and quick to catch up. Or hell, maybe a new tlp will surprise you with a ruleset you are shocked (in a good way) and excited for like I was when they announced selo.
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  12. Dahaman Augur

    It's not DPG that needs to re-evaluate, it's all the people not wanting a new TLP that needs to re-evaluate.

    Simply don't leave Mangler for the new TLP server.

    People left Coirnav to go to Mangler because "Coirnav XP was so bad, Mangler XP was so good". In reality, Mangler had ONLY a +30% XP bump that lasted for 3 months. After that, it was only +8% and Coirnav had access to vet reward Lesson, making it much ado about nothing. Was it really worth it?

    To all the people that switched to Mangler for faster XP, realize you are now behind and on a slower XP server. Unless you want to fall further behind, then stick it out with Mangler. If you simply want the new TLP rush, then switch with a light heart to any new TLP.

    That said...

    Mangler has a great population now and it is highly unlikely Mangler will be torpedoed as badly as Coirnav was by Mangler AND Selos. Yet, Coirnav still exists. I still have fun playing there in a small non-raiding guild. People also still raid. There aren't as many, but people actually still play on even Coirnav. Mangler will not shrivel up and die over night. It is a person's own fault if they switch DOWN when they want to progress UP thru the expansions.

    Moral of the Story: Stick it out and keep having fun!
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  13. Risiko Augur

    For the record, I was on Phinigel. I loved that server. It was a patch after Luclin came out that broke the truebox code and started creating false positives for breaking truebox code that drove my brother and I from the server.

    By the time they got it fixed, other TLP servers were already up and running and we were way behind on Phinigel. So, we moved on to the new TLPs.

    I didn't abandon Phinigel. The server abandoned me by not allowing my brother and I to play at the same time on two separate computers in the same home. Yes yes. It's been discussed a thousand times. There is video proof of it on Youtube. Plain and simple, the devs didn't care at the time, so we had no choice but to leave.
  14. Tymeless Augur

    I will agree that there are certain expansions that are unforgiving and make it hard to catch up at times. However, my experiences is that is why expansions like DoN, DoDH etc exist. In SoF, and SoD the group game really picks back up though if you do any kind of research or talk to people you can be geared up decently relatively quickly.
  15. Stagentti Augur

    I don't disagree personally but people did have issues with those expacs back in the day and are hesitant to try em again.

    And it doesn't really change the fact that if you can't raid a lot of the "fun" of some of those later expacs is non existent in some people's minds.

    Group game picks back up at points but people have to ride out not having a ton of fun, in their minds, until then which 1) most don't want to do and 2) leave for a new TLP instead.

    I can't blame them.
  16. That0neguy Augur

    I've got to call you on this. The same problem exists on all of the TLP servers. So you were forced off Phinny because of an issue and started playing on another server that still had that same issue? Sorry, not buying it.

    Therer are what, 4 servers currently past pop that all have active players clearing content? Seems to me you have some other reason to not play or to move to the newest TLP server because its certainly not that case that new TLP comes out and makes the old TLP unplayable.
  17. mark Augur

    risiko you could have used a mobile phone for you or your brother to play on the second pc different ip adress just dont use the phone to patch and or other stuff.
  18. Tachyon Augur

    I've done PoP > GoD > OoW countless times from when it first came out to just about every progression server. On the last few I've quit after Luclin because I just don't have the time to go through PoP progression these days. Then I cancel my subscription and come back when the next TLP opens.

    If players love PoP-plus they will stay on Mangler.
  19. Risiko Augur

    That's because you didn't actually READ what I typed.

    Let me break this down for you in a bullet list of the timeline of what happened:
    1. Phinigel was created and all was right in the world
    2. We killed dragons
    3. We killed more dragons and some giants
    4. One day we discovered the ability to travel to the moon
    5. All was fantastic and the populous of Norrath cheered with joy
    6. Then one day after a patch, ***SOME*** people started noticing an issue where they would get instantly booted from the game to desktop if they were in the same zone as someone else in their house casting/using abilities at the same time. They were able to log back in with NO MESSAGE of "you have a player currently in the world". It let them log right back in immediately. And, as soon as they casted or used an ability in the same zone as someone else in their home, same thing happened. The game became 100% unplayable by those people.
    7. Now the important thing here is that the bug did not happen to everyone. It was a hit and miss thing that happened to just some of the population. This lead to people in the forums using the excuse of "it doesn't happen to me, so you must be cheating" replies to every thread talking about the bug.
    8. DBG did not acknowledge the bug, and they did not offer any help to those that were experiencing it. They didn't even respond to the issue that was created for the bug on their old issue tracking website.
    9. Video proof of the issue happening with NO CHEATING involved was posted on Youtube and attached to the issue on the issue tracker web site, and still not one single employee acknowledged the issue
    10. There... was... no... way... to... get... past... the... bug... for... those... experiencing... it. Period. End of story. Thank you. Have a nice day. It was game over, get lost.
    11. We ended up quiting Everquest and uninstalling the game because we figured that was the end of EQ for us because we ALWAYS play in the same home on the same server together.
    12. It was over a year later that we came back to EQ to see if the bug had been fixed, and it had been even though no report of the bug ever being acknowledge nor being fixed was ever posted by DBG. The issue was simply gone.
    So, NO. I did not leave Phinigel to join another server. I left Phinigel because it was impossible for my brother and I to continue playing on the server.
  20. ECrack Augur

    Hell yeah couldn't agree more! If it's a new TLP PvP no one will leave their servers and you guys can keep grinding that PoP! xD
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