An Update & Announcement from Project 1999!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. Beastro Augur

    That's what I'm hoping for.

    P99 is about as close to being clean as an crew is, but it's enough to one of many reasons why I didn't migrate there with the rest of the VZTZ community when Red99 went up.

    In the end I hope this is the start of DB moving towards allowing people to run their own servers on the Live list and add some discipline and legitimacy to custom servers instead of the assortment of that is the community.
  2. Roshen Brand Manager

    We don't feel that it does.

    Time Locked Progression servers and our official servers offer players one type of EverQuest experience. Project 1999 offer players a different type of EverQuest experience.
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  3. Absor Developer

    That's only becomes true if you stop playing on our progression servers. If you want them, and show it by playing there, then we will certainly make more. We have an interesting idea (which was in the first poll, but you all shot it down), to make a season server that would restart and possibly even change rules every "season". So, no, we don't plan to drop progression servers unless you don't want them.

    from a business perspective
  4. Beastro Augur

    They're similar but very different with competition being a nuanced.

    P99 is more the heir of the Al'Kabor server, only aiming to end at Velious with the possibility of adding future custom content on top of that that feels more in line with what is Classic EQ than Luclin and what followed it. It's up in the air if any of the latter things I mentioned will be any good let alone be added at anything but a snails pace given P99s notorious history of slow and infrequent patching.

    If P99s ends at Velious it puts a limit on its lifespan and so diminishes its competition with Live, if it goes custom post-Velious it could be crap, if its successful enough who knows, we might see the P99 crew hired like crew behind Desert Combat for BF1942 who went on to make Battlefield 2.

    If that's the case we might see a new alternate branch of Everquest, that if it becomes popular and profitable, might reinvigorate the game and mitigate many of the changes to the game over the last 12 years that ruined it for many of us.

    The future of EQ and Daybreak is iffy and I can see these ideas going through Smed and Co. heads trying to keep things going.

    To be fair you should also say if they're still profitable, but I'd think that if they weren't then the end of EQs profitability would be close at hand.
  5. Ozni Elder

    Run with it anyway. It's an interesting idea. Particularly if you do different rulesets, you could deliver an experience currently offered by neither Live nor P99, and draw in folks from all crowds.
  6. Nasenbluten New Member

    I feel like this is such a great move to really bring some EQ fans back into the fold where at one point they might of felt completely alienated. If this is the direction that DBG is going to take towards the community I look forward to the future. kudos +1
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  7. Darkenr Elder

    Honestly, I just absolutely have to applaud Daybreak Games for not being what we as gamers have come to expect with most corporate game companies nowadays. They're going against the grain of corporate greed by not automatically assuming , "OMGZZ DEY'RE STEALINGZ OUR IPZ!!!!111oneone!!!" when it's plainly obvious that P99 offers a very different experience that DBG has with this announcement decided that at least for now they're not able to offer to their fans.

    So instead of trying to shut them down, they've taken a gamble that is almost unheard of in the gaming industry and actually embraced P99 on the notion of supporting passionate fans of EQ and the different types of experiences that EQ can offer. This honestly should be seen as HUGE for the gaming industry and I hope that it only makes DBG vastly more profitable to prove to the other corporations out there that instead of always seeing "potential" $$$ lost that, *insert surprised face here* god forbid if they actually support their fan community it might actually make them more loyal followers and willing to spend even more on the official products.

    I know I'm only a couple gold membership accounts, but DBG with this, you've guaranteed me staying as a gold member on my accounts for quite some time regardless of whether or not I'm on a "break" from playing EQ for a few months here and there. I like to support companies that do things like this.
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  8. Rorce Augur

    This is the option I voted for, and the only progression server I can ever see myself playing for more than 2-3 hours on the launch day, just to see all the people.
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  9. Gluuter New Member

    I think its great news , when I first started playing eq it was 15 years ago I have bee let down a few time with the expansions but the Original PVP from Vallon Zek and other PVP Team Severs was ground breaking and ton of fun, I have been loyal to the Sony Eq Team I hope the Day Break can bring back the EQ from the past PVP style.

    Many of the new portions unbalanced the game for classes like Shaman and others the OG EQ paid more attention to all classes , I would join a new server that is bases of classic pvp.
  10. Kravitz Augur

    I voted for the seasonal server makes me sad the community wasn't excited about that. Oh well I will have to look forward to playing Crowfall when it comes out to enjoy something like that.
  11. SnapVine Elder

    Your anti-virus is working as intended. If you trust whoever wrote that application, then you should add an exception. (I don't)
  12. Stumphobbler Elder

    Benito said

    "Can Daybreak provide an official online download of EverQuest Titanium (required for Project 1999)? You could charge a fee"

    I think it's great that DGC and P99 are talking and have come to some sort of agreement, but I seriously doubt DGC is going to distribute a box set ( albeit and out of date one) that could help people migrate from their paid platform to someone else's free one. This would not make smart business sense.

    But I would love for either of these companies to do an EQPlayers or a version thereof It was a great resource and a lot of people miss it.
  13. Ltldogg Augur

    Absor, I want them and I want back some of the old code to include UIs, original zones, slow xp, etc. Yes, keep it up and give us back the old EQ so many love!
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  14. Beastro Augur

    People have been torrenting it to play for the better part of a decade. They've just given their blessing to the king project of the community to bring it closer to the rest of the EQ community at large, they might as well charge it and make at least some money from people playing it while gaining other benefits from the exchange of knowledge and assets between them and the devs.

    Sell Titanium again, make some money there.

    Trade with the pals and possibly make their own Classic flavour servers and get people paying to play it on Live for the benefits of the store or simply to have an actual company run the server and not have suspicions of corruption and the fear of the server being pulled on the whim of one or two guys doing it for free haunting it.

    The latter has happened on . Gronkus, the guy who hosted VZTZ 1.0 and 2.0, asked for donations to buy a new computer to host the server since the old one was making VZTZ almost unplayable with increasing crashes and resets. A few months after he got the donations and built the new comp he pulled the plug, kept pieces of the Garage Box to add to his own comp and sold the rest for a profit leaving everyone to assume that he'd planned it since the donation drive.

    That almost killed not only PvP but the then most popular community that was only put on life support by Void using his very outdated and buggy copy of VZTZ to start up VZTZ 3.0 for a year before it then died leaving us to either give up on EQ or wait for the arrival of Red99.

    Fear of that and disgust at the PvP community made me forgo starting up on Red99 and I'd be willing to pay a little every month to have an actual company provide similar content, even Blubie content, knowing the people behind it have a job at risk if they try to be unprofessional.
  15. svann Augur

    I have no plans to try p99 but I feel that this is a great move by daybreak. This is a real showing that they are moving away from the sony corporate attitude and more toward what is good for the game and gamers.
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  16. Blankslate Elder

    /scratches head

    Could someone please tell me how this could possibly benefit DGC.

    I've read all the posts here twice and I stilll see no upside for DGC!
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  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    P99 agreed to delay adding Velious content on their so as not to interfere with the progression server. If Daybreak didn't care about the Velious release on P99 there wouldnt have been any offer by P99 to delay it. The trade off was getting recognized by Daybreak. That is the only business reason I can see for the acknowledgement of the . And while we are told there will be progression servers while players still want them that depends on the business model. We weren't going to get staggered releases anymore and we ended up with campaigns. From a business perspective P99 delaying adding content gives Daybreak breathing room with the next progression server in the summer but they will have to contend with a p99 with Velious after that. Of course I have no idea how much competition P99 is since you have to have a copy of the Titanium edition to play on it.

    There may be some legal reasons for it. Since SOE never forced P99 to close down I suspect the legal situation wasn't a sure thing for anyone. Daybreak now has to decide to defend their intellectual property or come to some sort of agreement with P99. That is just a guess I am not versed in business law.

    Since Daybreak took over there have been massive staff cuts, and reductions in customer service to increase profits/save money. P99 is competition for Daybreak. Maybe not hardcore competition but they are competiton. Daybreak obviously sees some compelling business reason to formerly acknowledge P99. Was the good will of the community enough? I don't know.
  18. Lenowill Augur

    +1, full agreement!

    I've followed p99's development for a long time, and even though I'm not quite hardcore enough these days to make it my primary source of fun within the EQ engine, I tremendously respect the fact it exists and what its existence means for the preservation of EQ history (and MMORPG history in general, for that matter).

    I really hope that this type of acknowledgement leads to more communal collaboration/leveraging in general. The community is a darn powerful resource for this game and there's a lot of good potential to come out of it.

    As someone who greatly enjoys Seasonal Leagues in other games (e.g. Path of Exile) I agree with this sentiment too.

    Granted, baby steps - I totally get the idea of wanting to just launch the currently planned new progression server first and seeing what happens with that, especially given how the poll went - but seasonal leagues and challenges are definitely a fun idea. They get people progressing characters in a fun yet competitive way, which can be a very nice thing if implemented well.
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  19. Toredan Journeyman

    Got to admit, that's seriously cool. Never thought I'd read that, you get kudos for sure.
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  20. Dalinsia New Member

    I think what would be a great move by Day Break Game Company right now would be to support this project. Other than acknowledging they are cool as long as they don't bring out the velious expansion prior to the release of the upcoming progression. They could make this into a few small profitable servers.

    They could bring in the team who has made this project into what it is, and pay them some small compensation to manage and update the server with their time and effort. This would bring Day break out of the slums with the community, and show us they still care for the community.

    I't would also show Day Break the demand for such a server. They could charge for the character slots and stuff like that with out fluffing up the sever with freebies. They could charge for a download of the software currently to play the project. Having he project 1999 team and Day Break games running the server and hiring these guys rewarding them for their hard work and trying to bring the classics back.

    Technically we all know its Day Break Games intellectual property. Treat these guys kinda like Player studio but a little bit better. It would be awesome if some of the dev team could volunteer some time if permitted and help them get these servers up to classic mode and like it was truly in 1999 that would be awesome.

    I like seeing they are not going to give these guys a hard time and tie them up in legal BS which could have been the outcome, but Day break would look even worse to the community with all the recent stuff that has transpired and it wouldn't benefit either party.

    I just hope smed and the penny crunchers and the dev team can see a potential positive that could come out of a working relationship with these guys and breath like back into the EverQuest Franchise.
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