EverQuest Roadmap 2022

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  1. Exmortis_MT Elder

    Fantastic Post!!!
    This is exactly what helps to bridge the gap between Dev and Player.
    Eve better you can update it as the year progresses, we all know nothing goes to plan, nothing is easier than you expect. So updates as dates, times and projects slip or change or even if items are rearranged due to dependencies you can keep this post up to date, and keep us all the loop. Even if just done quarterly.

    Keep this up!
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  2. JChan Developer

    The details on this will be coming soon(tm). Just a few more things to button up before we post and open applications.
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  3. Mesil Lorekeeper

    I am missing account-account transfers.
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  4. Coagagin Guild house cat

    This is truly a brave step for DPG known in the past for its or their surprise announcements on its player base. Kudos for the bravery and sticking with us all these years as well.
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  5. Tucoh Augur

    Thanks for the roadmap! I'm interested in hearing more about the midyear content. If it's engaging it might be enough to attract a resub from me before the expansion release!
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  6. Elysania Journeyman

    This is great and all. but where in this "2022 Road Map" is our type 3 augs?
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  7. Medtech New Member

    Jenn Chan
    Head of Studio

    Thank you for giving us insight of "our game" . I've played this since release, it's been one heck of a life experience. This is the reason most of us continue to play because people like you make a difference and help keep our favorite resting place a live and breathing.
    This road map is great and I hope to see even more ideas pop in as we move through this year of 2022! :)
  8. Drakah UI Designer

    When you get around to redoing the UI, can you remember to implement a "Global Scale" option setting so that we can scale the interface depending on the size of monitor being used please? It is a godsend in SWTOR when you want to either use a Wide-Curved monitor, 32" TV, laptop or a small monitor.
    The "snap to guidelines" are also a handy feature they have. Here is a screenshot.
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  9. Juicewrld New Member

    This x 100
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  10. Mishakaal New Member

    I truly appreciate the roadmap. 64-bits, new ui engine and better graphics would definitely help.

    Will we see something like Unreal engine 5 POC and beta, if so when??

    Some ideas in QOL that I would like to share that would make a huge difference in the searching and finding of players is setting that in its own window and/or making names clickable.

    Also, the way people interact with names could use some work and that would be awesome!! How about character window _ playername being clickable like a hot menu button that you pop a quick menu to copy the character profile, player profile with played time, past guild and history, and achievements in the game to solidify and simplify guild applications?

    /WHO ALL
    /who name
    clickable name for inviting, sending tells and functions for raids and groups
    true LFG window working better with additional features.
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  11. Mishakaal New Member

    Also, i approve and support 100% what Drakah said because I'm playing the game with an ultra wide monitor that uses a resolution of 5180 x 1440 p. EQ does not scale right now and everything is stuck in tiny bitsy small fonts unreadable and barely usable.

    Many UI elements, fonts and essential things do not seem to scale in EQ which is bad and it is destroying the possibility of bringing up to speed and making it awesome the experience of those who have 4k monitors and better computers. The UI IS A massive problem right now with lack of creators and support towards current and future hardware as it stands.

    PROBLEM TO SOLVE: NO TRUE SCALABILITY EXISTS in the game with the user interface, basic UI does nothing compared to custom ones and having not many creators left the players are faced with less and few options to play the game on the same level they used to.

    SOLUTION: New UI ENGINE, complete CUSTOMIZATION and SCALABILITY now supported and allowed for UI elements. Better basic experience that could be set by the player with new options, parameters like showing hp/mp/stamina and setting bars colors, size, scaling UI and new features in the options menu for example (alt+O)

    When a returning player like myself comes back they are like what the hell ??! Everything is broken and hard to get back into the game in the bare bones experience i'm getting with the default. PLEASE UPGRADE COMPLETELY BASIC UI EXPERIENCE.

    Because it's lacking the right information about the player and group window, spell names and buffs names, focused elements to bring about attention/snapshot of whats going on and support of additional key things that could be found in inventory, casting bar, pet window and raid window which hasn't been updated in forever... NAME/HEALTH/BARS where are they ?? raid groups interface would be a HUGE addition .... CUSTOMIZABLE.. please. as a player with over 20 years of game history and in the software for anime and gaming industry i'd love to share my ideas and help as much as i can with brainstorming, suggestions and ideas.

    Please check FFXIV and other games with more customizable and scalable UI, and make a better more modern one for EQ since UI is on the roadmap this is the biggest update after 64-bits comes out!!
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  12. StarSamurai New Member

    I agree with Mishakaal and Drakah. We defiantly need UI scale. We also need a Raid Interface rework, as the one we have is very chunky and hard to use.
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  13. Treage_Imminent Elder

    1440p can be extremely hard to play with the current UI, and those monitors became mainstream in the budget/under $200 market a number of years ago.


    And please, consider a mobile version of your website. The iPhone launched 15 years ago, in 2007, and it isn't a fad or new tech anymore. Navigating and posting here is harder than anywhere else I visit online. Have any employees ever tried it? It's really rough.
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  14. Mishakaal New Member

    A smoother and better patcher and game login along with a revamped and updated store interface would also be nice!!

    Please consider moving the game to a new and solid engine like unreal 5!!
  15. Moege Augur

    Keybinds per character !

    *for shame how could this be forgotten
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  16. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Re Anti-cheat, attention DPG: Could you start by narrowing your definition of what cheating is? For something like the last 22 years, players have disagreed over what constitutes cheating and the company has been relatively silent, except for seemingly random bans.

    Forum members, unless you are providing a link to an official post or announcement, there's no reason to comment on this because you can only speculate like everybody has done in the past.
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  17. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Re Heroic Characters, why are they only getting bumped to level 100? When they were introduced, they were 15 levels behind the cap, which was 4 years worth of expansions. This was always still too far behind to allow most new/returning players to actually join the contemporary game. And it fell to 5 years behind just 6 months later when the next expansion released.

    Level 100 is 20 levels behind the cap which is 8 years behind the current level cap (and soon to be 9 years). This is not going to entice any players to try and start the game or to return, because they still won't be able to join the general population for years.
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  18. Cadira Augur

    Em que is illegal. It violates the eula you agree to everytime you log in. No link is needed. Quit beating around the bush, quit trying to justify cheating because you're too lazy to read the eula you choose to ignore and/or cherry pick parts of, or pretend is too ambiguous to alienate em que as an obvious cheat program.
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  19. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    This is no speculation, and you're completely wrong. You will never be given a 'list' or anything of the sort by Devs.

    The company has ALREADY provided you everything YOU need to determine if something is a 'cheat'.

    The EULA provides the GUIDELINES to which YOU apply CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, to determine on a CASE BY CASE BASIS if the current thing you are about to use is cheating.

    If you don't know what something does, your ignorance is not an excuse. Don't use it.
  20. Mukkul Augur

    You misunderstand, if I can't run the new version of EQ then I have to buy a new PC. If I have to buy a new PC, it will automatically come with Windows 11. I don't want Win 11, so i don't want to have to buy a new PC.

    I found the sys req for EQ 64-bit, they look ok. Although trying to recognize where in the scale those CPUs and GPUs fall is impossible unless you're an uber hardware geek. They're all just random model numbers nowadays.