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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Freki Augur

    in that case Gates of Discord was sold via an AUTHORIZED 3rd party Vendor. same with amazon.

    what you are not getting is that the vendor you buy from has to be AUTHORIZED by DGC (excuse me i realize i was typing the wrong initials my apologies). so in your instance of GoD SOE (at the time sold): SOE would sell boxes to many vendors to sell in their stores, these are legit copies. and you buy them with your money and that store had already bought them from SOE so it's all good, if you reversed the charge, the store would come back to you not SOE. now TBM is sold though steam (or was) and thus DGC has an agreement that X money coming from the sale of TBM goes to them, and Y goes to valve for the service. if you buy from the legitimate vendor there is no real issue. (thus the hey i actually bought it from steam not someone else) you have access to your sales record and can prove it.

    this is something that happened on EBAY. someone put up a sale for a Playstation 3 BOX and someone paid 400 or more for it and got just what the description said... the BOX of a playstation 3. they tried fighting it in ebay (ebay said the sale WAS specific to what he got) and the credit card said well the sale stated what you got, that person lost 400 bucks. in counter to that, someone put up a sale for an xbox 1 on ebay and ended up sending a faded picture of an xbox 1, that person was reported to the feds and the person that won the auction got their money back.

    the point is not that it's virtual or not, the point is these were not bought FROM DGC OR a vendor they authorized. and these people took that risk and this is the result. they had no buyer protection because of it.
  2. Blart Lorekeeper

    Can you show me where in the EULA it states that expansion packs can only be purchased from authorized 3rd party vendors?
  3. Tadbit New Member

    The keys were legit just the person disputed the charges, had they not done that, none of use would be here right now cause DB had their money!
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  4. rotor New Member

    Too bad people can't be banned for being heartless pricks. You know, Steam HAS had exclusive sales. Nobody was trying to cheat anybody. They thought they were on sale.
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  5. Freki Augur

    so you know that without a doubt that this was not a script and they went through and banned all these accounts by hand that fast???? i am more apt to think it's a script that happens, electronic notification comes in of charge back, and then proceeds to do what it's designed to do. this then leaves DGC to make sure each one is legit, especially when people petition for reinstatement.
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  6. Fian Augur

    In my opinion, Daybreak is not the villain here, just incompetent. In a charge back scenario, they did not get paid, even though they provided services to an account. Refusing to provide such services to an unpaid account is within their rights. The villain here is the person who sold the expansion keys, sold it to you for real money, and then canceled the credit transaction. They made money on the deal at your expense and that of Daybreak.

    Daybreak's incompetence is the way they handled the situation. They had a large portion of their customer base that got duped by unscrupulous sellers. Daybreak should have seen it as an opportunity to make money, and keep people relatively happy. This is how they should have handled it:
    • 7 days before ban, email future ban customers that they will be banned due to charge back
    • Provide customers with an opportunity to pay the lost money + bank penalties to restore their account to good standing - customers would still have lost the money they paid the third party, but at least there is a way for them to move forward
    Instead, they just let an automated system ban everyone before a popular weekend, and they lack the support needed to quickly resolve the issue. So instead of leading with a solution, they instead are reacting slowly with a lot of negative press.
    Now some people are saying here that just trading for a bad krono got their account banned. I find that highly unlikely, but if true, Daybreak's position is not defensible. Only the account of the krono purchaser should be banned. Anyone else who bought the krono through Daybreak systems (bazaar) has every reason to expect the krono to be honored. Daybreak encouraged the sale of krono between players in their marketing of krono, so if they do not honor krono sales, they would likely be liable in a lawsuit.
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  7. Freki Augur

    there doesn't have to be such provisions. but in this case if you bought it from someone not authorized by them you run the risk of loosing out. would you buy a porche for 100 bucks on the street without getting the legitimate title to the car? (and one that is in great condition and runs and has an immaculate paint job) What would you say if the cops show up and tell you that the car is stolen, and we must take it and now you are out 100 bucks and no car because you didn't think about the title and the people that sold your car probably already blew it. and you won't get that money back and perhaps are now a suspect in the car's theft.

    i'm done trying to show you where it's not allowed by the terms they put forward.... i've got a life to live and it's time i got back to it. moral of the story is BUYER BEWARE! make sure you have protection when you buy something so this doesn't happen to you!
  8. Joules_Bianchi Augur

  9. Freki Augur

    though i agree, i also can see that telling people 7 days before could be bad, they are trying to stop other problems before it happens. and it happened late at night... right near closing time in general... well how many of us look at the clock at 4:50 and know we get off at 10 minutes, you go find something to do for that 10 minutes so you can't get roped into something that takes you past that time frame?! many of us do.
  10. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    + 1,000,000
  11. DeadWizzy New Member

    Bright side:

    Forum accounts/posting have boosted numbers now.
  12. rotor New Member

    There was no time pressure to sort this out. They could have taken their time, sent out emails. What do you wanna' bet that DBG won't punish their employee who messed up the exchange rates to Rupiah?
  13. Evilkitty New Member

    I wouldn't argue rebuying an Expac that i bought off ebay, but hell how in the world could you ever tell if a Krono was illegitimate if you buy it for plat?
  14. RabbleBabble New Member

    People keep saying this is like buying a stolen car, it is not, see I got a title for the car, I got a Gift Code in trade in game for Kronos. I paid fair market value for the Car (Key code) so I had every expectation that it was legit and real. I even had the legit key code to prove it! I redeemed it in good faith and was banned.

    At no point did I try to steal a car (keycode) or pay less then it was worth, I traded in game krono for in game game key. I have no idea where the person got the key from, how would I? Why would I ask and how would I know if he told the truth when I did ask.

    so if TBM is the Car then the key code is the Title to that car and I got that and it was legit when I redeemed it months ago! I have taken good care of my car and even spent a few hundred bucks to DBG on neat stuff for that car, but hey if they say it was a chargeback then I guess I need to call my bank and get all the hundreds of dollars I spent in the market on the account back. I bought a lot of prize lon packs! But if it was on a fraudulent account then I need to get my money back as well!
  15. Freki Augur

    I agree and this is why i will not deal in krono, UNLESS I buy it or get it from DGC directly then trade it for an item or plat that's it... no codes no expansions for it.
  16. formercustomer New Member

    Still no real response from DBG and no updates on my non-existent "Customer Service" ticket. I guess my only real option is to perform an actual chargeback on all of my subscriptions and DB cash purchases for as far back as Amex allows.
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  17. Freki Augur

    so you did that, did you get a receipt that said you purchased it and where the code came from? the point here is that you could not know what someone else was going to do with that code because it's from someone other than an authorized vendor. sure with the idea of getting a title.... someone steals a car, then sells it for 100, and signs over the "title" what would you do when you find that title is counterfeit? and now people are looking at you as if you stole the car, but did you get a receipt from the people that says you paid them for it? they can say they never saw this before... it's accountability. I feel for those affected, but they decided to go after something that was too good to be true and turned out not to be.
  18. Freki Augur

    and risk legal action from american express and the federal government for fraud which will bring DGC back into your life. go ahead and ask amex what happenes if the chargeback is done for valid and authorized transactions? (and DGC can prove they were authorized as your ip can be tied to the account, and account activity during the time, thus you recieved discounts in their store, your internet connection was used to access things. and then you'll be in deeper than this.

    Go ahead do it... find out what happens to people who commit fraud when they can be caught.
  19. Evilkitty New Member

    DBG ought to get rid of their code system outside of purchased DBG cash from a retailer or Beta/Alpha keys for their games.
  20. FVnecro New Member

    wow 21 pages now, it seems this is bigger then I first thought.
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