Allow running 2 accounts on one machine

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    OMG I had to login to post this. First of all, the beauty of TLP is that there are lots of players in your level. You won't be sitting for 2 hours LFG because there will be hundreds of people trying to level up like you. The boxing make sense on live server because most of the people are high level and you need to level up with a small group of people that just started playing.
    The ruleset is set to prevent boxing because they don't want players like you to ruin the experience for everybody. If you want to box I am not sure why don't you do it in other servers. Unless your main goal is to perma camp something and sell it to make lots of pp.
  2. Machentoo Augur

    This is only true during the first few months of a TLP, or right after new expansion launches. Unless you want to do the classic-->PoP treadmill a bunch of times, planning on having a box that lets you do stuff when you don't have a group is a good ideaa.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Yea... Even on Agnarr, which was a wildly popular TLP I wouldn't prefer to solo/1-box.

    As servers age, maybe it makes sense to lighten up the True box. For example, at POP you can 2-box, then sometime after that when the game is entirely instanced you can mass box (because nobody even cares). From my understanding, the Live servers even allow macaroni boxing. If you allowed boxing but blocked macaroni, then that'd even be a small compromise. But again these late expansions are all instanced, so who cares.

    I feel for these folks that are sticking with old servers, even Phinny because they have a real uphill battle with, not only attrition, but DBG making so many new TLP's to literally fraction the population into crippling low numbers.
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    Damn, this thread. 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. But it was like watching a train wreck... I couldn't help myself.
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    Not offended I am just very direct. It did sound bias. Either way thanks for the info on your friend; you have any idea how much they have made?

    I am working and living in Shanghai but I am not huárén. Recently made a post in guild recruitment but not a single response. The connection you make with Chinese and Krono farming is uncalled for, such a small percentage of the population.

    I like you to 8oP

    Anyways thanks for all the info on this topic ch0rny; I know where to find you guys now. If I hadn't taken on another class maybe I'd say see you in game but EQ might be taking back seat, like it didn't anyway. Slapeloze nachten...
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    I remember how bad RF was, mage squads in every zone, but we'll never know because they haven't made a TLP with lots of picks, AoC's, and allowed boxing. I think the server would be just fine if there was a way to allow boxing without people's box armies stepping on everyone's toes: more picks, personal picks, revise the pick zoning to transport back to the zone ins or put in more restrictions to prevent pick-hopping.

    If they did this, I predict that the sustainable population on the server would last longer because eventually it will get to the point where you almost have to box just to get anything done.
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  7. DeseanJackson Augur

    A lot.

    Truebox serves a purpose, while it can be gotten around, it adds layer of risk to doing so and most wont spend the time doing so. Sorry they went with rule sets you don’t like, but they have confirmed neither will allow for one machine boxing. IIRC, they didn’t rule out next run of TLPs.
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    I don't disagree I'm sure if they solve the issue with more /picks, personal picks, pick hopping and roadblocks like certain keys, epic item roadblocks those are issues that always come up anyways but more so when a box player is beating you to them.

    One thing to consider is that when you start seeing mass boxing ( I put that into the 7+ category some might disagree) you also start thinking mass automation.

    Mass automation and mass boxing come hand in hand, since we all know no one is playing 12 or 18 or 24 or even 40 without automated help.
  9. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    I think that having pick egress players to the zone line would be beneficial regardless of the rule set. I've often wondered how taxing it would be on the servers if Daybreak implemented LDoN-style single-run instances for the especially popular dungeons - like a one-shot run through a dungeon, which could then be re-requested afterwards.
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    Automation or broadcasting? There is a big difference and while broadcasting that many toons with a large variance in classes effectively would probably be difficult doing it with lots of the same or similar classes would be fairly simple. Plus outside of raid targets once you get past a full group or two its just way overkill and rather pointless unless a person is just doing it to see if they can do it.