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  1. Sancus Augur

    Summary: Pets have a significant issue with lag in most modern raids. In many of these situations, they swing at a significantly slower rate than they are intended to. It's not uncommon to see 10+ seconds in between pet swings. This drastically reduces their DPS output, both from melee DPS and from procs. This only happens to "main" pets; swarm pets do not appear to experience comparable lag.

    I originally made a post about this issue here, and it was the highest voted unresolved bug on the issue tracker prior to it going down. It's been an issue since at least TDS, and has worsened as zone performance has generally deteriorated. It is common for pets to swing at fractions of the rate that they "should" swing at, compared to swing rates on Combat Dummies or in group content.

    First, here is a parse from a combat dummy to demonstrate expected behavior (709 second duration):

    Puksu -vs- Combat Dummy Meda II: -- DMG: 33827211 -- DPS: 47711 -- Scaled: 47711 -- Slash: 24513237 -- Backstab: 8700668 -- DirDmg: 613306 -- % dmg as normal: 21.3% -- % dmg as critical: 78.7% -- Non-crit rate: 55.4% -- crit rate: 44.6% -- Attempts: 2736 -- Hits: 2530 -- Missed: 206 -- Accuracy: 92.5% -- Avg Hit: 13370 -- Max hit: 131770 -- DMG to PC: 0

    2342 of those attempts were slashes, which equates to 3.3 attempts per second. Here were my pet's casts:

    Combat Dummy Meda II on 10/25/2019

    Puksu (Sancus) - 185
    --- Iceflame Strike Caza VIII - 97
    --- Water Elemental Strike XII - 88

    That's an iceflame proc every 7.3 seconds under normal behavior. Water Elemental Strike cast every 8.05 seconds. Both of these metrics are without Frenzied Burnout; slash attempts would be higher were it running.

    To compare, here is some data from recent TBL raids. I want to begin with the graphs because they illustrate how severe the problem is - there are multiple 30+ second gaps in between pet melee attempts on this graph.



    Digging into the numbers from the latter graph (Aalishai), here is my pet's melee and cast parses:

    Puksu -vs- Seneschal Radiant Propensity: -- DMG: 5595533 -- DPS: 19912 -- Scaled: 18903 -- Slash: 2452563 -- Backstab: 1605279 -- DirDmg: 1530264 -- Environmental: 7427 -- % dmg as normal: 44.5% -- % dmg as critical: 55.5% -- Non-crit rate: 62.6% -- crit rate: 37.4% -- Attempts: 133 -- Hits: 115 -- Missed: 4 -- Defended: 14 -- Accuracy: 96.6% -- Avg Hit: 48656 -- Max hit: 438053 -- DMG to PC: 1383939

    Seneschal Radiant Propensity on 10/6/2019

    Puksu (Sancus) - 26
    --- Arcane Ballad Strike III - 4
    --- Companion's Assault XXXI - 4
    --- Iceflame Strike Caza VIII - 2
    --- Storm Blade Strike - 4
    --- Travenro's Strike III - 1
    --- Virulent Talon Strike IV - 10
    --- Water Elemental Strike XII - 1

    Here's a comparison between my combat dummy parse (which did not have FBO):
    • Instead of making 3.3 slash attempts per second, my pet made 0.3 slash attempts per second (89 of those attempts were slash attempts). In other words, he swung at about 1/11th the rate he should have.
    • Iceflame averaged a proc every 148 seconds, as compared to a proc every 7.3 seconds.
    • Water Elemental Strike cast every 29.6 seconds, as compared to a cast every 8.05 seconds.
    • Virulent Talon did not consume all 15 of its procs over the 5 minutes this fight ensued.
    This really hampers pet class DPS in raids, and also contributes significantly to the variability in our DPS. This makes tuning pet-based upgrades extremely difficult, because many of them have almost no impact in raids. Despite numerous upgrades to pets, their sustained DPS in such situations is below what it was in Call of the Forsaken. I know zone lag is a very difficult issue to fix, but it's extremely detrimental to the experience of raiding in EQ, and it seems to be a bug that zone lag causes "main" pets to skip swings (whereas normal melee and swarm pet melee do not).

    I appreciate your consideration.
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  2. Duder Augur

    Thanks for this post Sancus, would love to see some sort of resolution or at the very least, an effort to resolve this. Maybe even an acknowledgement?
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  3. MarttinPH Augur

    Amazing amount of research!
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  4. Raneern New Member

    Great information and completely agree!
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  5. Rikkitikkitavi New Member

    Thank you, Sancus. Your willingness and ability to validate your concerns serves us all so very very well.
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  6. Malbro Augur

    Thank you Sancus, I have seen this myself.
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  7. Metapsyche Augur

    Bump. WTB: More Sancus DPS... gimpy mage
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  8. JChan Developer

    This is a symptom of deeper performance issues. We're actively working on improving these issues, however we do not expect a resolution any time soon.
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  9. JChan Developer

    Sancus, could you also do another test / analysis for your next raid? We brought online a little bit more hardware on 10/25 and have been directing new traffic to it. (Also please include the world, raid name, and date and time for the next analysis.)
  10. Mintalie Augur

    This is exciting!
  11. mackal Augur

    What if it buffs raid mob DPS!
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  12. Sancus Augur

    Absolutely. Next raid will be Sunday, 11/3 on Xegony. I will include the rest of the information in the analysis once the raid occurs.

    I don't know that this is at all useful information, but will mention this anyway: very occasionally, we will experience raid instances where pets do not lag nearly to the extent I described in the OP. At this point the example is old, but we had one instance of the Fell Foliage raid (from The Overthere zone in RoS) on August 12th, 2018 where my pet experienced relatively little lag. Essentially every other week on that raid my pet exhibited behavior comparable to what I described in the first post (i.e., it lagged significantly).

    If it would be helpful, I can go through logs from more recent raids to try and find any similar situations where my pet did perform as expected. Alternatively, I can look out for those situations in the future and post details here if it occurs again. Whatever is most useful (if any of it).

    Thank you for looking at this.
  13. JChan Developer

    Let's just get a new analysis first and start from there. What we're hoping to do with this information is to correlate it with the internal data we have and try to narrow this down a bit more.
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  14. Sancus Augur

    All raids listed here took place yesterday, November 3rd, on the Xegony server.

    Dragon in the Works

    The first raid was Dragon in the Works, the first raid in the Gnome Memorial Mountain: Danger Zone raid instance. We engaged the raid at 4:37:09 PM Pacific Time (7:37:09 PM Eastern). Here is a graph of my pet's (Puksu's) damage during that raid:


    The duration of the raid was 189 seconds, during which Puksu made 94 slash attempts. In the Rustbottom in the original post the fight was 185 seconds and he made 31 slash attempts. That's 0.497 slash attempts per second last night, relative to 0.168 attempts per second on October 6th. Here are his casts:

    Rustbottom, Grinder of Gears on 11/3/2019

    Puksu (Sancus) - 6
    --- Arcane Ballad Strike - 2
    --- Received Auspice of the Hunter - 1
    --- Received Bard Epic - 1
    --- Received Black Wolf - 1
    --- Received Chromatic Haze - 1
    --- Received Chromatic Haze Proc - 4
    --- Received Illusions of Grandeur - 1
    --- Received Quick Time - 1
    --- Travenro's Strike - 1
    --- Virulent Talon Strike IV - 1
    --- Water Elemental Strike XII - 2

    He had Maloseniac Eminence on him, which is comparable to Iceflame Eminence used in the original post (Maloseniac has a slightly higher proc rate mod, 250% vs 200%). That did not proc at all during the 189 second duration (Iceflame procced twice on October 6th). Water Elemental Strike cast twice, compared to once on the Rustbottom fight on October 6th. With such low #'s of procs, I think it makes more sense to look at the number of slash attempts to properly compare.

    The Palace Gates

    This raid was The Palace Gates in the Aalishai zone. We engaged the raid at 7:36:02 PM Pacific Time (10:36:02 PM Eastern Time). My pet died at 8% on the boss ([Sun Nov 03 22:40:18 2019] Puksu has been slain by Seneschal Radiant Propensity!), 256 seconds after engaging. I will use that duration as the denominator for slashes per second and casts per second. Here's the graph of the fight:


    Here's the melee and cast data from this fight:

    /tell Sancus Puksu -vs- Seneschal Radiant Propensity: -- DMG: 8270325 -- DPS: 33894 -- Scaled: 27752 -- Slash: 4302796 -- Backstab: 2761974 -- DirDmg: 1205555 -- % dmg as normal: 28.1% -- % dmg as critical: 71.9% -- Non-crit rate: 46.9% -- crit rate: 53.1% -- Attempts: 177 -- Hits: 175 -- Missed: 2 -- Accuracy: 98.9% -- Avg Hit: 47259 -- Max hit: 585129 -- DMG to PC: 2379930

    Seneschal Radiant Propensity on 11/3/2019

    Puksu (Sancus) - 23
    --- Arcane Ballad Strike - 6
    --- Companion's Assault XXXI - 2
    --- Iceflame Strike Caza VIII - 5
    --- Received Auspice of the Hunter - 1
    --- Received Black Wolf - 1
    --- Received Chromatic Haze - 2
    --- Received Chromatic Haze Proc - 7
    --- Received Illusions of Grandeur - 2
    --- Received Paragon - 1
    --- Received Quick Time - 1
    --- Travenro's Strike - 2
    --- Virulent Talon Strike IV - 8

    Some comparisons:
    • My pet made 134 slash attempts, which is 0.52 per second, compared to 0.3 per second on October 6th.
    • My pet procced Iceflame Strike on average once every 51.2 seconds, compared to once every 148 seconds on October 6th (obviously with such low overall # of procs this is pretty variable).
    • Water Elemental Strike did not cast at all. I made a mistake in my original post; it only cast once during the October 6th Aalishai raid.
    Prince Ralaifin

    This is the first raid in the Empyr: Realms of Ash raid instance. We engaged it at 6:53:27 PM Pacific Time (9:53:27 PM Eastern Time). I thought it prudent to include this briefly because my pet performed relatively better than the two aforementioned raids, and in general the instance felt less laggy. This raid involves some movement from boss to boss, but my put made approximately twice as many slash attempts per second when compared to the previous two raids.

    Over 574 seconds he made 719 slash attempts, a rate of 1.26 per second. He cast Iceflame Strike 24 times, which is a proc every 23.92 seconds. If it helps to provide additional details from this raid, I can do so.

    Hopefully that information is useful. Please let me know if there's any other data I can provide from last night (or others) that would help. Thank you for your time.
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  15. JChan Developer

    Thanks for detailed information. We've aligned this with our internal data and definitely see the performance issues. Now to add more diagnostics and drill further into what's causing our raid zone bottlenecks!
  16. Numiko Augur

    Jenn is like the Sherlock Holmes of Everquest,

    I can just picture her yelling "The Game is Afoot!" when starting to chasing down and squash bugs ...
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  17. Mintalie Augur

    Last night GMM3, lag was mediocre, pet was just sitting there, chilling. Can confirm pet melee problems!
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