EverQuest Roadmap 2022

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  1. Zolav Augur

    @Skuz .. ya that makes sense. BUT there was no lag on Beta, and I am sure they can put together a lag free environment to get the ball rolling. IMO to say "have to wait to fix the lag to take a look at overall class dps" is just another excuse for them to do nothing. There may be very laggy raid nites but there are also non-laggy raid nites.
    They absolutely DO NOT have to fix the lag to help balance dps.. ESPEC when the class doing the most is hardly affected by lag. Fixing the lag seems to be something they are unable to do anyways.
  2. Evurkvest Augur

    Will this include AAs as reward? I remember some dev posted about wanting to implement this. At some point Overseer becomes rather pointless to use unless there is a level increase. Adding AAs as a reward would change that.
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  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I believe there are two types of tasks that give the weapon ornaments as rewards. Do we really need two tasks that do that? Do we really need ornament rewards at all when the dispenser could just be put on the Overseer merchant?

    I think one or both of those tasks need to have their rewards changed to an AA reward. Make it so that you choose either regular XP or AA, but not both. Make the task 24 hours so there's at least some tradeoff for easy AA.
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