Fixed Internally Bst Pet taunt broken?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Exxodia, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Exxodia Journeyman

    Been a few weeks now and the bst pet cannot grab and keep aggro for its life. Non-buffed Mage or necro pet has no issues, but a non-buffed bst pet is currently worth jack for grabbing and holding aggro.

    Pet can be solo attacking a mob for 75% of its health, pet taunt on the whole time, and the moment you step into melee or any other class clicks a taunting ability, it switches and the pet cannot get it back. Likewise, someone is dying in melee and activating taunt to have mob attack it instead and it no longer switches. Could be taunting for 20 minutes and too bad.

    I would really appreciate the bst pet being able to grab and or hold some aggro.
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  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    What are you fighting? There are mobs that are flagged to ignore pet over PC.

    What level pet spell and what pet focus?
  3. GNOME_POWER Augur

    Some pet proc buffs have a hate-lowering effect, so check that first.
  4. Bazuker New Member

    Buff the warder with tanking set of spells:
    Horasug's Protection
    which increases Aggro multiplier by 25%
    Spirit of Vaxztn (lvl 84 proc buff, increases hate by 50, comparing to DECREASE of hate by 10500 of the latest lvl 114 proc buff Spirit of Mandrikai)
    give 2 of Summoned: Silver Ragesword (lvl 113 MAG summoned)
    which proc 8125 hate and increase hate by 6%

    Overall you lose significant portion of warder dps in exchange for much better warder tanking (+HP and melee avoidance) and massive hate generation. And even SK main tanks in a group will ask you to turn your warder's taunts off.
  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    Yeah if you are using this buff it's not a bug:

    Spirit of Mandrikai Strike

    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 1797.
    2: Decrease Hate by 10500
    3: Stun (1.50 sec/118)
  6. Exxodia Journeyman

    I am max level, max aa's, fully nuggeted gear, with raid rk 3 and/or rk 2 spells.
    That the pet be fully buffed for defensive or offensive... it ONCE was able to grab agro or hold agro in this expansion, any zone, any task, any mob, even in raids. (If tanks are dying, I pet would hold raid agro until we got a few buffed and rezed to throw em back into the fray). Now, it cannot, whereas as mentioned the mage pet and necro pet seem to have no issue.
    My fellowship has even now commented that the pet is unreliable all of a sudden and they are unsure why. My reasoning, because the dev's did something. It was random, like I said, a few weeks back.
    I NEVER use mage pet gear or weapons, never had a need to rely on the help of another class. I've always managed without.
  7. Exxodia Journeyman

    Utterly disgusted... went full defensive, all possible (non-mage related) agro multipliers on. Pet engaging a light blue wolf with taunt on whole time. I go to melee after only 15% dmg, instantly i have aggro with just meleeing, then at 50% health , the SHAMMY turns his pet taunt on and it has agro for balance of the fight.

    Do not tell me it isn't broken.
  8. Kase Elder

    Ive seen same issue for a while now but warder bounces aggro with rogue merc..... maxx AA's for mercs and set to balanced. Warder buffed with proper aggro buffs plus summoned aggro weps.
  9. Duality Augur

    I've been noticing a massive drop in aggro from mage pets since the last patch (not today's) and it seems like others i've talked to are also seeing that. Not sure if there was something slipped in that was intentional, but I've never had to work so hard to drop aggro on my dps. Even had to switch to hate proc weaps on the pets but still losing it to dps every fight even without a burn.
  10. Kase Elder


    I wanted to give update... it seems its actually getting worse, Ive been used to aggro ping-ponging between warder and rogue merc for a while now, but, Ive noticed since I started CoV that my warder even now loses aggro to my necro's pet which has no offensive buffs or weapons at all on him. I'm doing nothing different than I have always done in the past.
  11. Exxodia Journeyman

    For about a week now, i can actually STAY in melee with pet taunt on (no pet gear) AND the mobs will focus on the pet. So Something, somewhere changed for the better. it isn't as good as it was a few months back, but I'll take it.
  12. Malbro Augur

    I went back to using my level 109 spell, spirit of beromas
  13. Kase Elder

    Im going to try that myself see if it helps. But as of now Im still seeing same issue even though now Im even casting a chanter aggro rune on warder throughout a fight.
  14. Iribabh Augur

    Beramos has an aggro redux on it too. Use Debilitating Bite. It has no aggro redux and procs a cripple effect (cripples USED to generate extra aggro, can't say if they do or don't anymore but it's more than negative aggro like Beramos has) which also helps with incoming damage against your pet unless you've got a shm/chanter on cripple duty anyway.

    It lasts same duration, procs prism skin the same, and honestly the damage on Beramos (and Mandrakai for that matter) is almost non existent anyway.
  15. Kase Elder

    Thanks yeah I looked up the old spell and noticed this... also a note Ive never used Sympathic Warder and wonder if that added to Deblitating Bite will add aggro due to heals... really the simple fix is update the mercs, more AA's to reduce melee/caster aggro to keep up with expansions
  16. Iribabh Augur

    Nah mercs are fine as they are. My rogue merc can pull 500k on a burn (I have logs to support that statement). Beast pet aggro feels a smidge low this xpac but I also haven't updated to the new raid ear yet even though I've mostly re-maxed my AA's. Same old pet, new me damage, no surprise I need to FD a bit more often.

    Sympathetic Warder is good, but it has a proc count of 48? then it fades. It stacks with some other stuff but generally speaking I don't bother to try and upkeep it. If I'm expecting a particularly tough fight I may pre-cast it but never bother to refresh part way.
  17. Malbro Augur

    Doesn't debilitating bite disappear after so many uses? I know I had one that did.
  18. Iribabh Augur

    Debilitating does not. Depleting (or Exhausting) does.
  19. Iribabh Augur

    Think I may have found a reason for aggro to be lower than expected and it has to do with frequency in which pets are taunting. I suspect this is related to server lag.

    Killed Professor Atkru twice today:

    First engage was at 11:06:07 and he was dead in 66 seconds. Interesting enough I don't see a "failed to capture attention" message but I do get a taunt fail message. Pet had a total of 381 attempted attacks.

    [Fri Dec 18 11:06:07 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:06:41 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:06:46 2020] Failed to taunt my target, Master.
    [Fri Dec 18 11:06:50 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:06:55 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:07:01 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:07:05 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:07:10 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!

    Second engage was at 11:15:47 (spawned back to back) and was dead in 139 sec (burns were down RIP). On this run there were not taunt fail messages but I did get a "fail to capture". Also - 139sec fight and my pet only fired taunt twice? Pet had a total of 826 attempted attacks.

    [Fri Dec 18 11:15:47 2020] Captured Professor Atkru's attention, Master!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:15:47 2020] Iribabh`s warder has captured Professor Atkru's attention!
    [Fri Dec 18 11:16:46 2020] Failed to capture Professor Atkru's attention, Master.
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  20. Malbro Augur

    Thanks, I never could remember which was which.