Can we please stop the RMT!!!!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Eniner, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. MaestroM Augur

    Of course.
  2. MaestroM Augur

    This has been my biggest hope. I want to go through all of the steps of doing my epic myself, fathering than being forced to pay someone else if I ever want to see it.
  3. Ryder Lorekeeper

    Or join a guild and kill dragons.

    On Ragefire Plane of Sky was never rotated, so getting your wingblade would have been easy as going there, and they rotted all day everyday.

    Red scales could have been gotten while the enforced rotations were happening. So the only actual item you may have needed to buy was a greenscale and after guilds got into VP those were a dime a dozen.

    You gave up without even trying actually.

    Warrior epic was super super casual to get. Enchanter epics, Shadow Knight epic? Those were hard.
  4. Hdizzle Augur

    Correct. Reason 76 new players dislike Krono moving to fresh servers. They're only $19.00 or something, even cheaper if you go 3rd party.

    The reason this doesn't completely make sense is if a player has 1000 krono when Agnarr launches, they aren't all for sale unless he sells them. Its not like a store ordered in an extra pallet of Krono and now they are all gonna sell marked down to move it. The savy krono hoarder will maybe sell a handful or more likely trade them, and hold on to them until the value rises. Or even sell them back and forth to their boxes at incrementally increasing prices to "drive up the value". Oh wait, nvm, no one does that :p

    You're 100% correct about eliminating krono just means items/plat sell for cash instead of cash OR krono.
  5. Strawberry Augur

    I think the difference between chinese plat farmers back then and krono farmers from the US right that the later affect the game way more.

    Chinese farmers farmed when everyone else was asleep. They were not agressive. They didn't have large box teams either. And we had a policy in place against training back then, ie. you got banned for training.

    But krono farmers play when everyone else does, they are extremely agressive, they box large groups of characters, they train others and don't care. And on TLP classic servers where everything is dropable, they are making easy money.
  6. Vizula-Emarr Elder

    At what point in eq has any of those camps not been perma lockdown? This didnt just magically change because of boxing.
  7. Ryder Lorekeeper

    RMT has always been around.

    You think it's worse now, because it's not hidden in the shadows due to Krono.

    Ignorance really is bliss.
  8. beepbeeptorv New Member

    Getting rid of boxing is easy. Remove the /follow command. Without that, you are severely handicapped. You can still "Truebox", but the box armies would have a hell of a time.
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  9. Ryder Lorekeeper

    slash stick
  10. Galleyan Augur

    +1. Getting rid of /follow *ONLY* stops the casual boxers. (Many of) The professional ones wouldn't be phased.
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  11. Kanuvan Elder

    ragefire is a dead server, why would anyone except the market to not fail?
  12. DariyaVika Augur

    On Phinny it largely hasn't been an issue, so I would imagine it won't be on Agnarr either.
  13. DariyaVika Augur

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the part where I thought most of the guilds in the enforced rotations were full of people that I didn't really feel like sharing chat space with. I was in a guild that was doing plane of sky, although I don't even remember their name now since it's been well over a year since I played on Ragefire. I had my wingblade from sky at level 51. At the time I quit, people were charging 20-25 krono per red scale, and Phinigel had just been announced. Since most of the people I talked to that boxed 1-2 toons were leaving Ragefire, I decided that there was little point in continuing to put effort into a server that would soon look like a live server, with everyone playing by themselves with their box group.
  14. Ryder Lorekeeper

    So you chose to not join a guild that could kill the dragons. Then chose to quit yet blame farmers for you not getting an epic? Look I'm all for making epics obtainable but, the warrior epic is hardly difficult.
  15. Eniner Augur

    Did you actually play a warrior in this era or talking out your tail? Those of us who was not in that crowd never had a chance at a warrior epic without paying loads of cash. I played a warrior was even in a raid guild and still couldnt obtain my red dragon scale. not untill velious hit did i actually have a chance at my scale and obtained it with the guild. Before that it was on lock down by krono farmers so do not even say the epics was easy to obtain if you did not go through the struggle of having to try farm one on your own. You may stick up for these macro using boxers all you wish but us true players know the struggle as we lived through it and still do. Open your eyes.
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  16. Eniner Augur

    The point of this post is not to single out ragefire it self but all servers. Let's make everquest back in the day RMT was a huge no no instant ban yet today its widely known and used for pleasure its time for a change. Time to restructure the game and the games meaning. I volunteered to this company in the guide program for many years because of my passion i have for this game i never asked for anything in return because i loved what i did. I loved the players i loved the atmosphere the lore stories etc. At what point will daybreak open their eyes to see they do not have to actually keep creating prog servers to bring in players and revenue but actually just fix the broken servers to what they once was.
  17. Sinzz-Wickedley Lorekeeper

    ok here is deal with ragefire, the krono are inflated because no one is selling, its become a sellers market.
    Box crews will die down due to fact they can no longer support said box crews off in- game bought krono, so slowly the box situation will take care if itself,

    now on agnarr, I feel for anyone who plays there, because asIi have heard from multiple people, they will farm krono like mad on that server till its drained. so all the cool places you wanna farm to make krono , there is a good chance someone else will be there .. agnarr will become new cesspool for a few months at minimum ... have fun :)
  18. MaestroM Augur

    Krono Farmer: Cloak of Flames 10 Krono PST
    Me: Hey guild, wanna go kill Naggy?
    Guild: Sure.
    *guild kills Naggy and gets a Cloak of Flames*
    Krono Farmer: Cloak of Flames 1 Krono PST
  19. MaestroM Augur

  20. Eniner Augur

    The only reason i feel and believe that its worse now then ever before is because before they was handled and dealt with pretty quickly and eliminated. Problem here is team resources do not have enough people to devote to said problems. Maybe daybreak could recruit a fraud prevention team to try and get a grasp on this matter in a quickly manor. Again i am not bashing anyone or the company as they do awesome work with what they have far more then i can say for any other game with more then double the staff. Just seems this was put on a back burner and its impacting game and game play for many players here.
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