Confirmed Bst Pet taunt broken?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Exxodia, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. gravestrikes New Member

    It is happening with my Mage's pet as well. I am a monk and used to, I could use my mash key and discs without an issue, but now i cant disc or even hit my keys. just auto attack grabs it. I gave the pet hate weapons and that was a tiny bit better, but nowhere near how it was in the past. Very frustrating when I am using the pet to tank.
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  2. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    I have to concur with the other reports here. BST Pet aggro is screwed up. My BST 34.5 K AA, TOV Tier 3 and 2, using all pet defensives, EM22.....and my BST grabs even when just meleeing with no spells or discs. Pre-CoV I used to be able to burn and DoT and only occasionally need to flop to lose aggro.

    It's a bummer to be so limited now in the new expansion.
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  3. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    Definitely not limited to beast pets. Mine still tanks okay, I take more hits and maybe fd a bit more than I used to, and hit my bards fade more than I used to, but you can still make it work pretty well.

    I've pet tanked every named in Sleepers, Skyshrine, CS, all but 2 in ToV, the ones I've killed in WW and DN were pet kills too I just haven't gotten aroudn to hitting those zones particularly hard yet.
  4. Kase Elder

    After some of my previous posts about this days ago... I have to say it actually seems like its getting worse, I know nothing changed but warder can not hold any aggro, other pets with taunt OFF grab aggro from her along with myself and melee merc. The merc regularly pulls all aggro from warder. Its almost unplayable to use warder as tank and that's a shame.
  5. Kase Elder

    Any update on this issue by chance? Im not a techie so I don't know how much lag would effect the taunts and holding aggro..but when the zone has few people this isn't a bad issue, but as the zone gets above 25 and up its then becomes worse and worse. I'm at the point I had to stop using melee merc and start using tank merc. Beastlords shouldn't have to use tank mercs.
  6. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    Agree though I find more than like 19 in the zone I start noticing impact. Pet tanking still works though. It's less reliable but I've continued doing it. I just take a few more hits than when I'm in an empty pick.
  7. Ratalthor Developer

    We believe that this could be related to lag. We're considering ways to improve this experience.
  8. dwish Augur

    I think some of it could be lag. I have played a beast years, and beast pet taunt it probably worse now then I can remember it ever being since the pet taunt change 3-4 years ago that allowed us to be in melee range and still pet taunt.

    A big issue I'm seeing, especially in the new CoV zones is pathing. Just about every zone in the new expansion has atrocious pathing and I have noticed if my pet is trying to tank in a particular bad pathing spot/area that his aggro is basically non-existent. I have seen my pet bouncing back and forth between several spots while tanking, running in circles while trying to tank, and various other things related to zone pathing. This is honestly the worst expansion zone pathing I have ever seen and i think it's directly related to some of the pet issues.

    I have noticed this issue for quite awhile though and it just seems to have come to a head during CoV, due to the constant server lag we get now and the horrible pathing. I remember a couple years ago where if you had pet taunt on it was dang near impossible to peel aggro off pet unless I was full burning or someone had taunt that allowed them to grab it for a second. Pet taunt in general is a far cry from where it was.
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  9. Tenken Augur

    Indeed. static/non-pick zones usually pretty horrible when it comes to pet tanking and I do it quite a bit, all i can ask is if you can lower the required amount for pick zones such as [Western Waste] from 50 to 30 it would probably help a little bit and keep some people happy(myself). Which also be an overload of mobs in the static/non pick, such as some of those floating sharks and what not in [Cobalt scar] or some of the wyverns in [Western Waste] that've seen.

    Pick zones, tho seem perfect even with the same amount of people that's below the 30 count.
  10. dwish Augur

    Just experimented a bit in the mission version of Temple of Veeshan, which has absolutely horrid pathing, and pathing is having a huge effect on pet tanking. Certain rooms I was pulling I could let pet swing on it for 30 seconds and then run in and swing a few times and I immediately shot up to 80-90% aggro. I found a few rooms where pathing didn't seem to be an issue and as long as I fought mobs in these specific rooms, pet was keeping aggro pretty well. This was with all the same buffs, burns going and such in both scenarios. I honestly think its a combination of pathing/lag that is making the pet tanking issue a lot worse currently.
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  11. Ratalthor Developer

    While it doesn't address the potential issue, using the Silver Rage Sword should help your pet maintain hate. See:

    Re: Temple of Veeshan pathing: We have made improvements to the pathing in this zone that should go live with the January patch.
  12. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    I appreciate the input Ratalthor but that really isn't a solution at all given the issue here is pet's aren't swinging at the correct rate to begin with which is causing the problem. Proc rate for pets is low to begin with let alone when they aren't swinging.

    Pretty sure that it's the same as this confirmed bug:
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  13. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    To back up what I said yesterday about lag and pet not swinging etc...

    Also reading through comments from others most of us are already stating we're using those weapons Ratalthor. Now I'll admit personally I use 2 dps swords because when I parsed it (in a low lag condition) the threat generation was more or less the same and the damage was a smidge better.

    Some logs from today. Early this AM I had the Morwenna camp in CS. My 3 were the only ones in zone, but I did notice a bit of lag and mobs were very slightly rubber-bandy. This is the combined stats for the 6 PH's.

    Total Combat Time: 293s
    Pet total hits: 1319
    Pet total proc: 76
    Avg hits per sec: 4.5
    Avg proc per min: 15.57

    Compared to some hunting in WW this morning with 36+ in zone. These are the combined stats for the 6 PH's for Shrapnel. Felt substantially laggier and mobs were much more rubber-bandy.

    Total Combat Time: 285s
    Pet total hits: 1024
    Pet total procs: 45
    Avg hits per sec: 3.593
    Avg proc per min: 9.474

    Now I can hear what you're thinking...Iri that's 8 seconds of combat different. You're right...and there is absolutely 0 chance that my pet would've hit another 300 times and had another 31 procs in 8 seconds. I looked at my personal hits between these two.

    Personal hits: 3203
    Personal procs: 484

    Personal Hits: 2884
    Personal procs: 393

    I dual wield 19 delay weapons, 225% haste, and 50% uptime on a 33.8% HHE and I have less than a 500 hit difference in that 8 second window.

    Now consider that 36 in WW is a "tame" number and it's often times 50-60 on Cazic. Most picks I've seen has been 2 and generally the picks are all 20-40 players in them. It's not raid level of lag for pets but it's pretty evident that it's causing it.
  14. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    I noticed for zones with weird pathing / geometry challenges that my pet (and mercs) was objectively way more insane when they had Selo's or Cheetah on them, and if levitating. If I removed speed and lev from them they stopped running around like a chicken that did cocaine before having it's head cut off.
  15. Kase Elder

    I use 2 of these, (not even sure if they stack) for years. I use my warder as tank and I have a necro in group with no hate weps and no taunt... the necro pet does pull aggro from the warder ... then it bounces back and forth between warder, necro pet and melee merc (maxxed aa's) after approximately 50% way through a fight.
  16. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    Just wanted to affirm that BST pet taunt and aggo is not fixed. I took my crew to the Zlandicar mission today to kill trash and try to get some ores. In the mission, my BST pet (EM22, max defensive and offensive pet AAs, pet defensive buff on, fully buffed with BST buffs, taunt on, depleting bite on pet) could not keep aggro even for one second if I tried to melee. Immediately mob started hitting me and not the pet. It was like old times, when you could not melee with pet tank. Strangely, if I stood back and cast dots and a few DD pet could generally hold aggro. But once in melee, immediate and permanent aggro swing back to me. Terrible. It has been nominally better in Temple of Veeshan, but still an issue. Please fix this.
  17. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    I have not experienced this. It sounds like (I haven't tested) the trash in the Zlandi mission has raid behavior where it ignores pets if a player is in melee range. I'll test that myself since the only time I've actually bothered to farm trash here for collections there was a warrior with me. I DO know that Zlandi himself has that behavior.

    The issue that I've seen all stems back to zone lag. In the group mission however, I don't think I've seen any significant amount of zone lag since there are fewer players in the zone.

    I will say yesterday I set my pet up with a Conflagrant tank mask (+22% hate), 2 Bloodmaw's Axe of Misery (, couple pieces of merc armor, Conflag pants + arms (ferocity + cleave melee focus), and even while burning I could barely take aggro off him. Even in a zone with 40 players in it he held aggro most the time!
  18. dwish Augur

    The DN mission is currently flagged as a "raid" zone, meaning that the mobs will con "this enemy will take an army to defeat" and they have raid trash mob coding which means no pet tanking while in melee range. I was in here recently farming collections and you can tell instantly it's acting like a raid zone. If you step inside melee range you will have instant aggro with the way the mobs are flagged right now. I'm guessing this is a bug and will be fixed.

    That said, there is definitely something wrong with pet aggro and I hope it gets fixed pretty soon. I generally pet tank about half the time with my beastlord pet, and right now that is very difficult to do. For some reason my beast pet is generating very little aggro even with the aggro buffs, pet taunt on, etc etc.
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  19. Duder Augur

    I use them exclusively with my pet. I have it equipped with them full time except for raids and have equipped my warder with mage aggro weaps for years. I have never seen anything like it is currently now, where my warder can't keep aggro off my my shaman from 2 dots. If the lag is unfixable then an inflated aggro rate for pet's is certainly called for.
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  20. Leigo You come here often?

    Yes there is an issue with pet aggro. However, it's not the pets that are the issue. They are attempting to do what they are supposed to do, but the server lag is reducing their ability to execute dps, hate and proc. Many issues are lag related, players are affected in the same way, we just have more control over when something is used.

    Look into why the lag is progressively getting worse. This will fix pet aggro and player dps issues.
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