Can we please stop the RMT!!!!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Eniner, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. Mowens Elder

    I'm still having a great time. I hate to be that guy, but all I can say to you and "Eniner" is:

    Quit complaining about people who have more time to invest and have a better grasp on the game. I see so much anti-boxing sentiment on these forums, so go play on a truebox server....I mean honestly. What is wrong with boxing? There is far less automation on a truebox server ,if any at all. For me, I would never play this game if I could only play 1 account. There is not enough to do and it gets boring quick. When you add in multiple classes it gets more interesting, when you are doing the tanking, the slowing, and the dps / heals its a bit more fun. To each his own
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  2. Accipiter Augur

    Why? That's where the fun is. All this drama? You can totally avoid it if you want to. If you don't want to, then that's your brand of fun.
  3. Hdizzle Augur

    The passive aggressive anti boxing campaign that emerges here from time to time (most frequently prior to a new tlp) is lame. It's hidden below the RMT and Krono bashing. I only three box, games boring one toon at a time and frankly in a large majority of situations, I am far more efficient with my time boxing half of a pug group than playing 1/6th of a pug group. Really unless I'm with guildies i'm boxing and adding in random peeps if I need it.

    Back on topic:

    I was intrigued by the repeating of the phrase "Paying their bills off EQ". I was bored before work so I googled Buy EQ accounts. I thought maybe I been doing it wrong this whole time! I saw two sites that were still current and selling accounts beyond a mere few hundred dollars. And I had to do some digging. R*dguides does not initially appear, but even there we're talking numbers below a few hundred.

    The most expensive accounts for sale, and it isn't close, are for raid ready live accounts. If you do not believe that statement, open up another browser and google it. TLP sellers are mainly selling krono.

    No doubt people probably use their EQ hobby as a way to supplement income. I really have a hard time, based on the pricing on websites visited via google, people are "Paying their bills off EQ".
  4. Ghubuk Augur

    I don't think it is so much people boxing that gets players up in arms. It's those that are botting using 3rd party software to automate play.
  5. Eniner Augur

    This is the exact thing im speaking of in original post and so on just people increased and added words along the way it was drawn away from what it was about.
    Some these boxers and account sellers pl these toons up just to sell them takes them a day or so at most to max the lvl get a easy 200 with a army. On tlp accounts sell like crazy and have been since launch of rage and lockjaw. 200 per account is a lot if you add up someone selling say 10 - 15 characters a month by automating their play. So to level a bran new character is nothing to some of these people as it does it for them so essential -2 is paying their bills or their free time spending with a program.

    I have never once said anything about krono other then what item went for on tlp with kronos. I do not want krono removed from the game but maybe add caps to them to where cant hold but so many or traded but so many times with a count down trade timer. Many things could be coded in to prevent it from happening as much. It would never be stopped but it could be put under control.
  6. Eniner Augur

    I have said this about 3 or 5 times now i again have zero issues with boxers in this game on any server. It is when they are lazy and make a program play their toons for them to gain ahead. If you can legitly play 15 toons with is_boxer by all means go for it. But the automated programs that play these toons for them is my issue. You can play 500 characters i wont care if you legitly play them again this is about programs that once use to have serious blow if found using. Yes they ban people if caught using it but people are smart will leave game before someone gets to them or as watching them etc turn it off go afk etc auto boot them self from game to hide fact they use it. Set up a code to detect like their use to be with the silent emote that went out and end it. Play legit or play wow.
  7. RadarX Augur

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