Allow running 2 accounts on one machine

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vainster, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Protagonist Tank

    Correct. Not on these servers. Which is what OP is asking for - boxing on these servers.

    So the answer to this question was "No." Exactly as said.
  2. xakanrn Augur

    Have no trouble letting people box 2 accounts on same PC tbh.
    I will remain a single account as i did even on ragefire
    But it probably opens up to abuse
    As it is look at threads people are willing to get 6 PCs to play(EQ community is well for use of a lighter word unique in their thinking)
    So we can still see this 12 man mage army if they let this happens
  3. ch0rny Elder

    I think we would see more than a lowly 12 man army. Anything that CAN be abused WILL be.

    I live in China and am in several QQ (Chinese chat app) groups for EQ Live and 2 of the TLPs. In the Coirnav group, there's a lady who literally runs a Krono farm. Go to Corinav and look who's selling AoE spots in The Deep 24/7 and you'll find her. She runs a small studio with 17 computers in it. She is planning to move to Mangler when it opens.

    Considering that people are more willing these days to spend more and more real money on this game, abusers WILL follow. They say that instances and AoC will make this kind of stuff obsolete, but it didn't on Coirnav. Just lessened it. Imagine what the Krono Shop gal would be doing with less restriction.
  4. Sandrito Elder

    Gotta love those self entitled whining millennials :)
    They are so easy to wind up
  5. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    I understand Koshk's points though, she or he isn't coming across unreasonable at all.

    Honestly, Daybreak facilitates this kind of drama by being so un-transparent. They rarely explain their decisions (shout out to Prathus, Pietro, Rathen, and a few others as the years have gone by that actually do - it's very appreciated). But the kind of meaningful discussions that need to be had with the player base need to be with someone in the organization that can actually explain (within reason) their goals and decisions, reflect meaningfully on player feedback, and spur change when it is fair to do so.

    If we players had even a small peak behind the curtains of their thinking, I believe a lot of animosity on these forums could be avoided.
  6. KateL7 Lorekeeper

    You will never win this battle by the way, I tried. The players are deliberately ignorant and DB just give them what they think they want. This thread proves it. All the "play on live then" proves it. Play on live with no players, or play on a progression server with some players but boring single box unless you setup your room like it is 20 years ago.
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  7. ch0rny Elder

    If all the boxers got together and chose the same Live server... or Test... there would then be plenty of players. What you want, it seems, is to be on a server with lots of non-boxers to fill out the population because a server full of boxers would be a gorram bore.
  8. Ceffener Augur

    If enough people actually existed that won’t truebox then the servers would have been a failure and truebox would have went away. As long as Truebox is seen as making the most money, it will stay. So vote with your wallets, proove that a server can not exist without boxing on a single machine.
  9. Thulack New Member

    Or maybe you should move on and try and find a game thats more engaging for you since the only way you seem to want to play this game is against the rules. Maybe the time has just come for you to move on. This is coming from someone who 3 boxed regularly years ago when i played.
  10. Korzu111 Elder

    I really would like to be able to run 2 accounts on my computer, too. +1
  11. Thulack New Member

    There are plenty of servers you can do that on. Have fun.
  12. Vainster New Member

    you want this game to have one (or two) less subs ? I mean what is it with people going off topic:

    1. Stay on topic.
    2. Don't try to find alternate solutions for me, I am trying to solve a problem that I am facing at the moment but what I am asking for should be discussed -- I am not looking for a solution to my problem I am asking for something specific.
    3. Don't try to invalidate the post -- DBG can delete the post if they want, I can ask for whatever I want -- thought policing is not needed.
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  13. Thulack New Member

    Or how about you just play by the rules they have already set and if you dont like it find something else to do with your life instead of trying to get the rules changes that only hurt servers instead of helping them. 1 person playing 2 characters does not make a server better. Just cause you dont like my opinion doesnt mean i cant give it so if you ask the question be prepared to hear things you dont want to. Also saying "stay on topic" then 2 seconds later saying "dont need policing" makes no sense lol. Then again trying to get something changed that doesnt need changed doesnt make sense either. Guess what its 2019 there are many other RPG's out there that you can play and get much more enjoyment out of without having to change the fundamentals of the game.
  14. Vainster New Member

    I'm not even going to reply to your arguments -- it's just tiring. Also, press enter once in a while, walls of text make you less credible.
  15. tryieq Journeyman

    I find it somewhat ironic that in a post defending your right to have an opinion on something your also attacking other people for having an opposing opinion to you.

    As for wanting to enjoy games that dont change EQ has changed fundamentally many many many times and it still is and will continue to do so!
  16. Koshk Augur

    I'll bite. Let's get back on topic. No alternate solutions. In your original post, there were just 2 sentences with question marks. We can assume you only want answers to those original questions. I will endeavor to police my other, non-topic thoughts.

    Q1: "What does this trueboxing restriction achieve other then punishing casuals from having a more engaging experience?"

    A1: It helps mitigate a potentially toxic environment, as demonstrated by early TLP servers, where players abused boxing and disrespected their fellow players.

    Q2: "Would it be too much to ask to alter the restrictions to 2 boxes per machine?"

    A2: You may ask (and have). DBG answered this question last month. I won't repeat what they said, but will allow you to read for yourself. Here is a link. You'll want to scroll to the middle of the page, and look for "Mepps" in red.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    2 words: Shards of Dalaya
  18. Dawdle Augur

    Lol non of this is stopping anybody. I also live in China and I don't find hardly anyone playing this game. EQ doesn't attract the big RMTers because no one really plays this game, it's old... So the fact you are even talking about China sounds bias to me.

    This is the deal, TLP's are populated and zones only support so many people. The more boxers DB allows the less camps there will be. People being people; they will try to monopolize resources to gain an edge. Allowing more boxing just causes more competition and fighting in game which in turn drives people away. It's not that they don't like the competition but there will always be a loser and a winner. When people lose and have no hope of winning they leave. DB switched to true-box servers after LJ and RF because allowing box armies clearly wasn't profiting them.

    At the end of the day EQ is pretty lucky it's not big enough to matter to the big RMTers. They code 3rd party and down right brake games for profit in many different ways but these guys invest a lot of time into it and don't want to get caught so they usually fly under the radar. Getting caught means losing. The people running armies, training at camps and causing tons of strife and problems in game are not big but they are also probably not capable of doing a lot of the other things the big guys are doing. Script kiddies cause problems not some guy laundering money through his RMT business.

    It's very cheap to run EQ on a laptop... The rules are clear and if some script kiddie wants to brake the rules to grief people because that's what they like then they will most likely get caught and on every TLP sense LJ/RF particular people have been banned. This has been better for the over all population of each server and even the RMT market because ghost towns are just bad all around. I don't think we will ever see another Non-True Box server outside of Live. EQ is an old MMO with a classic play style and that's it's charm. TLP's are all about Classic, if you want to box you have to play on Live.
  19. ch0rny Elder

    It isn't bias. I didn't claim there were TONS of people here playing. And I didn't claim my friend was a "big" RMTer. Just saying I'm friends with Haide and her studio. She IS a krono farmer and she would box more if she could. Her operation of Coirnav is enough to be noticed. The Coirnav QQ chat has 60 people who, so far, have almost all agreed to move to Mangler and most will be in our own guild. Many box on Coirnav and have asked if Mangler would be allowing more than true box. Live QQ chat has 119 people, unknown how many there are switching. With unlimited boxing, it would not take many individuals to negatively affect the general population of one server.

    Sorry if my example offended you.

    BTW.. where in China are you? I'm up North in Dalian.
  20. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    I like you =p
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