Fixed Internally chat channels, friends list still missing

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Scila, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Scila Augur

    Title says it ........
  2. Chauliodus New Member

    Hi seconding this please look into it.

    As of typing this, the patch broke big parts the chat system, all cross-server friends on friend lists were deleted (ones like servername.playername) and some cannot be added back from some servers (Example: You can add Aradune.names to the friend list on Zek but currently not mangler.names, or selo, or rizlona, or agnarr... but I could add a and friend for some reason, and you cannot add any Zek or Mangler or other cross-server friends to the friend list from Aradune server not even the Povar or Bertox friends to the friend list on Aradune, which could be added on Zek friend lists for some reason).

    You can not join cross server channels anymore from some servers, it gives message "An Unknown Error has occured" (example: trying to join mangler.general from Zek server: or simply that "the channel cannot be found" (example: trying to join zek.general from aradune:

    This can easily be reproduced by joining any of these servers and trying to join cross-server channels and add friends to your friend list from different servers. Some work, some don't, it still isn't functioning properly even for the ones that allow it.

    And for the channels you CAN join, for example sake I tested joining Aradune.newplayers from Zek and it let the character join the channel cross server from Zek, but you cannot see any of the chat happening from the Aradune side while on Zek, you can see what the Zek person is saying in the Aradune channel from the Aradune side, but not what the Aradune people say in the channel from the Zek side. Its a complete mess and totally seems random of which servers and channels you can join and which server can have people added as cross server friends.

    For more example sake I tried logging into Rizlona and from that server I could join many more cross-server channels, but again, you cannot see anyone chatting in the channels from the Rizlona side, but people can still see your chat on the server channels you joined. Does any of this make sense the way ive tried to explain? lol

    Makes no sense to me why its so messed up right now, worth a look into it maybe, Thanks.
  3. xcitng Augur

    yes, i am having the same problems with chat channels & my friends list ... not only lost my friends list the window is broken, if you try to put a name in it gives a message saying i added so&so but it doesn't show the name in the window
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  4. Nniki Augur

    Can't join serverwide channels from The Rathe. They've been on /autojoin for years, so nothing's changed there. I tried unsuccessfully with two characters, including manual attempts after seeing it fail after "Autojoining channels...". I also asked someone else, and they couldn't either.

    Example error messages:

    Channel serverwide.bards not found
    Channel serverwide.eqresource not found

    Last time this happened on The Rathe in 2017, it was a different error message. Requesting chat servers get a good kicking please!
  5. Scila Augur

    just for grins and giggles logged the problem toon on a sep comp ... same prob
  6. Angahran Augur

    Same here, not found.
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  7. Jennre Augur

    Same here, no chat servers or friends list on my account.
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  8. Opalopa New Member

    I'm also having this issue. No chat channels or friends list for 3 days on my main character on Cazic Thule. Oddly enough, my other character on Cazic Thule on the same account can get chat channels no problem.
  9. Scila Augur

    yep no response on the petition after I sent screenshots the other day - saw the screen "blink" or refresh a few times yesterday afternoon like something was trying to happen but nada. Also on CT if that's a coincidence or not to help.
  10. Opalopa New Member

    Still no response on my petition either. Disappointing but hardly surprising.
  11. Elyssanda Augur

    my friends lists are fine on my 2 bards, Ely and Kata, but neither of them can join the serverwide chat channels I've been in for years.. Ely has been in serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders since forever..

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  12. Duality Augur

    Joining another servers chat rooms is only working intermittently, sometimes the traffic is only one way. You can see you said something, and they can see you say something, but anything they say on the home server isn't being broadcast to anyone not directly on that server. This morning it was working, but is not currently. Also any serverwide.* channels have not worked since patch.
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  13. Scila Augur

    Elly ... I hadn't thought about it until somebody mentioned it ingame and I saw your post ... now I'm wondering if it has anything to do with eqtraders locking up channels. That seems to be the common denominator. That's the only toon that I have that is autojoined to the channel and the only one having the problem. But try as I might today, and rebuilding everything imaginable, I can't find where I have it saved to remove it from autojoin. Thoughts?
  14. Duality Augur

    I wouldn't bother removing, as it will be fixed eventually... But it is stored in UI_CHARNAME_SERVERNAME.ini in the base EQ folder. The line is ChannelAutoJoin=serverwide.enchanter:enchanter (I can publish that channel as no one has talked in it for 537 days)
  15. Elyssanda Augur

    It's not just eqtraders.. can't get in bard channel, or eqresource either..
  16. Scila Augur

    I got a note on my petition last night - they are aware that it is a problem and pended my petition to look into things further.
  17. Opalopa New Member

    I also received an update to my petition yesterday with basically the same information. No idea on an ETA on if/when it will be fixed though, and I'll tell you all the social aspects of the game (finding groups, buying/selling etc) are infinitely more difficult without access to the channels. Hope they get this resolved soon.
  18. Yinla Augur

    My serverwide channels are fubared as well.
  19. Elyssanda Augur

    Raid night without serverwide channels, stifling. We bards need our chat channel. We are a chatty bunch.
  20. Opalopa New Member

    My chat and friends list came back out of the blue tonight - working now for me.

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