Boxing is ruining the server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ruiner, May 22, 2015.

  1. Potsos76 Augur

    I saw one 6-box last night. They ran by me in WC and camped an Orc camp. They didn't train me, didn't KS me and didn't cause any issues at all. Do I wish 5 other people could have logged in instead of them, I do. But to DGB, each account has the same weight. This isn't the 6-boxer's fault. He didn't do anything wrong. I would prefer more players get in the game, but screaming at him and blaming him for everything is myopic. This is DGB's problem, not his.
  2. Potsos76 Augur

    Take me in your arms
    Cast your snare upon my heart
    Rangers like it hard and fast
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  3. Wayylon Augur

    I'm not saying its anybodys "fault" all I'm saying is the server is over crowded at this time and one person taking 1-5 extra spots from people wanting to play is simply rude. Common courtesy, manners, either you have them or you don't.
  4. Toaster New Member

    OP Is right. Ruining the game. Too many 6box mages in nek
  5. Ubique New Member

    It's far less bothersome a phenomenon when it is not painfully obvious that the box groups in question are, however noticeably, operating their groups using some form of scripted automation. It's one thing to use an additional character or two to push your own ability/skill, and it's another when you bot five characters using [some automation application].
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  6. SyDiko Augur

    This statement makes absolutely no sense.

    'Boxing' characters is about as anti-social as you can get. You might as well load up multiple instances of Skyrim and imagine all the characters playing together.

    And, I wish you internet accountants would stop acting like boxing is so profitable that its keeping the lights on over at Daybreak. I'm willing to bet that it isn't, and they wouldn't flinch if all boxes canceled their subscriptions at the same time.
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  7. Mardy Augur

    I just laugh when I see the 6 boxers. But honestly I saw more single players and real groups than I saw boxers. If you're the type that gets touchy and affected by these things, you likely won't last long on Ragefire. Are they around? Sure. But are they preventing you from getting groups with hundreds of other like-minded individuals that don't box? Heck no.

    Are they ruining the server? Only if you let them. They'll only ruin something if you let them in your mind. Seek out an active guild that does not box, seek out like minded individuals (there are lots out there really), use /pickzone and find other zones with players doing LFG/LFM. Just remember, people that box would otherwise not group with you anyway. It's no loss, and it's their loss to miss out on the social aspect of this game.

    Don't let box groups ruin the game for you is all I'm trying to say.
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  8. Jaby New Member

    I'd bet it's not boxers, but the afk-ers.
    Further, the afk-ers are being quite reasonable, from their own point of view: If they log out, they'll not be able to get back in, mostly because of the other afk-ers who *don't* log out.

    An occasional server reboot (if and only if the server cap is reached) would solve lots of problems, I think.
  9. Potsos76 Augur

    I played for 5 hours last night and this didn't happen to me and I didn't witness it happening to anyone else over 3-4 zones. The worst thing I saw was a few people /oocing that someone KSed their kill in the newbie garden and I'll let you decide how reasonable of a complaint that is in a zone with 60 people in it. Sorry I won't corroborate your story, but if it makes you feel better to call people dumb because they won't agree with you, have at it.
  10. Tronk Augur

    The endless whining is absurd. Boxing is the issue! Afkers is the issue! Not enough mobs is the issue!

    Really, we just need more servers. Then there is room for all of the above.
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  11. Ubique New Member

    Truth. It's a game. When it's not fun anymore, take a step back and breathe. If there is no more fun to be had, find a new game.
  12. Weebles Augur

    Why are you whining about the boxers? It is Daybreak's responsibility to deal with the issues, the boxers are doing nothing wrong, they are just playing the game the way they want to play. It's like telling someone they are an because they like something that you don't. It isn't their fault that it negatively impacts you.

    These issues were discussed ad nauseam in the forums prior to release, and Daybreak clearly did not prepare adequately. Blame the company, not the people playing the way they choose to play.
  13. Banai Augur

    I don't have an issue with 2-3 box people. That's so they can solo when they don't want groups. Fine. My issue is the 6 box groups that don't care about anyone other than themselves.
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  14. yellowzombie Elder

    Agreed. It's their right, but on a superficial level I think people who forge themselves their own little group so they don't need to interact is like, displaying a transcendent level of sociopathic weirdness.

    EQ is simply not a game for the anti-social. They found a way though.
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  15. Kunon Augur

    Things have changed a lot. As the population declined people boxed more, when mercenaries came out boxing became the norm. Generally speaking, the social aspect has been pretty much absent for years. As sad as it is to say, it has been pretty well accepted and acknowledged that at least 1/2 of all paid accounts on the Live Servers are boxes. As people have quit their accounts have been inherited by others, just about everyone from raiders to casuals has at least 2 or 3. I'm in the extreme minority as I have never actually boxed, but even I have two paid accounts... So yeah, boxing is what has kept the lights on over there and why they wont do anything about it.
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  16. Mullian New Member

    I don't care one way or another but the zone I was in or am still in had several characters following the same character everywhere I went. There was the guild Twisted Legion? And his 6/7 characters/ guild mates following him taking pretty much everything. He just lead the pack hit something once and annihilated it. Then there was a gnome mage army in North Ro, same thing, one dude leading the pack. Then another, some fat ogre named Frost something had a group of casters following him.

    Game has changed, I still have my guys on P1999, but this has still been fun to see the changes from 99-00 era.

    Can always pet train, fd train them later.
  17. Greymere Augur

    I never have boxed a character, personally because if I feel the game ever became something that I couldn't find a social group atmosphere to play in what would be the point. I do think a prevalent boxing atmosphere is detrimental to a tight community for a number of reasons, and I do wish the company took a no tolerance approach to it.

    That said having been online for 12 hours last night, I saw very little multiboxing happening, maybe 20 players doing it mostly from established guilds, and most 2 boxing not running a full 6 pack. The majority of the players by far were single players playing the game all night and having fun and thats what was cramming the servers to capacity. The AFKers sitting around accounted for maybe 100 players scattered around starting area of Gfay which was by far the most populated starting area having over 12 instances of it created over the night(most containing 50+ players each until later at night when the population started to spread out and you had 30-40 in each)

    I would also like to say the instancing of the starting areas was great, easy to get groups with others and find places to group for exp all night, I hope they look at expanding this to other zones as it just made the grouping and playing experience so much friendlier.

    Should the GM's log everyone off the server with an announcement periodically especially during launch, yes I think they should and they should be doing it at a time when its easier for players to log in late at night. Would that result in the login server getting jammed again everytime they did so and more griping about not being able to login? yes but again at least during off hours you mitigate this somewhat.
    It would help solve the issue of the few unattended AFK characters sitting around, and with the need to login in queue multiple characters at once make it harder to login all the box characters during launch or at least giving other players more opportunities to log in periodically.
  18. Unique_Moop Augur

    No op you're wrong. im pretty sure i heard boxing was dead on espn.
  19. EradikaterTLP New Member

    LOL!!! i heard may vs paq killed it...
  20. Lierdal New Member

    I'm not boxing on this server but I'll second what you said. I didn't see many boxers last night either but I did see 90+ people AFK in Neriak Foreign Quarter the entire time I was playing. Everytime I ran to Third Gate to get spells there were more and more people parked at the entrance.

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