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  1. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    As most of you know I've been working the last couple months on adding improvements and fixing a lot of long standing issues with GamParse. It is NOT yet finished, but I believe it is in a place where it is mostly stable and requires/needs wider testing to iron out further issues.

    So for those interested in helping me test it, providing feedback, and offering suggestions, follow this thread.

    You can download the latest test version from this thread:

    >>>Download here<<<

    Each time I make a change I'll reference which test version you should be using to see the changes, but you should always be able to download from the above link.

    Be aware that as a Beta version all settings will be default and need to be adjusted how you like them. Each update will reset settings to default to ensure it starts in a clean state.

    Special Thanks to Kizant for helping with some speed optimizations and to the EQ Coders who put in the new messaging stuff: Niente, Dzarn, Klanderso.

    Final Note: Loading new logs (Post TBL patch) or older logs (Pre-November patch) should not encounter any huge problems. If you load a log that has info from those patch days, (Or Beta, don't try to load Beta logs at all) there may be a problem. I'm working on fixing it but it's more complicated than you'd think.

    Final Final Note: Let me restate that it is NOT YET FINISHED. Things are still in progress and there are bound to be several issues I haven't personally encountered yet. If you find a problem, please post about it here and keep this thread on topic.

    As far as specific testing goes:


    Almost nothing went untouched so everything needs to be tested for accuracy. There are special tabs that are viewable. These are for TESTING and will be removed. They display raw data that has been parsed and can be used to compare to the raw log and/or the calculated summaries to look for discrepancies. Be aware that these tabs are SLOW and can take several minutes to populate if you load in a big log file. That's normal.
  2. Beimeith Lord of the Game


    Fight List Tab

    -The FightList Tab has been removed and the functionality moved to the Fight Navigator.
    -The Fight Navigator is now resizable and changes to the size will be saved.

    Overview Tab

    -The NPC DPS column is now NPC Max. This is the highest Melee hit from the NPC against that player.
    -The Player (YOU) are now highlighted in Green.
    -If a Killshot is seen, the player or pet who got the killshot will be highlighted in RED.

    Heal Overview Tab

    -Added a Heal Overview Tab similar in function to the Overview Tab but displaying Healing data.

    Values shown are:

    Healer - Healer name.
    Actual Heal - The actual number of Hitpoints restored.
    % AH - The percentage of the Total Actual Heal.
    AHPS - Actual Heal Per Second. Actual Heal / Player's time spent healing.
    SAHPS - Scaled Actual Heal Per Second. Actual Heal / Fight Duration.
    Full Heal - The full value of the heal, shown in () in game.
    % FH - The percentage of the Total Full Heal.
    FHPS - Full Heal Per Second. Full Heal / Player's time spent healing.
    SFHPS - Scaled Full Heal Per Second. Full Heal / Fight Duration.
    Over Heal - (Full Heal - Actual Heal).
    Count - Number of Heals. (AE heals are counted separately for each player healed).
    Time - Time player spent healing.
    Most Healed - The player or pet that the Healer healed the most.
    Value - The amount that the Healer healed their Most Healed.
    Class - Class of the Healer.
    Rank - Rank based on Actual Healing with Full Healing as a tiebreaker (if applicable).

    Added a Heal Summary button. This currently sends the Healer Name and Actual Heal Value only. Additional options are available but have not been added to the UI yet.

    Player DPS Tab

    -Finishing Blow, Double Blow Shot & Slay Undead are no longer counted as an AttackType (Slash/Bash/Pierce etc). They are now counted as a CriticalType and SpecialTypes respectively (in addition to the regular AttackType of the damage).
    -Rampage and Wild Rampage are no longer counted as an AttackType. They are now counted as a Rampage Type (in addition to the regular AttackType of the damage).
    -Deadly Strikes are now counted as a CriticalType.
    -Assassinate, Headshot, and Twincast (DoTs only) are now counted as a SpecialType. (I plan to add Decapitate to this later).
    -Lucky hits are now counted as a LuckType.
    -Damage Shields that report what element they are will show ElementType.
    -Flurry hits will be counted as a FlurryType.
    -Strikethrough hits will be counted as a StrikethroughType.

    Damage Breakdown Tab

    Note that none of the above is reflected in the old Damage Breakdown aside from the removal of Finishing Blow, Double Bow Shot, Slay Undead, Rampage, and Wild Rampage as AttackTypes.

    Additionally, this tab is depreciated and will soon be removed.

    New Breakdown Tab

    -Added a new Damage Breakdown Tab.

    This tab is intended to provide a limited overview of Melee/DD/DoT/DS damage. More detailed Melee and Spell Breakdowns (Similar to DoT Breakdown) are still in progress.

    DoT Breakdown Tab

    -Added new Columns to the Breakdown:

    Crit - Number of ticks of the DoT that were Critical.
    % Crit - Percentage of DoT ticks that were Critical.
    Luck - Number of ticks of the DoT that were Lucky.
    % Luck - Percentage of Critical ticks that were also Lucky.
    TC (Twincast) - Number of ticks of the DoT that were Twincast.
    % Twincast - Percentage of ticks of the DoT that were Twincast.

    -Added new Columns to the Hit Counts:

    Crits - Number of DoTs that were Critical on that Tick.
    Luck - Number of DoTs that were Lucky on that Tick.
    TC (Twincast) - Number of DoTs that were Twincast on that Tick.

    Spells Tab

    -The Spells Over Time box will now display spells cast a few seconds prior to the start of the fight. These will show as negative numbers.
    -Spell search triggered by double clicking on a spell name inthe Comparison Box will now search EQResource instead of Lucy. Will be made configurable in the future.

    Note: Updates to this Tab are still in progress. Changes will include a per-spell count of Interrupts, Resists, and Blocked spells.

    Tanking Tab

    Note: Updates to this Tab are still in progress. Changes will include counts for Lucky defensive checks and strikethroughs.

    Charts Tab

    No changes planned for this update. Future updates will include additional graph types and the ability to specify more specific information to be shown.

    Live Fights Tab

    No changes planned for this update.

    Dmg Mods Tab

    -Removed Spell Damage from showing as it always registered as 0.
    -Damage Mod Tab now hidden by default as it is superfluous on live servers. Can be re-enabled via Settings > General .

    Log Search Tab

    -Added additional options for limiting search results.
    -Corrected some errors that could occur when the lines had bad timestamps.

    Faction Tab

    -Added parsing for faction messages that show no change (due to faction lock potion).
    -Faction Tab can now be hidden via Settings > General.

    Loot Tab

    -Added Luck to the Coin loot box.
    -Coin Box now properly resets when loading a new file.

    Parcels Tab

    No changes planned for this update.

    Randoms Tab

    -Set AutoRoll Tab (Advanced Loot) to be the primary Sub Tab.
    -Double clicking on the AutoRoll Tab will trigger an item search similar to Loots and Parcels Tabs.

    Chat Tab

    -Channel Box is now resizable.

    Menu Bar:

    -Added Advanced button to the Settings Menu to adjust advanced settings.
    -Added Full Backup (Remove Chat) button to the Backup Menu. This will create a full backup of the currently loaded log with the only exception being chat.
    -Added a Stats Menu to the Menu bar. Currently only gives basic stats on lines parsed. More to come, but this is low priority.
    -Added a Donate button to the Help Menu. This opens a webbrowser to my paypal page if you accept the prompt.

    Live Overlays

    -Added rounding to the nearest million/thousand for Live Overlays.
    -Added Option to only show Overlays after set amount of damage has been done.

    DPS Overlays

    -Added (limited) option to resize the overlays.

    Completed DPS Overlay

    -The Player (YOU) will show as green.
    -If a Killshot was seen the player or pet who got the killshot will be shown in red.
    -Other players of the same class will now be highlighted in light blue on the Completed DPS Overlay.
    -Added Rank Column to Completed DPS Overlay.


    -Added EQResource option (default) to search for items.
    -The fake double hit when getting a killshot via melee attack should no longer be counted in most cases.
    -Fights will now include spellcasts that took place prior to the start of the fight. Length of time is set via Settings > Advanced.
    -Saving and Loading settings has been improved. If bad values are detected they should now reset to default automatically.
    -Combining fights has been improved. It should now be faster and more accurate.
    -Exporting fights as a new file has been improved. It should not be faster, more accurate, and more descriptive if there is an error.
    -Damage done to player mounts should now be ignored.
    -Heals now store Actual Heal, Full Heal, and Over Heal (Full Heal - Actual Heal).
    -Heals are now categorized into the following Heal Types: Arbitrate, Aura, Direct, OverTime, Delayed, Divine, Proc, LifeTap, MeleeTap, SpellTap, ReverseDS, Rain (AE)

    -Rewrote virtually every parsing routine from the ground up.
    -Add numerous optimizations to speed log parsing. (Still in Progress).
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  3. Faelthos New Member

    Thank you SOOOO much!! <3
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  4. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Small change to .54 unrelated to anything you guys can see.
  5. Punchis-themonk Elder

    its f**king Christmas morning! ty man!
  6. Daredilly Master

    Fabulous! Thank you! It is like my birthday and Xmas wrapped into one.
    Donation sent!!!
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  7. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Update .55, re-download from link in the first post please.

    -Added parsing for "learn" and "sweep" AttackTypes.

    "[Sun Jan 13 17:22:38 2019] A lorenado tries to learn YOU, but YOU riposte!"

    And with that I'm out to go relax for the rest of today.

    Happy parsing.
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  8. Sancus Augur

    Seems like linking pets isn't working, I think it's saving them as players.

    In the Class column of the overview tab, my pet, Puksu, is saved as "EarthPet." However, it does not show up in the "Link the pet:" list, nor does using the pet leader command in game combine it.

    In the ini file, I see this line:

    IIRC there should be a separate type (TrackedPet or something like that) for pets.

    Edit: Maybe that isn't what's happening, I don't know. But Puksu definitely won't link.
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  9. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Check the chat tab sancus, do you see any chat from your pet there? If so, what is it?

    My guess is it saw pet chat and thought it was a player. May have missed something on the exclusion list.
  10. Sancus Augur

    It does show pet chat in say:

    [Fri Jan 18 19:42:04 2019] Puksu says, 'Sorry, Master... calming down.'
    [Fri Jan 18 19:42:11 2019] Puksu says, 'Sorry, Master... calming down.'
    [Fri Jan 18 20:21:10 2019] Puksu says, 'Thanks for the Summoned: Gorstruck Iceblade, Sancus.'
    [Fri Jan 18 20:21:10 2019] Puksu says, 'Thanks for the Summoned: Gorstruck Iceblade, Sancus.'
    [Fri Jan 18 21:03:15 2019] Puksu says, 'As you wish, oh great one.'
    [Fri Jan 18 21:05:07 2019] Puksu says, 'Thanks for the Summoned: Gorstruck Ragesword, Sancus.'
    [Fri Jan 18 21:05:07 2019] Puksu says, 'Thanks for the Summoned: Gorstruck Shortsword, Sancus.'

    Didn't see it in any other chat type.
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  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Say shouldn't matter, it's tells that usually cause problems. Can you do a log search for tells from your pets? It may not show in chat tab (it's actually not supposed to).
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I don't have the exact message on hand but the pet sends a tell message when they start attacking a npc which I know sets off tell audio triggers. Could that be the problem?
  13. Sancus Augur

    These are the messages I see:

    [Fri Jan 18 19:35:39 2019] Puksu tells you, 'Attacking an elemental of pure smoke Master.'
    [Fri Jan 18 19:50:22 2019] Puksu tells you, 'By your command, master.'
    [Fri Jan 18 19:51:13 2019] Puksu tells you, 'I live again...'

    There's about 380 "Attacking <mob name>" messages, but hopefully one example suffices.
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  14. Zenshai New Member

    Overall looks really good!

    Spells and Discs tab seems to not be rendering anything, even though the "SpellTest" tab seems to be recording them properly.

    I don't have any long-ish fights yet, but dps merc damage seems under-calculated. Will report back with more detailed information.
  15. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    I'm not sure what you mean. I see spells and discs. The only thing it should be missing is the new resist messages since I didn't add those yet.

    I don't believe merc damage shows up differently then player damage so if it is picking up one it should pick up the other, but I could be wrong. Mercs have always been pretty bad too.
  16. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Sancus can't seem to replicate the pet linking problem so if anyone else has trouble linking pets, let me know.
  17. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Update .56

    I disabled the auto update check for Beta versions. Shouldn't get a popup once an hour anymore, only when it starts up.
  18. Zenshai New Member

    Can't seem to get these forums to play well with Google Drive. Give me a few to find a place to put this screen shot.


    Can ignore the merc stuff, the fights were just too short to have a decent sample.
  19. Beimeith Lord of the Game


    I'd say it might be a .NET issue (which version do you have? Should have 4.7+ 4.7.2 recommended)

    or it could be something caused an error while it was updating and interrupted it. Did you get any errors?


    I haven't seen that behavior with any test parse I've looked at.
  20. Zenshai New Member

    So I like the Heal Overview tab, but one thing I'd like to be able to do is to view it by "Heals On" instead of "Heals By"...for example, show me all healing on tank X for a certain fight.

    You also had over-heal percentage in there at one point--not sure if it's completely needed, but I do find it hard to figure out which healers are making good choices and which could use some advice from the heal lead from this tab. Maybe some averages on how much of a heal lands and how much is overheal?

    Or maybe that should be a drill down tab where you just see all heals a particular player cast in an fight, and their respective targets?

    Blue sky brainstorming here--just looking for ways to use this awesome new healing logging as a raid leader/heal lead to help my raid heal better overall.
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  21. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Heal Breakdown Tab is coming Soon(TM). This is just an Overview, hence the name.

    The Breakdown will be in two parts, from healer perspective and from healee perspective.

    Healer healed players X, Y, and Z for this much and Healee was healed by players A, B, and C for this much.

    If you didn't see the previous screenshots, I had calculations for how many times a heal landed for 0, for any value > 0, and how many times it landed for Full. Those will be on the breakdown tab.

    it basically came down to something like 80-85% of all heals landed for 0, with 5-10% landing for full and 5-10% landing between 0 and full. It's kind of crazy.
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