Dear Disappointed Players on Agnarr/Coirnav

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Grebhiker, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Fepyy Lorekeeper

    lockjaw was basically an experiment (which failed btw) ... the only server worse than lockjaw was ragefire. LOL I remember like 999 mage boxes running around
  2. Kobra Augur

    I think the real killer of the server was 6 month unlock.

    Today on LJ, mage is a rare spawn.
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  3. Gremin Augur

    For a server without AoC's we are doing just fine with our 4 raid guilds and population going up as of late. Everyone kept saying that our server would be dead by the end of PoP, and yet here we are about to get into OoW and still rolling strong.
  4. clan darkpaw New Member

  5. Gemini Syringes Augur

    I am seriously considering a switch to LJ or RF as I'm plodding along through Coirnav's mind-numbing experience rate. I just worry about having anyone around to level with. I suppose I could 3 box my way to the high 50s and then try for groups.
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  6. Crayon123 Augur

    Considering Ragefire or Lockjaw myself, kinda over the true box thing at this point. Seems most everyone has 2 or 3 boxes anyways, more of an inconvenience than anything when you want to get something done.
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  7. Sturn Journeyman

    I was in Unrest today during American working hours and there were 4 picks going. I don't get the people that claim there's no one to group with at lower levels.
  8. Gemini Syringes Augur

    That's not what I was implying. There are still plenty of leveling groups on Coirnav. I actually really like the population there. It's the experience rate that sucks. I meant that I worry there won't be groups for leveling on Ragefire.
  9. Sturn Journeyman

    Ah ok, sorry for misinterpreting your post then.
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The craziest thing about coirnav is that the prior new server didnt even hit it peak of POP.

    I believe that if they actually make some fundamental change to coirnav around when pop is 3 months old that people will join there.
  11. jeskola Augur

    Life on Lockjaw is pretty awesome. Even right now, in the last month of an expansion when normally raid attendance suffers, attendance is peaking, and new and returning players are coming in droves. If you are tired of all the negatives of agnarr and coirnav, Lockjaw is pretty great.
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  12. pinco New Member

    I left lockjaw because it was toxic wasent happy in the guild i was in back then,i came back when pop opened joined another guild on the serve, 3 boxers in bot helped me to get gear that was rotting for myself and my boxes most people box 2 or 3 charecters and i have helped out a lot of less geared groups to kill named s and passed on loot.
    I must have given away over 50 no drop items to people on the server for free and a lot of my old gear to guildies. fi dhs damage and m are full of good people that enjoy eq.
    join one of the 4 guilds and people will help you lvl and gear up.
    there are a lot of people who dont box also and they enjoy the server.
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  13. Ajjantis Journeyman

    7 LGuk instances on Coirnav yesterday with every camp taken. Seems fine to me.
  14. tankNspank Elder

    That krono push is still strong.
  15. Zoshiro New Member

    Lol, a post BEGGING people to come to your server is about the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Coirnav is far from dead, but the slow xp is just the last in a long line of mistakes by DBG...the game could really have been prospering right now, but instead it is dying. All they had to do was make the xp fast, and Coirnav would have exploded.
  16. mesocornaiv Lorekeeper

    Rolled a SK Thursday. Hit 32 last night. 23 hours played. I'm thinking it'll take the average player 60-80ish hours of grinding to hit level 50 without potions. That's not too terrible. I mean, we are in classic for 12 weeks, that's an average of 5 - 6 hours a week of grinding.
  17. Grebhiker Lorekeeper This is not a begging post. We have seen a number of people literally fleeing the servers and I was simply just notifying people there are options out there. Places that would welcome them if they wanted to try something different because they felt Coirnav or Agnarr was not fulfilling their needs/desires.
    It's not begging. It is offering people an opportunity/lifeline they may not have considered.
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  18. papercutST New Member

    Some relevant info - the reason why Lockjaw dropped in pop was because Faceless bullied other players until they had enough and quit the server.
  19. nazgull2k1 Journeyman

    As a guy that's already had quite enough of Coirnav's bs.. Im looking to make a switch.. I'll check out Lockjaw/RF once servers come back up.

    I dont box though.. and that's the main reason I left originally.. could never find a group because Bob and his 6 box mage group didnt need a Shaman.. and I was left to solo.

    I dont understand this logic... if you wanna solo everything, why are these people even playing an MMO.. go play Diablo 3 or something. lol

    Really wanna roll a cleric.. but yeah, solo grinding a cleric on a server sounds about as fun as getting a cactus jammed up your *** sideways. Here's hoping this isnt the case today..
  20. Hdizzle Elder

    So you’re going to roll a solo cleric on a TLP server without obamacare boxing restrictions, a server you already left because you don’t box, and you expect to find some pug groups? Should take advantage of not having the Elton John Boxing code and 3 box up to 60. It’ll take a week and if you find a guild that needs a cleric they’ll most likely PL you. Ragefire has a pretty awesome community but dont expect to find a group LF healer to do crocs today or Pal Caverns.

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