Boxing is ruining the server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ruiner, May 22, 2015.

  1. Lolthorn Lorekeeper

    I actually played in several instances of North Qeynos last night. When the current one I was in was getting to full I would switch to one with a lower population.
  2. Mullian New Member

    You'll see plenty running back and forth in ec and north ro, or even in the tunnel, the good news - they'll be in naj and upper guk by now.
  3. Jezzie Augur

    That's going to be the problem with all decent camps later on. To dps race you need the same number of toons and the ability to 1 click zerg the mob of choice.
    I was "dps raced" a few times last night, lost most of them as I'm not good dps but still, it was sort of fun in a strange way and not too common as to where it was frustrating.
    The problem was the multi-box auto crews. That's not dps race in any way shape or form. I could sub 5 more accounts a month and download a third party program to put me on a level playing field, but I won't. so I guess I'm a second rate citizen on Ragefire.
    To the crews running around in newbie zones "dps racing" solo account players I say "Way to go! server will be dead shortly and you'll be back to playing with yourselves again in no time at all!".
    What a bunch of schmucks!
    Empty server means nobody to buy krono from and nobody to sell your "stuff" to, might consider that next time you're running round shooting the middle finger at everybody you meet in-game;)
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  4. Strawberry Augur

    Agree with the OP. A server with 1000 single account owners, has 1000 players. A server with people boxing 4 accounts has 250 players.

    That's a serious hit in community, especially when the single account owners can't even play, lol.
  5. magikarp Journeyman

    why you hatin
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  6. Lennyn Elder

    I saw this in Steamfont by 5 or 6 groups of Mages. Well, once 6 Mages and every other time 5 Mages plus one other toon. And every group was kill stealing as fast as they could. For over an hour and a half my daughter and I couldn't hardly get a pull and when we did some 6 boxer would kill steal us.
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  7. Strawberry Augur

    Peple told developers, lol.

    We said:

    -mages are OP
    -Kunark not releasing on launch is going to cause a camp shortage
    -killstealing will allow the mage teams to dominate camps
    -not having newbee quests will not allow melee to gain parity with mages who are not dependent on gear
    -allowing [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software], is ridiculous
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  8. Lennyn Elder

    Steamfont and Innothule Swamp were not instanced at any point that I saw last night.
  9. Lennyn Elder

    One thing WoW did that I could never figure out why EQ didn't do is....when I pull a mob in WoW, or if it just aggros me it's name goes grey to everyone else and I am the only one that can get credit for killing it unless I die or zone. (In WoW's case, run far enough away that the mob resets.) This effectively ends kill stealing.

    kinda like...why did it take EQ 16 years to put in a nag screen for deletion of a character? How many characters have been accidentally deleted over the years that GMs would do nothing about? Two weeks after I accidentally deleted a druid Daybreak puts in a nag screen....

    Maybe Daybreak will make them fix kill stealing also.
  10. Porygon Augur

    You know why I box. So I don't have to find 5 other people who have to all run to the same zone, hopefully not afk, and not be bad.
    The worst part of EQ, is finding a group after searching for a while, and getting there only to have it wipe, and disband. Or for the tank or healer to go AFK. At least when i play my other 5 characters, i know what i'm getting.

    And no, i'm not anti social, if you say hi, i'll say hi back. I'm not greedy, i take open camps, i don't train, i don't KS. Because i don't need to, i can go wherever i want and group.

    I suspect this reasoning, is also behind why MOST of the people in this game Box. Whether its an actual group of 6 toons, or 5 mages and a druid. The people that are training you, would train you regardless of how many characters they play at once.

    PS. In regards to "tapping" mobs like wow. The game-play is different. All you would see, is people "tapping" nameds and running around in circles until their friends showed up. Tapping wouldnt work for EQ.
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  11. Tronk Augur

    I box because of the ashats who don't like how other people play, and make demands of how I spend my play time.

    The server would be quieter, and much, much friendlier if only boxers were permitted.
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  12. Lemuelbaruch Elder

    Damn you boxers, its all your fault the server is full.

    ..../sarcasm off

    When I box anyone is welcome to join I normally dont have more than 2 other accounts. Sometimes i box because its fun for me. You dont like it leave.

    The real issue are people who think they are "special snowflakes" and hide in game or character creation AFK so they dont have to wait. Get over the boxers, and get over yourself.
  13. Strawberry Augur

    I remember posts like this on the EQ forums, when WoW launched, I have no idea why they never implemented that, it's a good mechanic to be honest.
  14. Porygon Augur

    This is why.

    In WoW, almost everything that drops actual gear is instanced, that's not the case here. It wouldn't work. Now if they wanted to do something like, first person to hit it only has to bring the mob to say 75% life, before they get credit for it, that might change some things.
  15. Lennyn Elder

    In regards to your P.S. sure there would be some cases of that unless you make the mobs reset if they are not engaged in combat after a short time. Which is basically what WoW does. Once the mob resets it's fair game to anyone.
  16. Porygon Augur

    No, wow makes the mobs reset if they leave a designated radius from when they were pulled. You can run in circles all day if you never leave that radius.
  17. Strawberry Augur

    A radius would prevent training (EQ has a radius, but it's massive, you only see it in zones like Karana and Loping Plains).

    But one of the faults of developers was saying killstealing is acceptable and calling it a s"DPS WAR", it's basically giving a green card to the abusers.
  18. Gehlfein Elder

    I, personally, hate boxers and hate seeing boxers and feel boxers are bad people. If Daybreak didn't make more money off them, they would simply be called 'cheaters'. But since they line pockets 2-6x more than me, they get to stay and 'play their way' (rather than 'cheat').

    But that's just the way the world works and just my humble opinion.

    Have a nice day!
  19. Porygon Augur

    EQ doesnt have a radius, EQ has a distance factor that the mobs will de-aggro if you reach.

    Also, DPS race and kill stealing are different. I suspect you wont see a lot of Single Group mob DPS races but a majority of the Population.
  20. Lennyn Elder

    You could, but that's not my solution. My solution is to reset them after a period of time if what you describes becomes a problem or if you prefer implement it immediately. It makes no difference to me.

    Kill stealing has ALWAYS been a problem in EQ in even semi crowded zones. Tapping mobs (as someone put it) is the most logical solution to this problem. It's impossible for kill stealing to work with this solution. If we have to tweak it a bit for EQ, I'm ok with that.

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