Admit the mistake, redo poll, delay all this for 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Templeton, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. Templeton Augur

    This talk of a borked poll and server transfers (which should be the LAST resort always)... This really has been a . They are going to hurt both servers and cause a massive amount of bad feeling among their paying customers.

    DBG needs to just come clean, say we screwed up with our poll, and we will be holding a new one over the next two weeks.

    A. 3 months from server launch.
    B. 6 months from server launch

    Winner takes all. That's it. it's that simple. I would have a lot more respect for them than this desperate betrayal of the result. Let's remove doubt and get a clear result. Once and for all.
  2. Eleusis Elder

    I'm rerolling on a SNES

    Zelda here I come
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  3. Detheb Augur

    So, NOW The vote doesn't count right? The vote that was voted on by players on the TLP is somehow now a real vote, yet the one that was posted before the server even started was legit? Thats what i've been hearing a lot lately.
  4. Glistarian Augur

    It's pretty clear the poll was just a cover for what they wanted to do all along. In that sense it worked just fine.
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  5. Porygon Augur

    I think the poll was handled perfectly fine. Everyone gets what they want!
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  6. Sinzz Augur

    think decision made is the best and could have done from start had they the foresight to know there would be two servers this probebly what they would have done.
  7. Kunon Augur

    They have admitted their biggest mistake with what they are doing with the servers. 2 servers with different unlock schedules. It was argued about endless for over a month, but now they have finally come around.
  8. Templeton Augur

    Do I? Do others?

    Do we on RF get to stay in our guilds, keep our friends list, and our names, and get the result that we voted for and won with the poll?

    I wasn't under that impression.

    The bad feeling from the 'interpreted' result and ripples from mass transfers will be terrible for both community and player retention. It still can be won back though with a little humility from Holly and her crew.

    Just give the servers a clear poll with a clear result that isn't open to the interpretation and stick by the result. Most people are not pissed off by the actual result, they are actually pissed off because they feel cheated and betrayed. This can be fixed.

    If the bulk of casual players, the guys that buy the bulk of krono, transfer, they lose all social connection to their game and are infinity more likely to just leave. This game is built on community. This just isn't good business.
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  9. Ducreux Augur

    I mean if you believe the polls were rigged and that more people want to unlock Kunark at 6 months on Ragefire won't the unlock vote fail in 3 months? What's the problem?
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  10. Friday Augur

    Why prolong the agony? Make your choice. Accept the consequences. Back to EQ (or real life if you just cant get on with it).
  11. Prathun Developer

    This is not what we wanted.
    It would be much easier for our team if both servers remained on the 6 month timeline. We wouldn't need to support character transfers, prep Kunark while waist-deep in the Campaign effort, or maintain two servers with staggered unlock schedules. This is not the ideal outcome for us, and we're putting in extra work to attempt to give those interested in max nostalgia or early unlock a place to play the way they'd like.

    Also, if we did what we wanted, the TLP servers would be on a seasonal ruleset. :p
  12. Vaclav Augur

    Well obviously, Mr. Pratt after the worldwide success of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World you'd want to slack - but I don't think the rest of the team has your busy film schedule.
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  13. Elkay Augur

    After reading all of the problems with transfer/merger/guild-ties/friend-ties/oh-no-not-my-home, would it be easier on your end to entertain a new server altogether instead? Might be something to discuss with the team.
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  14. vardune Augur

    Well if you did that seasonal server you would have alot less sub. That was and is a terrible idea. Hope you habdle the transfer like a merge. All at once and maintain names and guild names for the original owner, the oldest.
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  15. Numiko Augur

    I've never seen anyone explain just what a seasonal server is, except it has something to do with the game Diablo? I never played that game so have no idea what it entails or why it would be a good thing.
  16. Templeton Augur

    This is essential IF the transfers go ahead, though I honestly do not think they should. Like I say, transfers should be the very last resort.

    IF you are gonna do transfers, at least throw them a bone to the guys that being asked to lose every social connection, or put up with a progression that they didn't vote for (and actually won). Let them keep their names if they created the character first.
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  17. Iila Augur

    It's a server that's either a race to beat X expansion, or see how far along you can get in X time.

    Then it resets, and runs a new challenge. Maybe some kind of reward like titles to winners or for checkpoints reaches in previous runs.
  18. Porygon Augur

    You got a progression server.
    You got an afk timer boot so you can log in.
    You got instanced starting zones to decrease the clutter.
    You got instanced zones throughout to make the game easier.
    You got updated raid times and mobs.
    You got a poll.

    Now you have a server that was guaranteed (for the most part) to be at 6 months. And you're complaining because friends and your name?

    Grow up. Get a grip. Play the game and sup whining. It's already been catered to you at every turn.
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  19. Mezrah Augur


    So under your plan, people on LJ could have their characters renamed, I am sure that lots of people on LJ will fully support that...Given the debacle that was the launch, with the multiple attempts to launch and the wipes, it is impossible to determine who actually got the names first, so why should the people transferring from RF to LJ get the name? If they wanted it so badly, they should have had the foresight to create a toon with the name when LJ launched, I did that for my 3 accounts "just in case".
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  20. Templeton Augur

    Well, you know what, those guys are staying on their home server, getting to keep their friends list, and their guild. It's a forced move for those that have had the rug pulled out from under them on RF, the vast majority would prefer to stay where they are with the rule set that they voted for. Those guys didn't create this situation, yet they should pay every cost?

    It should be treated in the same manner as a merge name wise.
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