Fixed Internally All Access Days reported is consistantly wrong!

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Heijoshin, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Heijoshin New Member

    I have noticed over the past year that the 'All Access Days Left' reported in the inventory window is consistantly contradicting itself. Some days it will be accurate, others it will state you have more days than you actually do, then other days it will state you have less. Today I logged into a toon that reported having 5 days left on all access. Two hours later the toon was booted from the game. When I immediatly logged back into the account it was set to 'Silver'. What happened to my 5 days left?????

    Please fix this, currently the 'All Access Days Left' counter in the inventory window cannot be trusted. I want my 5 days back for the Krono that was used on that account!
  2. Heijoshin New Member

    Another thing that a few of us have noticed is that as soon as a Krono is used the time reported is also inconsistent. Some accounts show 30 days when used where as others show 29. Can we please get an explanation as to these variations?

    Also I may as well point out that krono prices are messed up. The website makes you belive that buying more is actually better for the purchaser, however if you do the math the price of krono goes UP as you purchase more, not DOWN. The only real savings is when you go from buying 1 to 2. Anything after 2 is increasing in price by a fraction of a cent.
  3. Derd Augur

    Every krono is reduced in price by approximately 1 dollar in all the multiple batches. No idea how you came up with your math.
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  4. Heijoshin New Member

    Yes 1 dollar from the original price of 1 krono. Do the math across the board.

    1 KR = 17.99
    2 KR @ 33.99 = 16.995 per krono
    5 KR @ 84.99 = 16.998 per krono - went up from 2
    10 KR @ 169.99 = 16.999 per krono - went up again
    25 KR @ 424.99 = 16.9996 per krono - went up again

    IDK about you but when I buy in bulk I expect the price to keep dropping the more I buy, not go up by a fraction of a cent... So my math is correct as per what I stated, I am just using more precision in my math than you.

    The big issue here that I reported is the "days left" issue in the inventory window. Krono prices are moot compared to not actually being 100% sure of how much time you have left on your account and if your being shorted or not.
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Are you logging in through the patcher every time? Bypassing it will usually result in odd things with respect to account infromation.

    The few times that I have bypassed it in the past always gave me wierd issues concerning that account. Logging out and back in with the patcher always fixed it.
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  6. Heijoshin New Member

    You may be on to something, but I see this when logged in from the patcher just the account may be logged in for an extended period of time swapping from playing to online trader mode without exiting the game and going through the login process for a week or so at times. Sometimes I just leave the game at character select until I am ready to play to save from logging in. So it may be possible that the "days left" counter in the inventory UI is getting skewed over time.
  7. Ferina New Member

    Thanks for moaning about this now they have removed all access days left and causing a nightmare for people with multiple accounts. great job
  8. dreadlord Augur

    Absolutely this
    Now if only they would respond so swiftly to the real issues that cause so many many players real problems that make things unplayable

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