Confirmed Bst Pet taunt broken?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Exxodia, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. dwish Augur

    Thanks, I may try that. I run a beast/bard box so my pet always has selos on generally as well. I'll try clicking it off him on the particular bad pathing zones.
  2. Ratalthor Developer

  3. smash Augur

    And I am sure that lag comes from the fact that there is continued to add more and more procs onto players.

    Only answer is to remove a lot of those procs.

    Example procs on belt: 3 procs there(1 on aug).

    feet/glove/shoulder/ring = 3-4 procs.
    weapons (2 )
    So an attack round with tripple attack, thats 7*2*3 around possible 40+ procs
    And is for 1 person only.
    In a raid with 50% melee, thats around 1200 procs.
    Add that swarm pets and pets.

    I think that a lot of server lag also comes from the procs.
    IMO, the servers are running on life support

    Maybe the procs from belts/and other, should make the proc on weapons stronger instead, so there would only be 2 procs on a person, instead of all the others, the procs on a weapon would go from 3200 dam to 3600 instead and so on, and when you dont use the aug it woudl drop down the amount of damage on the weapon(s)
  4. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions on that Ratal.

    Follow on questions - that thread is several years old. I know it's a huge challenge to figure this out because that same lag is the source of well...most of the EQ lag we experience. Are you guys able to share any steps identified as a "go forward" plan to remediate or attempt to solve?

    While some will cry foul and say it's a nerf an immediate thought to help with proc related lag is increase base value of all procs (find a median value avg including crits) and make it similar to Banestrike. It always hits for X if it doesn't resist. It cannot crit. Don't know if I want twin procs removed since many classes have AA's built around modifying it and that can't be done equally. Doesn't have to be all procs either, but say all weapon procs and type 18/19 procs could be normalized like this and it'd (I imagine) take a huge load off the backend.

    Anyhow - non focusable, non critting, increase base value to a much larger number, all or nothing hit. Could be worth looking at as a quick and dirty way of helping reduce lag from calculating thousands of procs per min across an entire raid force.

    Another is removal or consolidation of swarm pets. Bard swarms are bad, monk and druid swarms are worse. Beasts are decent, providing there isn't crippling lag that makes them useless. Mages are slightly better than beasts, again providing the lag isn't crippling. Instead of swarm summons summoning a bunch of pets mini pets, consolidate the stat values on those swarms and have it summon 1 more powerful pet. That'd reduce load of calculating as many swings. Sure yea it'll make swarm tanking less viable in a group format but that isn't super viable in current era anyhow. You'd also want to look at adjusting the mages "Volley" spell line that has scaling damage based on number of pets.

    Yes I know many other classes have swarms. Most of them are garbage and don't really accomplish much other than generate lag. Most of them should likely be removed to help with lag since even if you stop upgrading them there are those who will still say "It's more DPS than no DPS!!!! Use it anyway!" because they don't understand the detriment that it actually causes as a whole.

    Oh and another thought - as of last expansion, Beastlord swarms summon dual wielding swords that proc Wind Gust V. That's just doubling down on the lag! Remove that $#!t and just increase their base damage by whatever amount those procs add on average...and if mage's Servants summon like that give them the same treatment.

    I've rambled enough at this point but I feel like these are 3 valid ideas worth at least looking at. A stat squish likely is what needs to happen to be a final fix but that's a huge overhaul and unlikely to happen anytime soon. This stuff could all be accomplished by next year's xpac however with sufficient testing (I'm willing to help with that testing if needed).
  5. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    Levitate sucks for that too. I never let my pet levitate.
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