Character Rollback + Bans Reinstated?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Aghinem, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. Aghinem Augur

    Greetings -

    Is there any official word we can have on the subject matter? I have received word that a number of people have been hit with a rollback, and even in some cases - bans reinstated through rollback.

    From what I have gathered, if you had TBM through a 3rd party website - you were rolled back to 100 w/ AAs removed with the option to purchase TBM and get it reinstated. If you had a heroic toon w/ TBM - your account was banned.
  2. Jaay Lorekeeper

    Recieved email stating TBM being removed from my account due to "The expansion key that you redeemed to unlock EverQuest: The Broken Mirroron this account was deactivated due to invalid payment. The credit card or other payment method used to originally purchase the key was declined or reversed by the payment processor."

    Im done, another slap in the face from daybreak cause they cant keep their costumers happy,

    Im never ever ever playing anything that has Daybreaks name attached to it ever again.

    Im out.
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  3. TBM removed New Member

    There are people that have had the expansion for months, like one of our guilds enchanters was fully TBM raid geared, finished with the expansion....and max AA, and is now level 100.

    Great solution really, hit everyone even they were gifted or bought it with plat/krono a blanket punishment for their crappy billing system getting exploited
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  4. Vdidar Augur

    At this point the handling of the situation by DBG is just totally laughable.
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  5. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Done poorly. Should have sent an email notice saying, "TBM will be removed from your account in 7 days and any character will lose levels, flags, alternate abilities related to the expansion, please click on LINK to purchase a legitimate copy to maintain your character progress".

    Glad this only affects a 4th and 5th account I hadn't even done much one. Will just wait for next expansion at this point.
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  6. valiantSeven Elder

    Don't worry, Aghinem will be along shortly to resolve everything like he told his guild he did when everyone was banned a few weeks back.
  7. me again New Member

    why in gods name would you subject yourself to this type of customer service?
  8. Aghinem Augur

    Okay this is my general feeling on this.

    I am gravely disappointed in the measures Daybreak took against its customer base once again. I really question the intention of Daybreak right now. What was considered a excellent gesture to restore trust between the customer base and Daybreak a couple weeks ago was completely and unilaterally annihilated today.

    So here are my questions.
    1. Why is there no communication?
    2. Why are customers not properly notified prior to action being taken against their accounts?
    3. Why are the customers not given a chance to provide their proof of purchase to prevent this interruption?
    4. Why provide a false sense of security through the July email that everyone who may have been afflicted by a 3rd party web purchase would be let off with a warning not to purchase from a non-DBG supported website?
    5. What purpose is there to hold accounts hostage that were already paid for, essentially extorting people to pay more money to have an expansion re-released to them?
    6. What purpose is there to alienate your customer base while only a few months away from the next expansion release?
    I hate to say this, but for all intents and purposes - this is consumer fraud. The claim that a payment is invalid or reverse processed is egregious at best because anyone who would have been given a chance can prove through a credit card payment receipt that they indeed made a purchase; it being through Steam or any other website is irrelevant. Those (Steam et al) are the individuals Daybreak should pursue. Not the customers.

    Lets take this a step further because I am really ticked off. In 2013, Gearbox and Sega were faced down with a lawsuit because of what was described as 'loose canon marketing'. In short, the complainants filed the lawsuit because the demo of the actual game did not match what the actual finished product was, and the consumers felt ripped off and cheated. They believed they purchased a product under false advertising.

    Where does that leave us? Since the release of CoTF, many players felt that the product was not living up to the hype that was being promoted by Sony / DBG. Remember the words of $medley? "The next expansion was going to be HUGE!"

    We were left with a small expansion called TDS, and then subsequently a smaller and very broken product called TBM the following year - a product some people paid $130 for!!! This move by Daybreak, especially with the lack of communication with this stealth maneuver is completely outrageous considering what the players have been putting up with and needs to be reversed. If Daybreak lost money through TBM due to purchases outside of the official DBG website, oh well. Suck it up. Stop taking it out on the customers before you really do lose your customer base.

    Whoever Daybreak's legal department is, I suggest seeking council because whoever is coming up with these ideas - it is bad advice. Given the precendent of the Gearbox / Sega lawsuit, I am quite confident there is causation that has been established to pursue a claim - and more than enough ticked off people to sign on.

    I really beg Daybreak to once again, reconsider this action unless it is truly your intent to sunset this game.
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  9. Kikinu New Member

    After the initial ban, I cancelled my accounts. If you're still playing, after their show of how they handle things, no sympathy here. I just laugh at this company. Seems they are happy with the ban hammer, so be it. In my opinion they should have been tracking their CD keys much better, instead of going after the community they should have gone after the person that also stole thousands from players. This company will not last much longer, and I for one, do not care about the welfare of their employees at all, they get what they deserve. Bite the hand that feeds, expect to starve, not say "uh wait what"?
  10. strongbus Augur

    Not to say what daybreak did is a smart move. But care to explain this. What happen here was that a person bought the codes form a Daybreak approved site(steam) and resold them on a non daybreak approved site(playerauction and such). Then went and demanded their money back. Making it so daybreak never got their money for the item. Why can't daybreak demand their item back.

    Its like if I own a rent to own store and rent something to person A then they sell the item to person B while still owning me money for it then stopping making payments on it. Are you saying I can't go after person B to get my item back?
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  11. Donutsz12 Elder

    strongbus this should of been handled weeks ago from the first ban wave. Having them send out an email saying We are unbanning your account your account was issued a warning for it. That is taking action at that point and should of been a case closed issue. Now they are going back to the same accounts and just stripping it because they saw the loses in revenue.

    Thats like saying... Hey Guys here is the new expansion with 8 new zones... months go by... Damn sorry guys 4 zones were suppose to be next expansion we are removing them anyways from you. Even though you bought the expansion at $40.

    I'm sorry to say some of my account that are banned I bought LEGIT kronos and $60 DBG cash with them and now they are gone completely. I have EVERY right to charge back since those items are gone when they removed my account.
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  12. Fnyanea Augur

    Surely it much have been obvious from their end when someone buys 1000s of keys?
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  13. TBM removed New Member

    Actually what they did is illegal in most states, unfortunately you'd have to prove it's more than digital goods however, you'd have to somehow sell a judge in your area on the idea that your time invested that has now been removed is Daybreak's fault. Might work as a class action in a favorable area actually. Conservative/red states really don't like people taking their stuff after they've payed for it, and they'd see daybreak not stopping sales in places like general chat of CD keys in their own game and of their own game as their fault.

    It's like going to a farmers market, they don't inspect every apple individually but if you buy 100 apples there's a 3% chance every apple is bad, so on average every 3 apples you purchased/sell are going to be bad this doesn't mean you get to go to the person after the pie is made and ask for those 3 bad apples back.

    Edit: sorry I guess in a more literal sense it'd be like if you took those 100 TBM flavored apples, made 10 TBM pies, then they decided to remove any pie tainted by bad apples from your house without your permission.
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  14. Dramez New Member

    Pay for the xpac and you character will be restored to 105
  15. strongbus Augur

    so if i am reading your right. If I sell a car to person A who resells it to person B and then cancels the payment to me in someway so that I never got the money and then gets out of town so I can't find him to sue or such. I can't go repo the car form person b cause it be Illegal? OK that sounds nuts as can be. Because I just got ripped off and have no way of getting my lost money back.

    So if daybreak keep this up they could face lawsuits? We live in a strange world lol
  16. TBM removed New Member

    Person B did not steal from you, person A did. Why would you hurt person B?

    This is why courts exist, when people decide things with bias (like Daybreak obviously has) it hurts everyone, including themselves.

    In your case you would sue person A who would pay any damages to both parties, you wouldn't steal the car back from person B and say tough luck pay me what you payed him.
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  17. strongbus Augur

    like i said strange world. where i live if you buy stolen goods(even if you didn't know it was stolen) you have to return them. Which is what I see daybreak doing. Goods where stolen form them. they want them back.
  18. Bigfan Augur

    Thanks daybreak, you managed to break my addiction, no way I'm spending 400 to redo my accounts.
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  19. TBM removed New Member

    Incorrect, possession is 9/10ths of the law for a reason, wherever you live you don't know the justice system very well.
  20. strongbus Augur

    been threw it before. bought something off someone who had been a friend for years. later found out it was stolen. was giving a chose give it back or face jail time. I gave it back. But that was bout 20 years ago so laws may have changed.
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