Can't log in - Servers "up"

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by haaaalp, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. kharmelion Journeyman

    XP potions in /claim would be a nice touch.
  2. OrchardField Journeyman

    Thnx for the update Rox
  3. Nacho Chottal New Member

    Feznik your advice means nothing to me I want Bonus EXP
    I lost a whole day you gonna pay for my All Access?
    I have a AA schedule to keep ok?
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  4. ZoomBox Lorekeeper

    Nobody stopping you from attending AA meetings =)
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  5. Deeplybald New Member

    Awww, my quote from Rox was removed. So without quoting what Rox said, I will repost. They do not have a solution for why the login server is down, and they do not know what is wrong. They do not know when their game will be available to play. They do not want anyone to know their progress or they would have posted it. Just sit back in the dark and wait :) I am sooooooo sorry for you guys who pay for the game, being in the dark about a game that you pay for with your hard earned cash. The least they could do is give you guys an update.
  6. Slackmage Apprentice

    It was in the letter.
  7. Snack Augur

    I yearn for the good ol' days. I miss "ZONE REPOP IMMINENT" and then having Corflunk beating my brains in.
  8. Thraxin Goodbrew New Member

    Its not that we're angry with you DBG... We're just disappointed... which we all know is actually worse...
  9. Corinthus New Member

    Thanks to the team for working hard to fix this. I know it's just as frustrating for you all as it is for us.
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  10. FansyEnthusiast New Member

    Need more FANSY ! PM your A/S/L let's go elope to Oasis ;) Great read wish I had played Sullon back then instead of Rallos grrr..
  11. Vdidar Augur

    At what point do you just revert back to the login being as it was before you messed it up? Some server maintenance this is
  12. FansyEnthusiast New Member

    I think they're bad guys and Fansy called upon his good friends ( PoD, and the lovely Nexus Scion) to teach them a lesson.
  13. Pay to play??? New Member

    I’m not one to complain but this is nuts!! So I’m guessing whenever the monthly patch is we will lose another day?? I’m not a lawyer or anything but it feels like I’m getting robbed maybe I need to talk to one!
  14. Hludwolf Developer

    There was no login update. There was a firmware update (required) that has caused problems.
  15. Vdidar Augur

    Best of luck fixing it. I haven't the slightest idea what any of that means.
  16. Coirnav Augur

    Firewall or Load Balancer?
  17. ntellect Elder

    Look. This game is almost or over 20 years old. I can only imagine the hardware some of this might run on. Sometimes they turn off and die. They never come back on. Then that has to be replaced data restored. validated. tested. It takes TIME. Telling them to "fix" this immediately is naive but more so rude. Obviously something serious or unexpected happened.
  18. Deadhostage New Member

    Dude, it's 2018. Everything is virtualized, even old servers. This is pure negligence or corrupted backups.
  19. Deeplybald New Member

    It means that if you pay for the game, that they took the time you paid for to maintain the server. It's basically unarmed robbery that every paying player put themselves in. Just gotta wait. It's unfortunate. It's my day off, just ended my WoW sub literally yesterday to get back to this game. However, after nearly 20 hours of not being able to play, I intend to keep this game as a free to play game. I won't go back to WoW, but I was hoping that EQ1 was worth paying for, and I have seen that it is absolutely not. Not if this going on. Maybe if this doesn't happen again for the next 6 months, I will think about paying for this game. I suggest all reading this do the same.
  20. Iphrium New Member

    Thank you guys (devs) for working on this!
    Everyone else, I'm sorry your life has been ruined for 1 night.
    Who wants to play some D&D?
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