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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Fenthen, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. Fenthen Augur

    I feel that this is a terrible change. Is there to be no longer an easy way to determine days left on membership/Krono for multiple characters?
  2. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Ew, yeah I don't like that but why did they do that? No one complained, no one asked for it. Yet there are numerous other easy fixes we have asked for and are not getting.

    Maybe the 10,000 players who purchased lifetime accounts have no need of this option?

    If your a paying account then you could still open the DB Marketplace and on the upper left where your monthly "claim" is then it will show when your next bill date is.
  3. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    Claim time does not equal when your time runs out. It just is 1 month from your last claim which for most people might be the same but in no way does the claim timer equal your days left.
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  4. Pharone Elder

    I hate that this feature was removed.
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  5. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    I liked that feature.. Kept me on track, please bring it back.
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  6. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    So you get the claim on the first day of your current billing cycle. Its good for 30 days and if you don't claim it in 30 days then you lose it.

    If you do claim it then there is a line that says your next claim date is X. The X is your next billing date.

    How is that not related?

    I will go drink some more coffee and see if I understand that your saying.
  7. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    Because the date on there is 30 days from your claim. If you activate a fresh account and wait 10 days to claim your 500 points, the claim date will be 30 days from the claim of the 500 points. It's not 30 days from krono consumed.
  8. KermittheFroglok Augur

    People have been complaining about it being wrong for awhile, below is a link to the most recent thread. The Devs decision was to remove it because fixing it probably wasn’t worth the level of effort.


    I think I’m in the camp of “just log into the website and check” camp. Unless you use Krono, it’s really not that big a deal. If you use Krono, it’s not game breaking. I’d rather see nothing than an unreliable number.
  9. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    No, no it's not. Have had accounts subscribed for years but I will claim the 500 cash at various times during the period. Next claim dates never change when a claim occurs.
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  10. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    DBC is awarded on the billing date. You cannot move the billing date. So it doesn't matter when you claim them - you have 30 days from the billing date. If my billing date is the 15th of the month then I have till the next month on the 15th to claim it.

    If I don't claim it till the 28th then I will lose it on the 15th of the next month cause that is the billing date and that is when we are awarded new claim. It will not carry to the 28th of the next month.

    I think we are both saying the same thing in different ways.
  11. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    This is due to krono not counting the same as a credit card. Krono credits exactly 30 days whereas a credit card billing date is always the same. If your credit card is charged on the 3rd of the month then you get to the next month on the third be it 28, 29 or 31 days.
  12. Fenthen Augur

    It's pretty unreasonable to demand all accounts log onto the website to check time remaining, or be RANDOMLY DISCONNECTED WITHOUT WARNING while you are logged in and playing.
  13. CrazyLarth Augur

    well I thought this was about performance why the game go find a value each log in.
  14. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I suspect this is because of the volume of petitions/bug reports from people saying their total days remaining is wrong. It may seem easier to sweep this aside to avoid the potential problem.

    However, the cynic in me thinks it could be so that people like me are inadvertently pushed off of their cheap annual subscriptions if they forget to check their account before the time expires. I use prepaid cards yearly to get my $89.99 annual rate, and if I am not paying attention (since finding the days remaining will now be obscure), I will end up missing out and reverting to the standard rate.
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  15. zarcal Elder

    I am going to go a different way and say "the new plan" is All-Access is free, pay for more stuff down the road but likely not :)
  16. PSilent Bohb New Member

    So, just to get this right. There's no way IN GAME to see how much time is left on your accounts?

    You now expect us to log into the forum, on every single account, to monitor?

    Not even an in game '/sub' where it tells us when the Sub ends? Should be pretty easy to code.

    Let's instead disconnect you, force you to log over to a free server (FV), end your camp/raid on your main to login there to transfer and use a KR, to get ya back going?

    Or, I know! Brilliant idea! Spend 4 minutes, per account, logging in, to get an accurate date. Then set a google calendar reminder to pop a KR by that date. OH and HOPE YOU DON"T POP IT ON THE WRONG TOON! Or you're going back to FV and have to go through all your accounts AGAIN to find the one you used an extra on!
  17. Marton Augur

    I hate that this was removed.
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  18. Ferina New Member

    Such a bad idea to remove it Please bring it back !!!
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  19. KermittheFroglok Augur

    I can’t tell if you’re joking or serious. But for others, you don’t log into the forum, you log into the main EQ site. You can just bookmark the account management page, and log in. Bam problem solved. Tested it, level of effort for 3 accounts, 2 minutes. It doesn’t take anywhere near 4 minutes “per account” to check your time left, if it does you probably have bigger internet latency issues to worry about that impact your gameplay.
  20. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Am just going to put this out there and I have verified it on all my paying accounts:

    If you bring up the marketplace in game then where it shows "your reward expires" - that is your next bill date. You are awarded 500 dbc on your bill date. Go ahead and compare it to what it shows in account management instead of arguing with me here.

    So there is that way that may be easier for some.
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