EverQuest Roadmap 2022

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  1. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Seems a bit 'round-a-bout' way of going about it, but I'll take it.
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  2. Gnothappening Augur

    The one UI change I would love to see is a raid window that shows people's health. I don't raid often, but when I do I'm boxing with friends and spot healing is annoying. This is by no means a necessary change, but it would be cool to be able to see everyone on screen at once like a giant group window.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    This kind of information in the suggested format is very costly in developer hours, I would think most of the devlopers were weighing up the pros & cons of even making 100 heroics for this exact reason.

    It is probably far better to look out for some player-created youtube videos that will guide you through the main "stuff you need to know" and to get into the Class Discord & ask experienced players for tips, disc & Spell rotations etc.

    TL;DR I would look for community solutions to this rather than expect/ask/demand a dev team one - on this topic the community will likely provide a better guide anyway.
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  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    You might as well ask a hungry man to stop eating.

    Progression servers help keep the lights on & help fund the game growing & becoming better, and they do attract old players back.

    Rather than stopping TLP I would prefer they look at ways to get players back on live servers, and they at least have started on the path towards that aim...

    64 bit
    UI overhaul
    side-kick system
    character model update
    gfx engine overhaul
    bigger expansions

    ...at least that's what I personally think the path should look like, YVMV.
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  5. Marton Augur

    • This is too low; needs to be 110.
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  6. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    They want to avoid blatant Pay-to-Win so it cannot be near max level.
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  7. Validate New Member

    love the plan but the server mergers.... i have 8 characters on 2 of the servers and 14 on the other one. thats a lot of deleting to do. which i did now. all 8 on vox was under lvl 10. Phingle how ever i deleted all but one what has daybreak cash items on it over 5000 DB worth and the only way i will be able to get that from the level 20 druid i was enjoying playing. is to delete one of the 14 level 85 characters. Please for the Love of the game and making money. allow us to buy more character slots. i'm more then fine paying 1000 DB cast per slot , let us increase to 20 or 16 at lease so we can have one of every class on one account.

    otherwise i like to plan. free transfers to server of our choice could help too . same type of course. ,but i'd prefer more slots.
  8. Validate New Member

    A new progression server that doesn't allow any krono, daybreak items. and hell no trade. Ironman style. your account has to trade skill everything and use shared bank only way to trade your own characters only. maybe allow crafting mats tradeable. make all armor weapons no drop no trade. this would kill the gold farmers.

    Or maybe an ironman permadeath server. big risk to maybe better rewards. and encourage grouping to stay a live. allow rez for a limited time only. encourage all groups to have clerics. i'd play a cleric and hold the death ransom... pay me or else .lol

    my hope one day is a new TLP start classic. but all zones and cities are graphicly improved, take the time to release each expansion cus of improving the graphics. I dont really want a new everquest, just the old one improved . leave the game mechanics the same. and zone map the same, just imp the graphics models .
  9. Jedis Arch Mage

    Yes, I would like to get everyone on the same set of character models and deprecate the old ones.

    It's kind of silly that your avatar/in-game persona is seen radically different depending on if you have old/new on. Removing finer details in the models in order to compensate for graphics performance makes a lot of sense, but my armor shouldn't show up brown with one set, and purple with another. Kinda defeats the purpose of putting in effort into how your character looks, which ultimately drives marketplace purchases and keeps the lights on.
  10. Dyna Elder

    Would love to see (with the increased stuff needed in the tradeskills), a doubled bank, one side holding only TS bags and get rid of the new dragons hoard and such which I have found useless!
    Also if the bags could be labeled or somehow coded to cooking, sewing and so forth, I have such a mess!
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Dragon Hoards - or at least the tech solution they use is actually the way forward for storage - unless you want to wait longer & longer for the game to load up & for you to zone.

    All that inventory space you have has to be loaded into your PC's memory from the game each time you log in, the more you have in your house(s) and in your bank the more time it takes to get into the game - Dragon Hoard tech can reduce that because it is only loading in the inventory data when you open up the Dragon Hoard UI and thus everything in that storage system does not slow down your getting into the game.
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  12. Dyna Elder

    Do you use Dragons Hoard for trade skills? Maybe I am not using it because I don't know something? When I need to say cook something I have to trade out bags on me for bags holding the items for cooking in my bank, that's pretty much how I do it but it is messy and hard to put my proper bags back where they belong among other problems.
  13. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    How do I apply for this? (See below)

    • 2022 Roadmap:
      • January:
        • Community Resource Council Application Relaunch - Your chance to help advise on the future of EverQuest.
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  14. Dharken Elder

    If there was a UI feature that allowed me to choose some 10-20 items (or more) and click ->Send to Hoard. I would use it. As it stands right now, the interaction with hoard is too slow. You are not saving time using hoard over having a character with 24 bank slots of 32 slot tradeskill bags completely loaded on a slightly if even all that noticeable log in load time.

    Which also brings up the point of the Dragons Hoard Storage capacity. Its stupid expensive to buy the full slots in comparison to the actual storage space provided. If it was BAGS of items, My money would be well spent. 1 slot per item/stack is just not cutting it. The only actual perk that it is holding for myself and many others, is the lore item +1 capability.
  15. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Maybe a one time Merc AA award as well.
  16. Krugessin New Member

    I haven't had time to digest every single item on this (yay!) massive list but want to give a BIG thumbs up for it being posted at all. One of my pet peeves over the years has been how some major changes can royally screw people over just because they didn't know it was coming, where a month or two heads up would have made it not a problem.

    Working on access to a zone or gathering tradeskill materials for a week to suddenly have it all made obsolete can make a gnome bite ankles. =)
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  17. Zinth Augur

    better to be a little ahead now than way behind soon like the 85 ones are way behind now. there is still a catchup to do from 110 to 120 but it is maneable (2 expansions + the current one) and when they are done with those Heroic Chars then it will be 2 expansions + current one + new one in the end of the year
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  18. Iove Elder

    Maybe we will see necro dots revamp (for 1 - 70 lvls) :)
  19. Treage_Imminent Elder

    I hope the changes to the UI finally make it readable on monitors over 1080p. I can enlarge some items, but the text is too small to read on others.
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  20. menown Augur

    The Darkness, Ignite, and corruption DoT lines still need to be revamped for the upper levels as well.