Chase (Evolving Loot) part 3, caster shoulders tier 5 evolved to tank shoulders not useable

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ruven_BB, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Ruven_BB Augur

    Guild mate got his caster shoulders to tier 5, and a not so nice surprised, they evolved into tank shoulders unusable. To say he is frustrated is an understatement.

    Any others having the same issue, because I am weary as heck to convert my tier 4s into something I can't use.

  2. Monkman Augur

    This is a known issue

    Ngreth stated already the coding is only rewarding the plate option currently.

    If you’re a non-plate class do NOT convert yet
  3. Khat_Nip Meow

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  4. Ruven_BB Augur

    Going to say this isn't a known issue, where in game has there been a warning? This screws a player out of a really nice item until patch, waiting for a reward that takes a crapload of grinding?

  5. Ssdar Augur

    welcome to my misery for the last two weeks.
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  6. Ruven_BB Augur

    And if it was the other way, that items were evolving from tier 1 to tier 5, you would see an emergency patch.
  7. Nukester Journeyman

    When something like this is KNOWN maybe an ingame service announcement would be a good idea. Now i'm screwed out of a really nice shoulder item that I can not even use. Hours upon hours of leveling those things up to be rewarded like this. Not fair at all.
  8. Ssdar Augur

    I have a feeling we'll be waiting a couple more weeks til the February patch. It sucks. I have 4 unusable items I spent over 100 hours leveling and then ended up getting all 4 trying to help track down the bug, but it doesn't seem like they'll be able to fix it without server downtime so I've accepted my fate.
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  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    You are correct that the fixes to these bugs will require a full server down patch.
    And yes, we are looking to fix cases where a player got an item they cannot use. Details of how this will be done are still in flux, so I have no info, and likely won't say anything until nearer the patch or in the patch notes.

    We are aware the non-plate users have problems claiming their items. This is fixed, but needs a full server down patch.

    We are aware that some non-plate users got plate items, and are now stuck. This is in progress of being fixed, but needs a full server down patch to fix.

    We are aware of the feedback about the feet and glove items not working with the charms. This is not a bug, but something I'll consider looking into, but no promises yet. If I make a change, this will require a full server down patch to change.

    We are aware of the feedback about type 3 on the ring and shoulder. This is not a bug, and I disagree with the players on the point, but I'll still consider it. It's less likely to change.
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  10. Astral64 Augur

    The hero we needed. I was two seconds from claiming mine when I read this in eqresource.

    Sounds like the team is on the job.

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  11. Swiss Elder

    Since this is a known issue with rewarding the wrong item for the final evolve would it be possible to have the petition replies exchange it instead of cut and paste about asking the community for information and to /bug it?
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  12. Tucoh Augur

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  13. ~Mills~ Augur

    Your stance on these two concerns is like the complete opposite of what it should be.

    You have 2 items that provide stats drastically above and beyond the bonus provided by 2 more slot items qualifying for charm stats. But you seem willing to fix it so everyone gets more stats without any hint of tradeoff. Benefit to melee and tanks more so on top of how much better these items in total are for them.

    You have 2 items that remove 2 slot three options with zero ability to then recoup them. But for this situation you seem to have a hard stance of having to give up something for the stats the evolving sets provide. Detriment to casters and priests, as they have to actually give up something to varying degrees, to gain the bonus stats which they end up getting less of a return on anyway.

    To steal a line "this is a kick in the head".
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  14. Cadira Augur


    The idea that someone should have to trade bonus stats for a type 3 slot and lower stats on their charm for the chase gear is asinine and a contradiction. Type 3's being on a non visible item is a standard. The item being a chase evolving item should have no bearing whatsoever on there being a type 3 slot. If it's non visible, it needs a type 3 slot. Why would the "Best in Slot" item of an expansion NOT have all the bells and whistles anyways? Even if you made it so it only appears on level 3 or 4 to start.

    I understand the charm issue being a little more difficult on a coding side of things maybe with no easy fix. However, in this regard I think "progression" charms should have been a thing. Progression charms always gave people who only see a few pieces of raid gear here and there from old and new expansions (open raid attendees, alts in raid guilds, friends of people in raid guilds when stuff is rotting etc) a charm that they could get the max benefit out of (even if it was slightly worse in stats than the "wear your class's armor" charms) even if they had a miss-matched set of gear from several different expansions. Plus, there only being one type of charm requirement is....very, very boring. The Skull of Null was a great idea for new charm types, for example. Having these types of charms would alleviate the desire for chase boots/gloves to affect current charms.

    Most importantly, DBG not profiting off of the amazing invention they made this year called "Evolving Chase Items" befuddles me. When you DON'T put type 3 slots on the two chase items that need them, you cause a few classes to not even want them, which alienates them from putting in the work to progress the items. This causes people of those classes to have less to do while we wait another year for the next expansion and makes groups slimmer picking when people are getting together to go evolve them since fewer classes want them.

    Why would you not want every single person to have a reason to devote mindless hours doing something while we wait for the next expansion? When literally all it would cost is type 3 aug slots?
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  15. Brohg Augur

    not counting for the charm has a knock-on effect of devaluing the Fate's Accumulator augment since it will be nerfed by the charm's down-scaling, is why I suspect its fix is a little more obviously necessary
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  16. Randragon Augur

    It's because a certain Developer has a god complex and it's his way or the highway.
  17. kizant Augur

    Don't listen to them Ngreth. More diversity in items would make the game better. There shouldn't be one obvious best choice all the time. Make people have to do some work to figure out an optimal setup.
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  18. Swiss Elder

    Like the work of evolving these items to level 5? It seems you don't want the items at all but it is a little late for that.
  19. kizant Augur

    I want the extra procs. Both the casting magic and attacker versions for both group and raid. So, I just need 1 level 5 item and a 2nd item of I guess level 3. Any more than that would be extra and not really a big deal.
  20. Cadira Augur

    As to not make people have to choose between 2-3 luck or better stats on their boots/gloves?

    Kinda like having to choose between type 3 slots and better stats on boots/gloves?