Can we please stop the RMT!!!!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Eniner, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. Eniner Augur

    Ok daybreak it is now 2017 and your rmt issues are worse then ever before. Us normal players are unable to afford current markets. You have certain players on prog servers working together spiking prices of krono and its effecting all the prog servers. When normal players are unable to obtain krono without boxing 20 toons or more its got to end daybreak. What makes this worse is the items worth farming to sell are being hogged at all times and stoping the normals from being able to even farm items to sell to buy these krono. 3 players on ragefire worked together to spike krono prices from 40k to 80k over night! So with that being said i for 6 days now have been trying to camp various items yet everything is taken perma with macro players afk. When will the guides of ragefire phin etc do their jobs and catch players? Why is it p99 can eliminate all boxers all users and even have programs in place to block these programs but this near 18 year old game allows it? It is getting old its time for something to be done. I am all for boxing with [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] the correct way but not these auto players that daybreak doesnt seem to care about either as for 17 years now they still get away with it. Can we please turn our once fun loving friends meeting game into the game it once was? Instead of allowing people to pay their bills off the game?
    With p99 they monitor all the 3rd party sites that sell eq stuff and are able to match lots of the for sales characters with the post add why doesnt daybreak do this? Why not put your foot in the door and say enough is enough monitor all these sites put 2 and 2 together you see a 60 shaman for sale on site with 100 aa then you find all 60 shaman with 100 aa and gear descriptions and boom you got a winner. It really is not hard just effort. For players sake please consider this as i want the game to grow and prosper as it once did not have the reputation of a RMT frenzy because nothing is done. I understand the guides who are supposed to monitor this are volunteers i did it myself many many many years but with the amount of guides assigned to one single server there shouldnt be many reasons why they cant go hide mode and just monitor boxers.
  2. sifonin Augur

  3. Thewiz Augur

    A fully automated box team is easy to stop.
  4. Eniner Augur

    Easy to stop yes but yet here they are still doing it.
  5. Eniner Augur

    Heck ill be willing to Rejoin the guide program just to monitor these servers for macro users the correct way and with results!
  6. Dandy Augur

    Getting angry about it is a waste of energy.

    I would know. I deleted years worth of youtube videos out of anger about this stuff. Oops.

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  7. Eniner Augur

    Oh im not by any means angry just disgusted with how its handled. When in a general chat on a live server someone asks about prog and nearly all can comment saying dont go to phin unless your rich its a pay to be best server. Or ragefire pay to be best with 20 boxers poop socking mobs and raids. Some guilds on ragefire will bring their mains to raids with their box crews in diff raid doubling a force. Again i have zero issues with boxing its when these toons all engage at same exact times cast at same times make same exact movements showing me its a macro played toon. If it this obvious to us players how is it not to guides or gm's? With the ability to hide and port to any person / zone in the game a guide could easily catch everyone doing this in a single day without ever being detected making video recordings to send to daybreak higher ups. New coming players should not fear coming to a prog server because the possibility of not being able to make it to end game is there.
  8. Ghubuk Augur

    It's as big a problem on the live servers as well. This issue I see is that it eventually is going to drive off all the non cheaters and once they are gone, the base of players for the cheaters to sell to will quickly dry up and then that will be the end of the game. It's sad really because eq really is a fun game in my opinion.
  9. Eniner Augur

    All im, asking is to ask the guides to actually look for this stuff like they are here to do. The prog servers are not that big and 1 single guide can easily monitor a lot in a single session. They do not run weekly quest nor do i ever even see any log in hardly at all as is. Why are they here if not doing what they supposed to?
  10. Eniner Augur

    From a post made by Rosh.

    Hello all,

    Guides are available on Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel, to answer player questions and support our team as we investigate cheating, botting, and forms of harassment (such as spam, inappropriate player/guild names, and players training other players).

    You can contact a guide on these servers by using /guidehelp

    If you have any questions about what behavior is appropriate in-game, check out our Rules of Conduct here.

    Special Note: Guides aren’t Daybreak employees and can’t assist with spawning NPCs or replacing lost items.

    Do us a favor and give our volunteer guides a warm welcome when they are on server! Remember that these guides are here to help!

    Now lets hold them to this or recruit the ones who will! Because believe it or not as easy as it is to join the program i would not doubt some of your big boxers are indeed guides being fed info or purposely not scouting for these typs.
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Guides have not been in the business of Customer Support/Service or trying to catch cheaters in a long time. Their main purpose is to run quests and RP with the servers they work on.
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  12. Eniner Augur

    Actually for prog servers their sole purpose is to answer questions and monitor trainers and boxers and macro users and report findings. I was in the program i know not to mention rosh even made a post to support this claim. Though i did not work on prog servers i worked on live servers i still knew protocol for those servers. There is no designed quests for prog servers nor are there any guide given rewards that would meet requirments of prog. The illusions add stats etc so never would be able to be handed out and nearly all the orns are out of era also as mobs with the actual wep or shield illusions are not even in the time line yet. So running quests on prog is out of the question till pop or higher imo.
  13. Mowens Elder

    Hey bud, Phinigel came out in 2015. You might want to try that, it's called a truebox server and you don't have to deal with box really astounds me that you complain about Ragefire, that server was 100% dead until Luclin came out then it went up to MEDIUM population, even then it has hardly half the population of phinny if that. Just make the switch, Ragefire isn't for you.
  14. Eniner Augur

    Actually i have seen many of boxing on phin its not hard just need to be computer savy. Though there is a no box code same as p99 with its altered methods there are still back doors that many have found. I myself have seen people on phin boxing 15 toons all moving same times etc telling me is-boxer is operating them or macro. I can understand someone boxing on 15 different computers at once but not able to actually move said toons and cast on them and melee on them all at very same time not even any gaps.
  15. MaestroM Augur

    I hope you reported it.
  16. Eniner Augur

    I personally tested this no box code on test and with in 5 mins of server being up and Hludwolf can confirm this i had 12 toons sitting at his feet. There are ways around it. No i will not tell anyone any of the methods i used as they are all blocked now but there are still a few ways in and people have figured it out.
  17. Eniner Augur

    I most certainly did.
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  18. Mowens Elder

    Yeah but it isn't a problem on Phinigel. You guys are a bunch of crybabies.

    It's a HUGE problem on Ragefire. There aren't any ragefire type box crews on Phinny causing problems or taking raid mobs. You guys are clueless.
  19. MaestroM Augur

    I agree it's a problem on RF. Ragefire is exactly what we all said it was going to be back when it came out. You can read my post history and see the threads of people saying RF was going to be only for RMT and boxers. There's a reason I quit without giving RF much of a chance. The good news is phinny is available now and Agnarr is coming soon. So people who want to get away from that mess do have a place to go. Really hope to see everyone there!
  20. Mowens Elder

    Seems like you people will complain about anything. What I'm trying to explain is PHINIGEL has no box armies, it has literally 1 by a guy in RG3 who rarely plays his box crew, and when he does he farms exp and power levels....nothing more. I've seen him also. But the problem Ragefire has is not present on Phinigel, just because there is literally 1 person.

    On Ragefire you had the box crews RUNNING the server, and destroying the guilds in DPS races and they were just all around more efficient.
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