An Update & Announcement from Project 1999!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. Blankslate Elder

    Thanks for you thoughts. Still doesn't make much sense to me.

    If DGC is worried about competition from P99, they should sue the hell out of them and shut them down. I'm sure their copyright lawyers could have a field day with it. The theft of intellectual property is a serious issue in this country.
  2. Kahna Augur

    Lawsuits cost money and burn bridges. This option cost Daybreak nothing and left open the possibility of working with some talented and dedicated people to further the advancement of their project in the future. Daybreak made the smart choice.
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  3. asmodethenaughty Lorekeeper

    I think this is totally awesome news for DGC to announce. I wish certain other major MMO developers would follow DGCs lead and actually embrace their communities and listen to their fans.

    I would love to see the next step with some for form of collaboration between P99 and DGC so that we can get the classic zones back again, classic models, and classic spells and effects, even is this means downloading a separate Titanium client to play.

    Personally speaking I will still be paying to play on the Progression servers offered by DGC because of the type of experience they offer.
  4. Norathorr Augur

    There would also be a serious backlash from those on the fence. Strongarming p1999 would be a 100% guarantee that people like me would never ever play a Daybreak product again. I am open to playing live again if they fix many of the issues about it that I cant stand (for me pure melee class balance and cookie cutter content). If daybreak ever brought out a more classic style modern expansion I would be extremely interested in it. If they strongarmed p1999 which is the only place that has catered for the classic EQ fan since classic EQ I would boycott them and do my best to smear them on every last corner of the internet I could find:p Thankfully they have done the right thing and at least let us old boys keep our little patch to enjoy eq. If p1999 were gone I simply would not be playing eq as modern EQ is not my EQ.
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  5. Nadasdy New Member

    EQ is currently F2P, if it wasnt then p99 would be illegal. But since its not there really is no way for them to shut down any project unless they are making monetary profits off of it and can prove it. Previous F2P games have taken groups to court and lost.

    TLDR: There is no theft or copyright infringement.
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  6. Nolrog Augur

    Since Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't contacted me to father her children yet, I'd say it has no, it has not. Pigs aren't flying yet either.
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  7. Goth Augur

    I just want a server that locks on a particular expansion. The more popular ones. Like say Original EQ>PoP>OOW. I don't care about progression. But it would be neat to have a server that is always say PoP era EQ

    These servers would never go beyond this point. Allow X-Fers off only.
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  8. jagarr Augur

    this is pretty radical. does this mean that p99 blue2 could end up being the official pop-locked server that we could use live accounts on? it seems like you guys are going to be collaborating on a more serious level than just 'they're allowed to do that over there' !
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    If they had been that easy to shut down SOE would have done it long ago. Let's not forget it wasnt too long ago that people were banned from the forums for posting about P99.
  10. Samatman Augur

    This is great news. I'm happy that people passionate about Everquest can now openly discuss these kinds of projects.

    One question: any chance of code sharing to bring back some of the original zones (e.g. Freeport) to official classic/progression/special servers in the future?
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  11. svann Augur

    I calculate the chance to be X% = 1 - 0.999...
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  12. lolersnacks New Member

    Eh. If you remember properly, Sony has failed 3 lawsuits against emulation ... out of 3. I seriously doubt that they would have gone after another emulation place. Hell, when Geohotz finally hacked the PS3, they decided to settle out of court with him because they knew they'd lose the case.

    So you have two choices: Spend your time fighting an imaginary boogieman that you can't take down or do a gesture of goodwill towards the gaming community. Their choice was the best option.
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  13. genaro44 Lorekeeper

    I do hope there are plans to revisit the seasonal server idea once the purists are satisfied with their progression server. It seems like something that would appeal to all kinds of people who wouldn't normally care about progression at all. That was the impression I got observing casual conversations on live.

    As for the P1999 thing, that's really cool. When Daybreak came into the picture I think it was easy for people to say, and I paraphrase roughly "Blah blah Daybreak, blah, cashgrab, blah blah sunset." Now all bets are off. Makes me much more interested in and, I daresay, optimistic about, the future of what is obviously still a great game in so many ways. Too much time on the forums can make one forget that :)
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  14. Deadshade Augur

    P99 has something like 60 000 accounts and some 10 000 active accounts.
    A crushing majority of these are former EQ players.
    A large part are former EQ Progression server players
    And still an important part are Live EQ active players.
    These are in no way negligible numbers.

    So it is clear that there are many more links between Daybreak EQ player basis and P 99 player basis than one could think on the first view.
    And when both are talking basically to the same people, then it is a much smarter move to be friends rather than ennemies.
    The first concrete results can already be seen on P99 boards where people write that this agreement lead them to decide to subscribe for the upcoming DB Progression servers (I belong to these people too).

    In any case kudos to DB for this smart move !
    I have seen in the past 16 years of MMO much slick talk about how paramount Customer oriented policies were but this is the first time I see a company to really do it.
    Even more surprising is that it comes from a pure investor (DB) who is supposed to understand nothing about games and not from a specialised MMO company.
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  15. Kravitz Augur

    Voted for the seasonal option too.

    Giving the community another same progression server option, that has failed 2x in the past was not the brightest decision. Lets face it, this progression server with the same ruleset as the previous ones will be one of the lowest population servers after the first few months. why do we keep going back to this?

    In about a year, people will start complaining and whining again about these progression servers because of the low population and ask for a server merge.

    At least with seasonal, there was reset switch so people can overpopulate it for the first few months, and then redo it all over. This just reaffirms that you guys still don't make good decisions after previous mistakes from the past.

    As for players shooting down the seasonal idea, giving players a vote option for the same style progression server as the last 2 was a bad decision to make. Considering it hasn't worked out well in the past, since both same rule sets as this one have had low populations playing on it after a matter of months. I could also add Mayong to this list even though it was a different ruleset.

    The game really doesn't need more servers, there isn't a population of players to make these ideal, as there aren't that many new players entering the game vs the ones quitting or flaking out after a few months. This is why season was the best option to begin with from a developer standpoint and the only option that should have been offered with a vote on how many expansions and how long the season should have run. This is a socially dynamic game and if there isn't many players to interact with people are not going to play on it.
  16. Tallor Lorekeeper

    O M G. i could not be happier to hear that Daybreak is collaborating with the P1999 team. Huge kudos. Hoping you two can put your heads together and come up with something great and classic, in addition to all you're doing now. I spent 8,000 hours in EQ near the turn of the millennium and would love to see more collaboration. Bravo !!!!!
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  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Now when will you make the Al'Kabor client and code base available for EQEmu players so that a true to era, PoP time lock server can be created?

    Or better yet, resurrect Al'Kabor! 90-96% will do.
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  18. Ziggy Augur

    Daybreak is showing me something here - even though the people are pretty much the same, this never would have happened with Sony.

    I am hopeful that Rogean and crew will involved in the re-creation of the old eq that we love so much. Its a win-win for daybreak.
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  19. Kunon Augur

    P99 and "our" EQ (Prog Servers) are very different game experiences so they aren't really in competition with each other. To use EQ terminology P99 is a true Hardcore Heritage version of the game that DGC couldn't and wouldn't support and that would never pass a vote. P99 is old school EQ in all of its glory, but also with all of its maddening short comings from back then. The differences are more than the similarities. From the limitations DGC has from sharing a single database for Prog Servers to the way that the IP rules on P99 attempt to recreate the "feel" of old school EQ.

    So DGC gets to sell Titanium for a profit. P99 gets to exist without worry. Win for both sides.
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  20. Ironwu New Member

    Nice move, but...

    The only way this really means anything is if :

    1. Daybreak sells or provides for free the Everquest Titanium client


    2. Daybreak allows P99 to sell or provide for free the Everquest Titanium client

    So, please pick one and do it. Otherwise, meaningless gesture.
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