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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Draazen New Member

    Instead of talking on the forums people who had 1 of multiple accounts affected or who have lost friends to this ban etc should go and cancel their subscription right now to send a message to DBG. Money is their concern so hit them where it hurts, give them the proper motivation to make things right. PS. All my accounts are still operational.
  2. Kajira New Member

    Discontinue all payments:OK
    Chargeback this Month:Maybe but probably not OK if you've played 1 minute.
    Chargeback for previous months:Fraud!!!

    Lots of overreaction here with people getting emotional and saying they are going to essentially do what the seller of the code did in reverse. I feel bad that people are holding the bag for key codes that have not been paid for but trying to charge back a valid transaction is not the way to go.
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  3. DeadWizzy New Member

    Alla is almost dead
    Almar's got hit
    EQResource - anyone know if the guy who runs it is banned?

    If so lol. Daybreak killed all their outside game fansites in one swoop.
  4. Ecure New Member

    I would really like to see more information about the Steam pricing of DBG games in Rupiah. Ie 16000 Rupiah TBM expansion which would be $1.22 at the current exchange rates.

    If someone used the mispricing of these games and sold the obtained keys on the cheap to others then the onus is on DBG to fix this by contacting players not banning them.

    For all effective purposes those keys would be legitimate then.

    Do the right thing DBG and communicate to us about the issue at least!

    I have a lot of sympathy for DBG if they got hit by Credit Card fraud, even if they handled it incompetently.

    I have zero sympathy if they or their Steam partner tried to use region lock pricing and then ban end users of those keys.
  5. Ieaien New Member

    Your reasoning of it being counterfeit is flawed. The codes in question were bought legitimately at a reduced price due to exchange rates or whatever, and the others who used them or purchased them and used them, were given access to the content provided by the legitimate codes. If they were counterfeit, wouldn't you think that Daybreak would have something in place to notice this on the spot when the code is entered? I am sure they do, because if you mistype a code, it tells you that it is not valid. However, the codes in question apparently DID work, so therefore they were legitimate at the time they were used.
  6. Gilad Journeyman

    I really hope that Daybreak just reverses the bans. I honestly feel bad for their employees if they don't. They'd be working 4th of July weekend going by case by case doing something that will likely put them out of a job within the next year.
  7. Blart Lorekeeper

    I believe at least one of the EQResource guys was banned.
    edit: I was wrong! Thank goodness
  8. Gilad Journeyman

    Where are you guys seeing this info?
  9. Rorce Augur

    No one banned on our side.
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  10. Blart Lorekeeper

    Rumor on third party sites is that they discussed it & will not reverse the bans, except on an account-by-account basis after proof of ownership.
  11. Ruven_BB Augur

    Ok taken from DBG's site:

    Game card FAQ

    Monday at 22:18

    Any form of CD Key, Gift Card, Time Card, Expansion, Game Points, Pre-paid Card, Trial/Beta/Item Code viewed or redeemed on your account is neither refundable, exchangeable nor transferable.
    Please use extreme caution when logging into your account as the redeem function is permanent.
    Add a Key to an Account:
    1. Go to Hover the mouse over Enter Activation Code, and then click to sign in.
    2. Log in with your Daybreak Username and Password.
    3. After logging in, enter the code or key in the text box, and click "GO!"
    4. You will be prompted to set up a All Access Membership plan with a credit card, so follow the steps on the screen. If you Key came with free Game Time, then your free time will start immediately. You will be charged automatically when it expires. If you have an existing account, then you won't be charged until the end of your current All Access Membership plan.
    Congratulations! You just added the key to your Daybreak Account, and you should see the list of features that the key gives you.
    Keys for Free-to-Play Games:
    After purchasing or recieving a key or code to a game, you can redeem it by following the above instructions.
    If you Receive an Error Message:
    • Have you already tried to add the code previously and did not see a confirmation message? Then the code was added to your account and you just have to sign in again to see the features.
    • Did you mistype the code? Try typing in the code again.
    • Did you type it incorrectly too many times? Contact Customer Support
    • Did you get this code from someone else? There is a possibility that your code was pre-owned and there will be very little that we can do to help recover it. A code can only be used once and it will be locked to the account. You will need to return the code to whomever you received it from and request a valid code.
    • Did you purchase the game as brand new? Please return the game to the vendor you purchased from for an exchange. They will need to provide you with a valid, unused key.
    The vendor may have other return policies that restrict your ability to return purchased keys. Be advised, we cannot assist with previously owned keys that have been used.
    If you Bought the Key Digitally Through Daybreak Games:
    When you buy a digital download version of anything from us, the key is automatically added to your account. The station name that you are logged into when you make the purchase is flagged with the purchase.

    Notice the "Did you get this code from someone else?", why are they giving instructions on that situation if its banned from the EULA?

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  12. Warpeace Augur

    So any chance we can get some discounted TBM keys directly from Daybreak this weekend I have some accounts that would love an upgrade
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  13. Draazen New Member

    Do you have a link to this?
  14. DeadWizzy New Member

    The rumor is that all bought keys were legit. Something to do with steam and swapping regions I guess? Or maybe some guy stole a CC, who knows.
  15. Gilad Journeyman

  16. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    only trouble with that philosophy is...

    If you do chargebacks, then you'll be sorely sad tomorrow or whenever they resolve all this as then you WILL be banned.

    Personally, I'd suggest, if you are a legitimate victim in this, follow RadarX's posts and file your ticket(s) Print screen them for your own records and wait a bit, see what happens. You have specific recourse and time is definitely on your side.

    How did so many people make it past Velious and Kunark rollouts when the servers were offline for days at a time? Were gamers just more patient then?

    and for the record

    Names like formercustomer on a new account..

    If I were a dev/CSR I'd be ALL over helping that, eh? You're leading by stating it's a lost cause already. Hardly inspiring.

    Not many customer service people in any industry would respond well to that as it's a passive aggressive threat of sorts.. The I'm taking my ball and going home kinda thing. If I were wading through 3,000 tickets that one might not be first on my list of people to help.

    Nothing personal at you, by any means, but real is real.

    Not all of my personal reviews of Daybreak have been "glowing" either, in fact my whole family left the game for a bit over their business choices over Phinny and XP pots / short unlocks to power sell XP pots, but all the drama and vitriol in this thread, the petulance, the namecalling, the personal attacks is shall we say..

    anything but constructive?
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  17. Aghinem Augur

    To everyone who has been afflicted by this:

    I suggest you make a new account and file a petition through - as most of these are being treated as charge backs; so by that definition, you can get your account recovered if you pay whatever DBG suggests you owe for whatever service you acquired through one of the 3rd party websites. If this was a gift, you will sadly still need to cover that cost. Also, because there are so many people who have been banned, you may be looking at a longer response time on the tickets.

    If it was a ban based on a krono purchase due to the original buyer charging back the account after the purchase, and you simply made a in-game purchase with plat - you will need to explain that in detail to CSR so they can work with you.

    Right, wrong, or indifferent - this is the only thing I can recommend if you don't want to wait for an official response from DBG, as it may be your only hope right now to get some of your accounts back.
  18. Ghubuk Augur

    Unfortunately, it also stated that you would need to go back to whomever you received the code to get a valid one. In this instance, it appears that the codes purchased were for use in an area not the same as the area the redeemer was in. This is pbly similar to when people bypass regional rules to watch NETFLIX titles they are not entitled to.

    That being said, I really do hope that DBG finds a way to fix this as it has hit so many people. A large majority are likely fairly innocent and only thought they were getting a good deal.
  19. rotor New Member

    Yours does not sound like the others. There's prob. an issue with your charge card- perhaps someone mis-copied the expiration date.
  20. dchap0808 New Member

    Ticket opened 18 hours ago. No response. Tried to call and got a security desk and a canned answer "submit a ticket, bye now"

    No matter what happens, DBG is going to take a hit because of this.

    Players remained banned? Most wont return. On to new games.
    Players account reinstated, with penalty of some kind? Some may return, but some wont regardless
    Players account reinstated with no penalty? Still going to lose accounts because of this.

    Really poor way to handle this DBG...People who did nothing wrong were caught in the crossfire here and on top of that, the night before a 3 day weekend? Seriously...If EQ wasn't on it's way out, it sure will be now. Nostalgia only goes so far when people lose years and years of their time.

    Make people pay full price for the keys for reinstatement. Lessons will be learned, no doubt there, but on DBG side, you may want to check your own system if something like this happens so easily.
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