Chase (Evolving Loot) part 3, caster shoulders tier 5 evolved to tank shoulders not useable

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ruven_BB, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Sancus Augur

    I think the issue Brohg is referring to is that luck has "buckets" within which its affects are the same, rather than having linear returns. Those buckets are 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc., with 60 being the highest luck currently achievable. Having 40 luck, for example, gives the same benefit of having 49 luck, whereas having 50 luck brings you into a new bucket.

    The Fate's Accumulator charm aug goes up to 10 luck, and that pushes you from the 50-59 bucket to the 60-69 bucket. If charms don't have 5 luck (I believe they max at 4 if you have the evolving items), there's no difference between having 1 luck and 10 luck on that aug. There are 10 slots with luck, which puts you at 49 if your charm has 4. Adding in a Fate's Accumulator with 1 luck puts you at 50, and adding in a Fate's Accumulator with 10 luck puts you at 59. Those values are both within the same bucket, and as such there's no benefit to maxing out your Fate's Accumulator.

    Now personally I think the items should have type 3 slots and charms should have 5 luck with them equipped, but if Ngreth wants there to be a tradeoff that's fine. I do think maxing Fate's Accumulator should do something for people who are using the evolving items, though.
  2. Riou Augur

    It also would cost someone potentially up to 20$ worth of DBC to max that 10 luck Fate aug too, which if charm eats into the stats, it seems pretty bad for the consumer
  3. Yinla Augur

    Just do away with the focus/abilities for slot 3 augs and add it to the AAs or consolidate the Slot 3 augs for each class.

    They have consoludated the AAs why not slot 3 augs.
  4. Brohg Augur

    I plan on spending 1.8M plat on mine, but tom-a-to/pot-ah-to
  5. Riou Augur

    So the equivalent of basically an 18$ Krono :p
  6. Intenso Augur

    warrior level 4 shoulders had 5 luck then evolve to level 5 and 0 luck dont get it? tabard of the guardian
  7. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    RE: Some of the evolves that went the wrong way: "1st world problems" /sigh
  8. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    So glad I still don't have a replacement computer, it seems like the devs still don't give two craps about this busted game...I'll be coming back when I get my new computer but....I'm not looking forward to it. I'll prolly just max my AAs and just raid since this game has nothing worth doing anymore. Evolving items are nice and all but to get the middle finger because the developers enjoy not doing anything is just stupid.
  9. Brohg Augur

    Your negativity is wildly off base. Take your time coming back, have a snickers or something.
  10. Jhenna_BB Augur

    In his defense, everything about the Evolving items is absolutely asinine. Number one on the list is developing "content" around the random number generator - as if farming Greys for Hunter wasn't bad enough. Judicious use of the random number generator is absolutely poor game development and deserves our ire and should be continuously called out. The RNG acquiring the items themselves is bad. The RNG around acquiring all the Augs is ludicrous, both group named and raid trash.

    Come up with something better.
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  11. Monkman Augur

    The type 18’s should have a small chance to drop from mission chests IMO.

    I’m sure some will disagree, but to kinda rehash what Jhenna said, the odds of getting into a group, spawning a named, having said named drop a 18 that you still need, then winning that roll vs 5 other people makes farming these a chore.

    Between the “chase drops” in FF and the type 18’s it’s probably one of the more “selfish” expansions to date

    IE I’m going to box this or that to “up” my chances vs actually group with other people.
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  12. Morthakia Augur

    I’m comfortable with the process. RNG to acquire desired loot is literally the entire history of EQ. Raid mobs don’t drop their whole loot table. Named mobs have “rare” and “common” drops. Anniversary augs / ultra rare attunable raid gear drops from any mob in the entire expansion. This is EXACTLY the way EQ works...
  13. Jhenna_BB Augur

    No. This is very different and not exactly how EQ works. Get out of here with this enabling, sanctimonious crap. 75 runs of fight fire and seeing 6 drops ever is absolute, unadulterated, murder. Hiding 30 or so augments randomly on rares is the definition is absurd. The Devs of this game need to be held to a better standard. Put the items on damn vendor. Developing around this much RNG is lazy, cookie cutter game development. We are far too veteran a player base to put up with this kind of crap development. Our loyalty to this game is not being shone an ounce of appreciation with as many layers of suck being associated with Evolving items. What is a decent expansion other wise would be far better off if these items didn’t even exist, at all. We are literally being punished by the lack of AA’s in this expansion with asinine time sinks around the worst RNG we’ve ever been exposed to. Like it’s our fault the parent company refuses to hire more Devs. We do our part. This player base pays Daybreak way too much money on the average per player to accept poor development such as this. Come up with something better.

    What a complete failure not having boss minis in plane of fire spawn and drop the 18/19 augments. This is Thuliasaur not having a Dinosaur Raid level of failure. Hi, we’re all nerds, dweebs and geeks, remember? Way to not capture any nostalgia at all revisiting the plane of fire. Yes, the RNG EQ runs on is there but we could be farming actual mobs we know have a chance at dropping these augments. No one knows how this works, otherwise. Are augments named specific? Zone specific? The drop tables are so absurd no one could possibly ever know.

    You’ve lost your creativity EQ Devs. And using this much RNG is beneath you. Again, come up with something better EQ Devs. This is sucking all of the fun from EQ.
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  14. kizant Augur

    The type 18s are definitely too rare but the rest doesn't even seem that bad. Some people have had bad luck with fight fire but others have gotten lots of extra drops to give out to people. It's been evening out imo.
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  15. Ecchicon Elder

    I haven’t read 100% of the threads and posts on the various itemization debates and complaints that have come up in response to TLB, but what I have read has really surprised me. Like you say here, RNG has been a basic part of EverQuest and games like it for as long as they’ve been around. I don’t really get why the randomization of one new stat is throwing people into a panic. I somewhat understand their basic complaint, but it was just unexpected to see so many people concerned about how luck(s) (both the concept and new stat) fits into the game.

    In addition, while some of these threads are about legitimate issues, many of the criticisms people are offering are in opposition to the aspects of game design that I find unique and refreshing. For example, this concern over how the chase boots and gloves can negatively impact a charm’s stats. I understand maybe that some people want to aim for optimization of their character’s gear, but I quite like that Ngreth intentionally created this trade-off. In fact, one of the most annoying aspect of EverQuest’s itemization in the past years is that gear choices are so obvious and so many items go largely unwanted. Luck is a small workaround, but in general this has been an issue with EverQuest’s itemization for some time, from a (subjective) design standpoint.

    Charms are a good example. It is often the case that the best charm is the “wear” class-specific (expansion specific, sometimes) visibles. The “complete quests in X expansion” and “stockpile currency from X expansion” charm are inferior, but they are unique in that they require trade-offs of time investment or avoiding using the currency for other gear. It just seems unfortunate that there is less room for a player to make a decision without it being seen as objectively inferior.

    As a result, I enjoy that there is a bit of variety here. It causes players to make more complex decisions than they have in past expansions. When Ngreth comes in here and says that hear design choices were intentional, it actually give me more confidence in the game’s developers. That’s not to say that I don’t disagree with them or that I would make the same choices, but it lets us know that they are working on their vision and not just making arbitrary decisions. Moreover, it’s commendable that Ngreth is willing to have a dialogue about these concerns and he has demonstrated a willingness to make changes to better suit players’ needs and make items more fun. A recent example is with the new warrior weapon itemization. Though dialogue in the TBL beta forums, Ngreth listened to warrior feedback and now the warrior class weapons are far more enticing and useful.

    The only other thing I want to say is in response to TBL being a “selfish” expansion. While I do think there are a lot of players boxing content in order to up their chances of getting the loot they want, I’m not particularly sure that TBL has measurably increased or escalated this behavior. Although there are some examples in TLB where soloing or boxing might increase a players chance of getting what they want, that isn’t exactly a new phenomena and even if there might be a few more instances of this in TBL than in the recent past, it doesn’t mean that the expansion itself is selfish. Actually, I’d argue that the opposite is the case.

    For example, the chase items require hunter achievements, collections, progression, and exploration. All of these (even exploration) are easier and less time consuming to complete with the help from others.

    In addition, the best gear in the game still comes from raids and raids are just about the least selfish thing you can see in a game. EverQuest raids require the largest amount of cooperation that I am aware of in current MMORPGs: a unique quality that dates back to when EverQuest’s designers basically invented the entire concept itself.
  16. ~Mills~ Augur

    People tend to say that once they have already gotten all 4 items or were in guilds when everyone was flipping the mission and adding others for duplicate drops they had.

    Having done this mission 80 times now and still missing 2 of the 4 I am gonna go with most and say the items being this rare and random on top of everything else is a poor choice.
  17. svann Augur

    Seems to me that aside from the group/guild with center Mearatas permacamped, it is extremely difficult to get type 18's. Type 19's are easier than 18's and thats not how it should be.
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  18. kizant Augur

    That's not the case here. Nobody I know flipped missions. We just have a lot of people that do FF regularly and use discord, etc to notify people of drops. I got like 8 drops in 60 tries myself. Not everyone has all 4 yet but then most people don't have all their achievements done and most people still need to do a whole lot of exp to evolve the ones they have. I don't see a bottleneck because of FF.
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  19. Whulfgar Augur

    Opinions.. hah..

    Whats the saying again.. Opinions are like *****'s an elbow's .. an the one in this post I quoted is stinky ..

    Opinion's everyone's got them .. An unfortunately we hear only of the bad one's most times..

    My own opinion is that TBL to include the rare's are thee best setup / design of content I've seen in many years.

    The fact they tied TBL to PoP era anything is a master stroke of genius in my eye's. I love it.

    The thing about the RNG .. you can easily take it entirely out of the equation if you want simply by doing the mission every single time the timer's up. I guarantee .. doing that you will absolutely in 1 month's time frame have all 4 items..

    I've done that now since TBL launch and I now have all 4 items on my main Whulf, and 3 alts for crying out loud ..

    To all those crying about this .. I say stop crying put in the work .. get your reward .. have a coke an a smile sucka ..

    We all do our time .. no reason you should get off simply cause you dislike the way the design is. Do your time get your reward have fun an stop being so negative ..
  20. ~Mills~ Augur

    Thats what I meant by flipped it. Tons of people all killing the 4 mobs and then dropping without a task lockout so they only have a loot lockout. Or at least holding off on task lockout so groups of people can all finish at the same time to add or drop to others instances as needed. So that others can then TA them to come loot should one they need drop in another instance. Thats supposedly going away next patch which could double or even triple the time it takes to get 4 depending on the RNG. Not everyone had 40 like minded people with 2 or more box teams to do this multiple times every 6 hrs that are sharing with their guild making a nightmare into reasonable.

    What you guys did in general was smart and completely legal but most people simply aren't sharing as well, don't have as many like minded people with box setups needed to flip this task 120 times a day and share with their raid force. So lets not pretend doing one instance every 6 hours on your own at this drop rate and randomness is reasonable.

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