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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Beimeith, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Kwai Shen New Member

    There's no drop downs at all.
  2. Derresh Augur

    Keep looking its there.
  3. Kwai Shen New Member

    OK, feeling a little derpy.

    In my defense, drop down menus are usually at the top and drop down, not at the bottom and pop up.
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  4. Quatreh Elder

    according to test patch they changed "shoot" ( for zerker) to "hit" for volley, will GP still works or need another update ?
  5. Beimeith Augur

    No. However the other changes such as the new Direct Damage messages and the (riposte) and (strikethrough) tags will require an update. I have the DD stuff working already and will post it later tonight.
  6. Beimeith Augur

    I'll just leave this here:


    It's been a long time coming.
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  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  8. Reht Augur

  9. Derd Augur

    Spell dmg breakdowns is like seeing a picture of heaven. When will it be or is that already in the download b?
  10. Beimeith Augur

    I should have it updated momentarily. Be aware that it is still a work in progress so there is the possibility of things not working correctly. The DDPS number in that screenshot for example means nothing whatsoever. It is there only because I copied most of the code from the DoT breakdown and I didn't remove that column yet.

    The big questions about the spell breakdown are:

    1) Is there any information that ISN'T shown in that SS you think is important to show, (and why).

    2) Should procs be counted separate or not? (As in, should there be a separate tab for procs?)

    I'm thinking not, but I'm open minded if someone gives me a good reason).

    3) What do you think is best for the further breakdown? (Dots for example have a per-tick breakdown at the bottom).

    I am thinking showing the details of each spell. So, you'd select a spell like Ethereal Skyfire and it would then list the info for each hit of that spell: Damage / Is Crit / Is Luck / Is Twincast / Timestamp

    So if you nuked a mob with Ethereal Skyfire 50 times, the top box would show the combined values of all 50 hits, but then the extra breakdown at the bottom would give you the data for each of those 50 hits.
  11. Angre Augur

  12. Beimeith Augur

    So, I have the # PCs in the Fight Nav working and it should be more accurate than it previously was.

    The way it works now is:

    If a known player does or attempts to do damage to the mob, or the mob does or attempts to do damage to a known player, that player will be counted as part of the fight.

    If a known player heals another known player and that other known player is part of the fight, the healer will be counted as part of the fight.

    Previously it was only counting players who did damage so healers who didn't do damage were not being counted.

    Note: A "known player" is a player that GP has identified as being a player and not an NPC. Speaking in any channel other than /say or /shout (NPCs uses these) will do this as well as some other things.

    I have also added the additional breakdown for DDs. Selecting a spell name from the top box will populate the bottom box with every hit that matches that spell. It will display the spell name, damage, a running total damage, whether the spell was a crit, lucky, and twincast, and the timestamp.


    If any of you can think of something else that should be displayed there please let me know.

    Note that the above only works properly on Test with the DD message changes. If you load a current log on live it will lump all spells together into "Unknown Spell." Selecting this will still display each hit in the box below, but without the spell names it's just everything with no way to filter it.

    Also note that currently it isn't showing twincasted hits. I'm working on that.

    Finally, for my Euro friends who asked, I have added a cumulative damage line graph (chart):


    There are lots of changes I still need to write up before I post an update (I know, it's been a while) and then you guys can test it all.
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  13. Beimeith Augur

    Update .68 - Download from the post.

    -PC Player count on the Fight Navigator should now be more correct.
    -Fixed issue where players who did no damage were showing up on the Player DPS Tab.
    -Fixed Issue where a divide by zero error could happen on the Heal Overview Tab.
    -The Heal Overview has been converted from a ListView to a DataGridRowView. (This shouldn't affect functionality, but it allows for much greater control of the data for me).
    -Added DD Breakdown subtab in Player DPS Tab. This is also a DataGridRowView. (Note: the buttons do not yet work).
    -Fixed an error in Tanking Overview that caused a crash. (Note: Tanking Overview is still incorrect at this time).
    -The Fight Navigator has been converted from a ListView to a DataGridRowView. (This shouldn't affect functionality).
    -Added a temp fix for Fights disappearing from the Live Overview if they had more than 2 billion damage and there were 3 or more active fights in total.
    -Damage against familiars is now ignored. (Be nice to your pets).
    -Enabled parsing of new DD messages on Test server.
    -Removed superfluous DoT names box on the DoT Breakdown subtab. Selecting a DoT in the top box will now populate the bottom box directly.
    -Added a cumulative damage line graph (chart) for my Euro friends who asked.

    Note: Parsing of the new (riposte) and (strikethrough) tags on Test is NOT yet supported. I could really use some melee/tank type people to go to test and run the parser for a bit so i can get some data for it.
  14. Leigo Augur

    one thing, can we get the columns in the fight nav resizable again?
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  15. Beimeith Augur

    Why? They autosize now.
  16. Cadira Augur

    Log search no longer tells you how many instances of the searched text were found, that was pretty cool imo. Not sure if intended or a bug.
  17. Beimeith Augur

    Yes it does.
  18. Cadira Augur

    You're right, had it too far over to the left
  19. Tatanka Augur

    The only reason it might be nice, as I just saw when I fired up GP, is you may have one part of your data from a zone with a stupidly long name, and now that column is super-wide for no really useful reason.

    If you don't want to change this, I totally understand, but I wouldn't mind re-sizable columns, specifically for that column.
  20. Beimeith Augur

    Well the thing is setting it to auto-size prevents you from manually resizing it, but I think I can add an option to turn off the auto sizing and let you manually size it.

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