Allow running 2 accounts on one machine

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vainster, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Koshk Augur

    Sorry to be predictable. In my defense, it does get really old encountering these same downtrodden threads every day. After a while, the pressure to leave a sarcastic reply becomes pretty irresistible.
  2. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    It's pretty simple why we have truebox in effect.

    Case and point RF and LJ.

    No one wants that pile of garbage experience
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  3. Vainster New Member

    I have no idea what happened on those servers. I am not a suggesting a boxer friendly server. I am asking for 2 accounts per machine. No third party software especially not [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software]. This suggestion wouldn't allow a person to run an army with less hardware -- it would still continue to have an ergonomic load.
  4. Protagonist Tank

    Everyone heard what you're asking for. You're being given an answer.

  5. Vainster New Member

    you represent every player on mangler and selo ? And a 116 views does not equate everyone..... get a grip dude
  6. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    Cool, and we'll keep asking. I guess you just enjoy popping in to say no?

    Even when Daybreak says no, do you think people will stop asking? I mean you're welcome to keep saying no, we're welcome to keep asking. One day, Daybreak will release a new boxable TLP, just as the old ones were, but with agents of change and all of the other things they caved on, and then whoever doesn't like it can simply not play on it.
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  7. Protagonist Tank

    Nope. And if I did, it still wouldn't matter since players aren't the ones telling you no.

    DBG is.

    They've answered this question. Their answer is no.
  8. Ceffener Augur

    They would probably have the same problem as people who have no computer or ones that can’t afford $15 a month for a subscription.
  9. Sandrito Elder

    I think one of the points the OP is trying to make is that you CAN box on TLP servers just like any live server. You just need cash in order to buy the extra hardware needed.

    This is more of a pay to win or elitist mentality, as those with disposable income can afford to do it, and poorer people can not.
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  10. Ceffener Augur

    Poorer people can not afford a PC that can handle as many clients either. Or the money to spend on multiple accounts as easily as others. Or Krono to get ahead, 40 slot bags, XP potions, etc. etc. Or they have to spend more time at work to be able to afford to play at all. When has more money and time not been an advantage?
  11. Protagonist Tank

    "I'm poor, why won't you let me pay $480 a month in subscription fees for a video game?"
  12. Koshk Augur

    Aneuren, you are correct. There's nothing wrong with having different preferences, asking for things, or advocating something they want. That is what some people get upset.

    First, because the tone of many posts is that of entitlement. I want. I deserve. DBG promised. Why won't they do XYZ? How can they be so stupid for not doing what is so obviously the right course of action. My course of action. They must be dumb, not like money, worst Devs ever. Etc, etc, etc. It's terrible reading this kind of thing.

    Second, because asking over, and over, and over again, wanting different results? That's a form of trolling. It's like asking your parents for the same thing, repeatedly, on a loop. DBG has specifically said, multiple times: it's not happening this year.

    Mangler and Selos haven't even released. It's most likely 1+ years before the next major round of TLP servers. Yet here we are. Hearing the same old arguments, the same entitled rants. Every. Single. Day.

    If this was December 2019, or sometime in 2020? Sure, I'd get it. Then it's time to bust out your soap boxes again. Try to plead your case.

    So yea, we're upset because it gets very frustrating, hearing the same entitled trolling every day. It would be nice if the forums could be used for helping players. Answering real questions. Providing useful information. Instead of being a giant complaint dumpster.
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  13. Vainster New Member

    You use the word "we" a lot as if you speak for everyone. you don't at the time you post are posting for yourself. You assume I have been reading the forum for the 3 years. Your assumptions would be very incorrect. I have just returned after 15 years 2 weeks ago.

    Your attitude is basically full of assumptions about me, and assumptions about the entire player base.... I don't even know where to begin. Stay on topic maybe to start with ? Add something to it or shut the up. No one is asking you to open this post and waste your time reading it
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  14. ch0rny Elder

    RF and LJ were poopshows with loads of gnomes running around each with 5 more gnomes following close behind all with names like Baff/Baffwizard/Baffmez/Baffheals/Baffwiztwo/Baffmage. You'd go somewhere and maybe get a camp with some chance at loot and all of a sudden Baff would show up and boom boom your camp away from you.

    Pro-boxers say that doesn't matter because only a few are like that. As if that makes it tolerable. They also say instances and AoC will fix it. Nobody addresses what-ifs like how much easier it will be for the bad Baffs to do their thing no matter how nice the good Baffs are. Or the Chinese farmers who do exist.
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  15. Koshk Augur

    I used that word only twice, actually. Though only once in the context you're implying.

    He asked why some of us get upset. That's was the topic. I replied with my answer. The end.
  16. Vainster New Member

    That is a good point, but trueboxing does nothing to address this. Let me assure of this. The baffs will use isoboxer on live and 6 laptops with usb numberpads on selo. The numberpads are a minor inconvience to people boxing groups.

    The spirit of my post is not for group boxing. It's for dual boxing which a very large amount of people do on TLP's. I just wanna have DBG recognise this and remove the unrealistic restriction. The combat mechanics of this game are too damn slow. I wanna box one extra character so EQ is more engaging rather then being super monotonous.
  17. ch0rny Elder

    You came back after 15 years and immediately got to power grinding to 38 on Coirnav in a quick 2 weeks? With that dedication, you don't need to box!
  18. mark Augur

    i wonder how many of those people that say we should keep truebox actually play the game currently and are in a guild,lockjaw and ragefire are low pop servers because there was no aoc,once god came out most of the drama was gone,give us a a nontruebox server with aoc .
  19. ch0rny Elder

    I would say truebox DOES address it if we have people begging daily to remove it. It makes it inconvenient enough that fewer people will do it. Coirnav does not have said hoards of gnomes. They exist, yes, but nowhere near like they did on RF/LJ.

    I personally don't care about dual-boxers, but would not play on a server if the armies got out of control again,
  20. Ceffener Augur

    I think your trolldar is on point tonight. Wish they would just sticky a thread up top for all beating of this dead horse. But hey I could make another forum account and start a new thread tomorrow, sounds like fun.

    He also managed the poll a very large number of players across the TLPs and learn how/if they box. A lot of dedication in just two weeks.