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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Blart Lorekeeper

    No, they don't. Expansion packs are traditionally a physical item you buy in stores. That's why you can get them on Amazon, eBay, Steam, etc. whereas you cannot buy plat.
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  2. yepmetoo Augur

    I will say it is kind of mean for them to follow this up with emails to banned accounts touting 40% off marketplace and 76% bonus exp for this weekend, lol!

    I am hoping they give some way to rectify accounts to good standing by Monday. If they don't, and just leave them banned permanently, they will be hastening financial losses and they deserve what they get. The last few years I've only stayed out of guild loyalty, so no way out of this is a good reason to hang up my virtual sword and spend my limited free time doing other things.

    I don't see any reason for people to get so angry about this thing though. It was obviously automated, even if it turns out they feel it is justified.
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  3. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    Specifically what?

    Please, show me directly what you are so "amazed" at.

    All I've said regarding this is:

    If you deal with 3rd party webs wtf do you expect?

    All I asked was:

    Did you buy from DBG directly?
    If not, then talk to whomever you bought it / recieved it from.

    Likewise, if you look to get over on the system by circumventing things.

    I've never dealt with 3rd party <anything> and unsurprisingly have never had such issues.

    like what part of

    I meant the folks threatening to leave forever, etc.. (who are already banned), the Me and my umpteen friends and accounts are quitting type pressure on DBG, threats of chargebacks, hitting up the BBB etc.. all are passive aggressive threats. Not of direct violence, but yes, threats." is incorrect?

    Should DBG honor illegal or otherwise illegitimate transactions?

    Screw the honest players who have never even visited Playerauctions, much less believed I could get a 40 dollar xpack for 5 bucks?

    /StanMarsh voice

  4. Blart Lorekeeper

    We're all happy you're here to tell us of your moral superiority.

    Meanwhile, thousands of players were banned without breaking a single written rule. You're defending this action? That's a pretty skeezy thing to spend hours of your day loudly supporting, for someone of such high moral character.
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  5. Kennebell New Member

    Daybreak has authorized distributors as well, such as steam (owned by Valve). Interpreting the above to construe you can only use an expansion purchased from Daybreak games is totally nullified by the fact that Daybreak games at their sole discretion provides and maintains an avenue for expansion codes to be entered into their website and credited to the account owner. Virtual items applies to intangibles such as items, mounts, LON cards. The expansion (for which up until very recently you could buy a box set equivalent) would not fall under that. If so then it would imply you own the expansion you buy, you don't own it, you purchase a license for it's use.

    When you purchase the expansion from daybreak it is automatically applied to the account, you do not have to apply any code to the account. Ergo, Daybreak acknowledges and provides a means for products to be sold by other methods than directly from the Daybreak storefront. Within that agreement they also understand Steam uses distribution and payment methods other than their own, and likely had to agree to that prior to being allowed to put their products on the steam marketplace.
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  6. Freki Augur

    THE EULA is something you agree to when you create an account and anytime you reload eq or first access an account on a computer. DBC is a company in business to make money not to provide someone else the money that is rightfully theirs. if you go to (NOT A REAL SITE that i know of) and buy something there DBC probably receives nothing of this purchase.
  7. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    Finally something sensible.

    I said it like 2 hours ago.

    If you are a legitimate victim in this, you have recourse. I believe RadarX addressed how specifically in mutiple threads on the topic.

    If you don't fit into that category, please, by all means, continue pursuing it HERE and ignore RadarX.

    Seems pretty clear to me.

  8. JPWII New Member

    I have never done a chargeback for anything ever.

    But I am about to ...

    I have 10 accounts that were banned and 10 that weren't.

    I am not going to fool with this ridiculous nonsense until after the Fourth of July.

    But Tuesday morning I'll be at my local back requesting a chargeback on every payment possible that I have ever made to daybreak games.

    After doing so I will BAN everquest from my world and remove it's software from all my computers

    Have a nice weekend ....
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  9. Ieaien New Member

    Sure, Radarx did address it, but when you are going on 9 hours without any response through those means, it tends to make people a bit irate.
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  10. Gilad Journeyman

    I'm currently sitting at 17 hours myself with no response to my tickets.
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  11. yepmetoo Augur

    It takes 2 days to get a response during normal weeks for normal minor game play issues. I would wager that the vast majority of tickets filed last night to today will NOT be answered within 72 hours (and then will automatically close unless the petitioner adds something to it) for inactivity (another horrible CS thing they have, they take too long to get back to you then they automatically close the ticket).

    Then a whole different wave of angst from people comes forth.

    I will say, reading this thread is the most fun I've had with regard to everquest for awhile =P
  12. Freki Augur

    not anymore, there are not physical copies with TBM. just virtual items. and yes it covers it if the person that bought the code originially then gives it to you for in game items then goes and cancels/charges back the purchase, since the card used for the charge back takes back the money and you used the code you are assumed to be the one purchasing the content. so the company (DBC) bans your account, then you tell them what happened and show that you are not the same, you now have to make good on the account purchase in some way (if they can do that) or deal with the ban because you got something in a way that can not protect you if another person does something. the term buyer beware is tantamount to this!!!!

    also if someone in the united states buys something using an illicit way to indicate they are in the russian federation, then well that's making the transaction under illegal pretense and it is a federal offense to do so. as now you are lying as to where you are from.
  13. Blart Lorekeeper

    Nowhere in the EULA or TOS does it restrict where players can purchase expansion packs.

    If I buy expansion packs off Steam, or Amazon, or from a guy in-game for 4 Krono, I am not breaking a rule.

    There is literally no rule for yesterday's mass banning .
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  14. Freki Augur

    YES it does. as the expansion itself (not the physical items) is a virtual item #10 says "****The sale or exchange of accounts, Virtual Items, Virtual Currency, Krono and/or in-game currency for real world money or monetary value is prohibited, except when purchased from Daybreak or otherwise expressly permitted by Daybreak in its sole and absolute discretion.****" you got a virtual code or a code for virtual items (expansion) from someone other than DBC or their authorized vendor (or from that authorized vendor under false pretenses by being somewhere other than in the russian federation (as this is what is being tired to be used to say hey, i got it legitamitely!!!!) when you are not in the russian federation. and thus they can take action under this part of the EULA. look at the eula here: (yes it is also a terms of service)
  15. rotor New Member

    Phone support has been gone for years.
  16. Ieaien New Member

    Contacting them by phone, gets a response of you have to go through the online ticket method. They also told me that there would be people on-site over the weekend to look them over, but that we have to be patient. Seems some higher-ups typed up a script for the person answering the phones to read to anybody calling in. The customer service capabilities have greatly diminished since SOE sold out to this company.
  17. Blart Lorekeeper

    If expansion packs were considered virtual items, then you'd be breaking a rule by purchasing them from Amazon or eBay or Steam. If I go to Gamestop and buy that old copy of GoD, by your logic, I should be banned.

    An example of a virtual item is plat. You cannot buy plat on Amazon, as it's clearly against the rules.
  18. Vatra New Member

    Forum lawyering aside. That's not what the accounts were banned for.

    The debate about TBM xpac codes being a virtual item is probably worthy of going to an actual lawyer, and rolled into some crazy class action lawsuit

  19. Vdidar Augur

    The sad thing is that by the time anything is actually resolved most people will have given up and walked away. DBG doesn't have the capacity of the drive to deal with something like this.
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  20. Joules_Bianchi Augur

    I fell for that.. I can imagine they are BURIED in them and can also imagine they are themselves trying to sort out all the ins and outs of this themselves. They would have to first develop information on it, then develop a plan of action before actually being able to implement it.

    I also can NOT imagine ANY developer stepping outside stated policy and addressing account concerns on the forum. Perhaps a bit of patience is in order. This is as much of a fiasco to DBG as it is to you. I don't imagine this is what THEY expected this fine fine morning either, eh?

    and fairly.. They weren't anywhere near their offices until 8 AM pacific.

    From what I've read, this may have to do with a foreign market and via a 3rd party vendor.. I'd wager wading through all that takes time as well and may taverse time zones, lunchtimes etc.

    If your cable tv was out this long would you chargeback that too?

    It's a game for cryin' out loud.
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