9-12-17 test patch notes = more massive nerfs?!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Maedhros, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Anastasis Elder

    And this is the issue here.. for you the tank nerfs are nothing, but for guilds that are still working on progression, they are a hard nerf.
    I always wonder, if it is so mind-numbingly easy, why don't you take off some armor to reduce your AC, tell the cleric not to heal you, and stop using any of your spell to tap for your hp? :rolleyes:
  2. Sindaiann Augur

    Because when you raid like that it's about efficiency. Trying to beat events as fast as possible, beat your personal best in dps/etc, and play as best as possible.

    Anything else just wastes the time of 53 other people and for a father of 4, that is not ok.
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  3. kizant Augur

    Which nerf and what content are you talking about? If one of these is that game changing then explain why and maybe it'll be reconsidered. But I think you're just exaggerating a few small nerfs that will mostly likely be made up for in a couple months anyway.
  4. bbanz Elder

    Curious why they didn't wait until Beta to try out these changes first.
  5. Stymie Lorekeeper

    With no news on the next expansion I wonder if we're getting ready for critical maintenance. They've been pretty quiet lately.
  6. kizant Augur

    Yeah who knows. But I can say that it's sometimes better to test changes one piece at a time and not too much at once.
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  7. Reht Augur

    Limited dev resources and time during beta most likely. Personally, i would be thankful they are doing this in advance of beta, there is a better chance they are going to get it right than if they try to do it all in the short beta window; better chance of less buggy expansion this way in my opinion.
  8. Brohg Augur

    Agree. Wish they'd do Necro dots this way, too.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Oh, i completely differ on this general statement.
    Consider the alternative:
    They do smaller changes "up" until "it" is where they think it should be.
    Instead of one (or several, resulting in a) big step up only to then take away again.
    "taking away" is always negatively received, at least initially.
    While "getting" is always positively received.
    And yes, this IS totally about "feelings" and "impressions" and "subjective".

    Tell that to the people that haven't yet gotten their essence2 immunities...
    When people reach a point where it's basically only hitting their heads into that virtual wall being built UP as they try to break it, it's quite the opposite of "keeping the game worth playing"!

    Yet, the "racers" that beat the expansion in comparable easy.mode (events were only tuned UP over time) never had to suffer, only the "weaker" guilds.
    I see a pattern there, even if you don't.
    And neither a good nor a healthy one.

    "fixing things they didn't mean to do in the first place"
    This is simply a sign of VERY bad game design.

  10. Skvoid Elder

    I am surprised druids have remained so OP for so long. I think it's because to get the most out of them requires a lot of thought and therefore not a lot of druids can do what's possible on the class, but good druids can sustain 350k dps over an entire fight and keep group alive while providing amazing ADPS with black wolf and aura, seeing 4 6 million dot ticks on a single spell line (think a 8million dmg tick is the most I have seen so far) . It makes me wonder why I play a DPS class as my main when a druid would provide more dps more utility and obviously excellent healing as well.
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  11. Smellyogres New Member

    Do they actively recruit devs that hate this game? Here is an idea, find some way to make the game less enjoyable to the players that dump money into the game. Simply announce a sunset date for the game and let us know how long we have until we have to start playing on private servers, please.
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  12. kizant Augur

    I don't disagree with this sentiment but it's not as easy as it sounds. Just because they would 'think' a change would be small doesn't mean it will be. Plus the scope of the change doesn't mean people won't complain about it in 20 page threads. They'd probably just be prolonging the pain for everyone for no real benefit. And they do have other work to get done. Slowly staging every change they want to make is going to slow down everything they need to do.
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  13. Wizlard Augur

    The sky is falling again in the EQ forums! The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling!
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  14. Drogba Augur

    I literally hear King's Quest VII's rendition of that line when these sorts of threads pop up.
    (A circular block of cheese falls into the town fountain, but he thinks that it's the moon, and runs around town wailing 'the sky is falling!').
  15. Wizlard Augur

    Every single time threads just like this happen, and every single time life goes on as normal. It's ridiculous. Here's to threads like this being ignored because every month there's one, and every month life goes on.
  16. p2aa Augur

    I laugh at the high tier raiding guild tanks that say things are too easy, nerf stuff.
    Low tier raiding guilds that still try to progress in EoK will have tanks with a 12 % defensive proficiency versus high tier tanks who had 30 % defensive proficiency when they beat the expansion. A 18 % difference damage difference, for guilds who tank way longer because their DPS is way inferior.
    And that's coming from a high tier raiding warrior who has beaten EoK months and months ago while I had a 30 % defensive proficiency.
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  17. yepmetoo Augur

    I don't mind major changes even if I don't agree or like them. What I do mind are stupid changes that don't accomplish what the developers apparently or expressly intend.

    For example, no problem here with nerfing weapon stances. Never should have existed in the first place. But the problem is that you balanced several expansions of content around them, and the only people it hurts are low end guilds still struggling. If you're going to do this, pair it with a nerf on whatever events are bottlenecking guilds as a token of good faith.

    Combining helix with demand for honor for paladins is dumb. No way around it. Just dumb, please don't. Guess its a good thing almost no undead run, since it is now a waste.

    Like some other people said, please unnerf valorous rage, so we can maybe do 1/2 the dps of an sk in raid burns instead of 20%.
  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    And since down-tuning events is just as bad and shouldn't be done
    (just as the constant "make these events harder and harder" should not have happened AFTER the "racing guilds" beat them!),
    the only sensible decision would be to simply not go live with this crap of a "patch".
    Not in it's present state at least, with the nerfs included.
    Of course i'd like to see the promised (but probably not noticeable) chat-fixes to go live.
    But since a branch is a branch, the only sensible option is to not go through with this and re-package the changes into a new branch without the absolutely stupid nerfs.
  19. Zehn Lorekeeper

    It doesn't matter what my defensive prof is ... period. I will find a way to tank my mob regardless of the situation. When my guild beat the expansion my gear was not as good either. I play better because I know what buttons to press, not because of some magic gift a dev may have given me.
  20. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I don't get this!?!

    Yes, when we beat the expansion our gear was not "as good" either.
    Probably similar to that gear of those guilds that are still trying to beat it.
    But when we beat it, as he said, WE had the "whole" mitigation.
    And in some cases less hard events too - they were tuned up, if you don't remember.
    Ok, so now we're in full EoK gear and tank these events with less "effort".
    And OUR healers are immune and can crit.
    As you say, WE tank the mobs, and our healers can most likely keep up even though we too take more damage.

    But what if we had had this back when WE were trying to beat the expansion?
    As he said:
    The ones that will suffer from this patch the most is not us, who have beaten the expansion already.
    It's those still working on it!

    So yes.. compared to when this patch will have gone live, your tanking WAS "better" because exactly of "some magic gift from (or rather: not taken away by) a dev".

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