An Update & Announcement from Project 1999!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. Jezzie Augur

    First I heard of this. I didn't know Dayse but I watched the vid of FoH (Flowers of Happiness) guys heading over to see his family for either the funeral or a memorial, something like that.
    They seemed like a good bunch and it was nice to see them come together to go see the kids family.
    Sirken ought to be ashamed, you NEVER speak ill of the dead. No class.
    Quite an achievement to get both feet in your mouth at the same time.

    btw. never played p99 so my incredibly low opinion of Sirken is based solely on his big mouth in the above video clip.
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  2. Disastrus New Member

    Don't forget the guild associated with the white power movement, who finally got their name changed because the racism was finally too blatant, but their players are still protected by the member of staff they have on speed dial. One member of said guild has been trading adderall for in-game items. The person who sold the item got banned but the drug dealer still enjoys a carefree gaming life with no worries. I didn't care for the racism, sexism and homophobia that is their community.
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  3. Zarakii Augur

    o_O now i want to play p99 to troll these people
  4. Disastrus New Member

    They pretty much have their run of the server. Imagine a whole guild with amulets of necropotence in PVP with no nameplates. They also have a huge number of twinks in fungi tunics griefing new people in the low level areas like CB, MM and CoM. You can't win against people who have staff in their pocket.
  5. Disastrus New Member

    In newer news. Staff turns a blind eye to top guilds exploiting, then the guild selling the plat on platinum seller websites. Someone needs to take control over there.
  6. Coka Lorekeeper

    Yeah and some how Rogean has got Daybreak to turn a blind eye to him making cash off their game!
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  7. Agrippa Augur

    The way they keep catering to the RTS crews, it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out our team here is on the take.
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  8. Disastrus New Member

    They are raking in literally thousands of dollars. One member, just recently "banned" spent $10k purchasing characters. He's back after te ban, with BIS items transferred over, and he's being PL'd. The payer who sent something like 22 adderall to another player for an in-game item, suddenly "retired" and s playing under a different account name because of the possible liability. P1999 is a festering hole of hate and racism and selling pixels for real money.
    One thing to resolve the RMT scandals is to wipe the server clean and make everyone start over again. For some reason, they refuse to take that measure, even tough it would massively disrupt the sale of literally, millions of platinum pieces.
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