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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jadenpain, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. EnchFWO Augur

    I rarely see anyone doing any ROS missions lately. People who needed currency for slot 5s (that wanted it) are done and the rest don't care. Progression has dried up, etc. I used to be able to routinely field 6 - 12 for VP mission but that just became harder and harder to garner interest too.

    That said... there still seems to be plenty of activity in ROS or other endeavors. I think the limited scope and rewards from the missions have just run their course.
  2. Sissruukk Augur

    I have a group that runs them every night. Of course, that isn't a gauge on the overall amount of people that are doing so or not. But there are some of us that are doing them religiously.
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  3. Gundolin Augur

    I think the Cactus is the exception to this rule. Takes about 10 minutes, to run and a lot of people still need the currency. I run it about once a week.
  4. Qbert Augur

    While I wouldn't call it a complaint, I think others are probably like me in thinking . . . maybe next expansion. I assume at this point all expectation of further tuning is out the window.

    The requirements to kill/survive the cactus are a bit severe and since I can't even attempt the other missions since they are locked behind this one . . . I have pretty much filed away the expansion until the next one is released just like I did with the final EoK mission, the final Tower of Rot mission, etc. (I have all my t2 gear/augs save for one pair of boots since I have horrible luck on that slot).
  5. Stephen51 Augur

    Risk v Reward is out of whack imo - why would you do a mission that is probably going to leave you with less xp than you logged on with, and with no spells or gear to show for it.

    Not wishing to flog a dead horse, but DB seem to have adopted a raid ethic for the group game. It is quite common for the first raid to be tough, where as the middle tier raids or end zone are easier, rewarding those that can get over the hardship early, with the spoils later on.

    Group progression instead of being linear, is taking on a similar shape.
  6. daimx New Member

  7. Ibudin Elder

    I've enjoyed this expansion, I think its well done. The additional tradeskill opportunities and ear quest, the progression, the new zones, VP quests which give unique items. The ability to loot raid diamonds to make raid gear out of player made tradeskill items - outstanding addition, love that. The heriocs in this expansion are by far a lot more fun than EOK missions, for me anyways. The raiding content is a little harder for my guild (we're a little light on casters) than the last expansion - finally finished all T2 ROS, which is a legit challenege. We're about 3 weeks behind beating the expansion as this same time last year beating EOK, so it scaled in the right direction. Again, all from my perspective.

    I know some people are not liking it, but what would actually make you happy?
  8. Cicelee Augur

    Lots of people are still doing the ROS missions. I know I have done them within 30 minutes all three of them. Such a nice lesson burn.

    However, I see no one at all doing the VP mission. Two group mission with literally no incentive at all to do it more than once was not the best idea IMHO...
  9. segap Augur

    I liked the idea of a two group mission, but agree on the lack of incentive. It doesn't drop anything unique to bother organizing people to go do it. It's also not all that challenging.
  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I've got ask: how many do you know?

    Zones suck (in number, size and most in design too), progression sucks (yay for going all the way into HS for OT#2 and camping "nameds" for 9keyparts, plus the tooth from the worst group mission there is).
    Lore is meh, ofc it is "in line" with EoK (since it was intended as an add-on), but it offers nothing original imo. EoK was good, RoS is "ok" as an add-on where lore is concerned, but that's it.

    VP is ok, now with the faction change. But it is also fairly empty now - quests or no. fail.
    Before the faction change, it was far too easy and "rewarding" the wrong people. double fail.
    It was "fixed" far too late. triple fail.

    The new tradeskills is one of the very few positives, yes.
    The raid diamonds though, to upgrade TS stuff to RoS0.5 raid is a waste of time. Wouldn't be so much a waste if they were tradeable, but that has it's own cons too (yay bazaar ). From my point of view, a good way to gear up apps and ALTs, but that's about it.

    I had much more fun in the hard- anniv charm-aug mission in it's original form, as frustrating as that was to wipe when you had 3 or 4 mobs on you, than i ever had in SF and most other places in RoS too.
    And i have more fun doing EoK hero or currency missions than i have in either RoS one.

    A sizeable number of zones designed in a way that allows for different camps but are mainly "staging areas" for instances where progression, hunters etc take place (i.e. anything people would have to queue up for).
    Encounters that do not *need* certain classes, but provide mechanics to make up for lack of a "key class". Encounters that allow for more than one way to resolve them, it need not always be the "tank and kill before healer is oom" approach.
    An expansion that doesn't follow the ever-increasing "throw more DPS at players, that's challenge!" dogma but instead replace that with at least SOME brains...
    Selectable difficulty...
    stuff like that - much has long since been said to this.
  11. EnchFWO Augur

    I'd say the opposite. I laugh at the people who ignore raid TS diamonds because they're not helping themselves at all compared to being geared extremely fast and then saving up coin to cherry pick final upgrades over the summer. Most of the people I see trashing the TS gear are those who have no clue how it works.

    PS. In most cases it's ROS 0.75 :rolleyes:

    It can be done fairly easy with 1 group for the extra currency that if you run all 4 missions = 1 aug. Not doing the mission just means people miss out on stupid easy coin to aug/gear more quickly. Making it allow 2 groups just got more people coin for the same amount of time as a 1 group mission. That's why I kindof was surprised people didn't want to take 15 minutes to run it. /shrug
  12. Stephen51 Augur

    For example, in the House of Thule expansion, all tier 1 raids had to be completed before a person was flagged to enter tier 2. Ritual Terror (Feerrot) was notoriously difficult and considered a 'blocker' but once you got over that hump, you could access House of Thule upper floors, which was easier and could be done with a lighter raid force.
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  13. Laronk Augur

    For your average person on the forums, I don't think the cactus mission is too hard. But for your average actual person in game, I think ROS is a really hard expansion.
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  14. bigpapa Augur

    for the 1st time since I am boxing ( I don't use [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] ) I just can't box the hero tasks in ros ,
    i was able to do fell foliage when it was * easy * mode but not anymore.

    i was close , but since the big nerfs dots for my shm and druid , i don't have any hope to box at least one hero task in ROS .

    all previous expansions i was able to box them ** except few ones.**.{ who were not in tier one zones } .

    BTW , i did all hunter in ROS pretty easy.

    having TIER ONE tasks to be that hard is not healthy for the game, i got my box crew flagged for VP since a long time, but i know many who are stuck there.
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  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Oh, i did not ignore them; sorry if i gave that impression.
    I got myself some; just way less than some others apparently, as i look at my EoK raid gear, the available RoS one and then estimate the "worth" of an upgrade - and quite possibly i come to a different conclusion in summary than you, since for most slots i deem the extra expenditure of DKPs and TS-effort as um... not in proportion.

    Speaking about VP mission, i would think it was more a question of access than time?
    Yes 4missions = 1Aug, and that's a good thing.
    But looking at where people are these days (this has been mentioned before), i hardly see anyone running missions anymore. And if missions are run, it's mostly Gorowyn and, if one is lucky, the OT one. SF is hardly run and VP next to never - in fact, since the faction change the whole zone, mission or static, hasn't seen much use. That much to the "i want it hard" crowd - it's vocal but in practice non-existant.
    And i can understand that even. As has been said, those that rushed it/thought they'd need it, have gotten their currencies when it was easy; and since TBM was the last expansion where that currency was tradeable the "need" is simply finite. So why would someone bother with SF mission that he needs help for, when he can do two Gorowyn ones easy - and have his boxes benefit too - instead?
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  16. Sancus Augur

    It's not RoS's fault your guild has a DKP system that discourages you from going in for upgrades. The TS diamonds give significant and abundant upgrades from EoK gear, and it's arguably too easy to acquire/make. You get 6 whole diamonds from every raid, which is 54 a night if you clear all of RoS. That's literally one per person; I'm not sure how they could make it easier for you.
  17. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    LOL... really? So we are playing a forum form of the telephone game?
    Or how else did we come from "i deem something not being in proportion" to "make it easier for me"?
    Also, thank you for the basic math you did for me, obviously that is beyond my capability. But as my forum-name indicates i play on AB and none of us clears all of RoS as of yet.
    It's also got not much to do with my guild's DKP system, but merely with that you need base-materials for the TS-items and two diamonds per slot to upgrade it and with my own evaluation and conclusion with regards to cost-effectiveness.
    It is not uncommon for someone else to come to different conclusions than me, obviously, but that doesn't mean too much to me, nor does it by itself invalidate the conclusion i've reached.

    Contrary to people like you i do not always think of myself first, for various reasons.
    If others bid for the diamonds because they want to fill more slots with the TS stuff than i do, i am fine with that and let them. Especially if it correlates with my personal limit on DKPs i am willing to spend on something. That's all there is to it - and it'd be great if you could stop making more of it just because you happen to disagree with me.
  18. Sancus Augur

    I mean it's your prerogative to not use TS gear/diamonds if you don't find it cost/time effective, my intention is not to disparage you for your own personal choices.

    That said, objectively it's the easiest way to acquire near-best-in-slot loot they've added for quite a while (certainly as long as I've been raiding), considering it's a bonus on top of actual loot from raids. I think you're completely entitled to not bother with it, but when you post on a public forum and call them a "waste of time" and later the cost "not in proportion," I think you open your approach up to criticism.

    The system has huge utility for acquiring slots that are more popular/harder to get (e.g. BP's), and it has a lot of utility for guilds that are clearing some of RoS but don't have access to RoS gear in certain slots because they haven't beaten those raids. It also rewards people who have put work into TS's.

    I think you're the one thinking of yourself first, given you disparaged a system based on your own personal situation. I raid on 3 characters, each on a different server and in a guild at a different level of progression. Only one character (Sancus on Xegony) has high enough TS's to even make the gear, and here I only used it to make a BP early on in the expansion. However, I've found a lot more use for the system on my other characters, and plenty of helpful people willing to do the TS part as long as I have the mats. It seems to me that the system was a success and IMO is one of the high points of the RoS expansion, even if you choose not to use it.
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  19. Oakenblade Augur

  20. daimx New Member

    I mean, I understood your statement - it's just wrong. In TBM, EoK and RoS, I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who says T1 was significantly (if at all) harder than T2 or T3... I didn't raid in TDS so I can't really speak to that, but historically speaking, I highly doubt anyone would agree with your assessment of T1 being a road block and later tiers being a loot pinata for the majority of content this game has seen.
    Have to agree with Sancus on this one, a lot of people who would be clearing RoS already either already have or should be working towards Artisan's and/or Cresta's. Those same people have the tradeskills to complete the combines, and the mats required for RoS raid equivalent tradeskill crap is arguably less demanding than cultural stuff in the past. If you don't view it as worth the cost/effort, then that's your opinion but I think you'll find a lot of people don't share that point of view.
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