9-12-17 test patch notes = more massive nerfs?!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Maedhros, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Millianna Augur

    There probably reducing the amount of abilities that require keys to use. My guess is they will add more to disc ang aa with expan.
  2. Sindaiann Augur

    Most sks could use 5 or 6 taps that worked. Now with the lvl change being within 6 it actually limits how many taps function with it.

    On paper it looks good based on the increased return per tap but I'd bet based on less taps functioning with it you actually return less total. Best part is its passive which means constant, so hypothetically better long term. Have to play with it

    Worst one for sk was Thought Leech can't twin now in this patch imo
  3. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Elder

    Magician - Consolidated Virulent Talon to be ranks 23, 29-32, and 38-41 of Frenzied Burnout. Activating Frenzied Burnout now triggers the additional Virulent Talon buff. Adjusted the number of strikes triggered by Virulent Talon to account for the reduced reuse time.

    No thank you! There are times when we want these to fire independently.
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  4. Sheex Augur

    Didn't the patch notes say ours was getting reduced too? Hopefully it was an oversight?

    Also lol. We've gotten so all powerful that guilds actually want us on rosters now? Oh, the humanity.
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  5. Horyuken Augur

    I like it, #sopowa
  6. Sissruukk Augur

    Bards don't need kick, they are already using their feet/legs for other things to twist those tunes:
  7. Ghubuk Augur

    I would hope that sk harmonious would be somewhat more powerful as it is also more situational. There are many times you dont want to have an ae aggro harmonious in use whereas there are far fewer times a single target harmonious is bad to use.
  8. sojero Augur

    ours is getting reduced. it no longer has the % hate added, just the 14k ae on proc. the single target part is getting cut in half too dmg/heal.
  9. Lianeb Augur

    The SK version was 4% and 14k+
    It is getting changed to hate override AND 14k+ hate

    Warrior version was 4% and 8k+ hate
    It is getting changed to hate override AND 2k+ hate

    See the difference here
  10. sojero Augur

    Don't know what your getting at Lianeb, if you are referring to the reduction of war vs sk, yep I know, wasn't commenting about that.

    If you are referring to your AND, the hate over ride is the 14k and 2k, the initial hate is set to 1, just like SK terrors. So you only get the 2k and 14k, that how over rides work, its not more than that. The sk one will still have an additional hate from the life tap part of theirs as well, but again that is less now too.

    So before ours were 4% total agro + 14k/8k respectively and now its 1 agro + 14k/2k agro. The 4% agro was what made it stupid to begin with.

    [50008] Expansive Disharmony III
    Target: Caster PB
    AE Range: 50'
    Resist: Magic -100
    Focusable: Yes
    Reflectable: No
    Casting: 0s
    Hate: 2419
    1: Increase Hate by 1

    [50130] Expansive Distraction III
    Mana: 10
    Target: Caster PB
    AE Range: 50'
    Resist: Unresistable
    Focusable: Yes
    Reflectable: No
    Casting: 0s
    Hate Mod: +14641
    1: Increase Hate by 1
  11. YellowBelly Augur

    They put so little thought into how these AA merging lines will affect players sometimes. Necros used to have Wake The Dead and Army of the Dead as two different lines. Wake the dead was good as a situational AA because it brought one mob back to life and it was able to cast if the corpse was a caster. Army of the Dead just brings back pure melee mobs. They merged the lines and we are stuck without our cool Wake The Dead situational pet.

    Please just stop with the AA consolidation Devs. Seriously, just stop.
  12. bbanz Lorekeeper

    Would this be the most nerfs in a patch in EQ history? Don't believe I've seen so many adjustments at once.
  13. fransisco Augur

    Dev just posted that the single target SK and War abilities are also seeing an agro decrease
  14. Elnn New Member

    There was a multiple page thread about these monk changes when they accidentally put some of the code in early a few weeks ago (only lasted a day or so before it got changed back), where nearly everyone thought it was bad and/or extremely random. A couple people tried to be optimistic. A few of us raised concerns about what these changes would mean for our class and utility.

    As expected it was all entirely ignored. Horrible, not thought out changes that are going to make monks amazingly have even less contributable utility than they currently do... which is impressive since we have almost nothing to begin with.

    Literally noone is going to un-autoskill Flying Kick so that they can have the opportunity to manually hit Round Kick to do a tiny stun (now up to 1.5 secs, where Stunning Kick was 3 secs), and if they do they are hurting their dps (and QOL) badly.

    So poorly thought out. So incredibly random. No one asked for this.
  15. Tinyfeet Elder

    Thanks for this, needed a laugh and now I'm gonna think of this every time I see a bard in-game.
  16. Lianeb Augur

    That is my point.
    you lost the 4% aggro and so did Warriors. You kept the same 14k Hate but warriors dropped from 8k to 2k in the same nerf.

    Though this looks to have been addressed
  17. Nerkina New Member

    I find that aggro across tank classes varies widely, paladin harmonious was weak comparatively to the other tanks abilities. I hope next expansion addresses some of these issues
  18. sojero Augur

    Yeah, guess i don't know why you quoted me as you just reaffirmed what I had said, and yeah seeing the other reduced too just evens it. Never used it much myself so doesn't actually effect me at all. actually I am happy as it will keep those "special" sk at bay with it now. Also might start using it as it wont be insane agro now.

    Other than that hope all is going well with you man.
  19. Thrillho Augur

    I'm trying to be optimistic about it. I think from the previous thread it was mentioned this is meant to be an overall increase in DPS for us, which we've been asking for for ages. Adding another kick to our kicks (...I didn't realize Xzibit was a dev) is going to do that.

    Losing the stun portion is the only thing I'm a bit sour about.

    If they could change thunderkick to fire with these extra kicks (as well as fire for all the kicks, not just FK), as well as change Heel to fire with all kicks, I could see monks changing it up for different situations. As it stands, FK will reign in 98% of situations, RK for 2%, and K won't be used at all.

    Edit: $*#%! I was trying to avoid posting in both threads. Why do we have two threads? Close this one and lets use the one that was meant to be used in the first place. No need to have the same conversation in two spots.
  20. Maedhros Augur

    I made this thread before it was ever posted in the official section. The way I see it not very many people pay much attention to the test area of the forums, and just read the posts that find their way to the veterans lounge. There is a short amount of time to provide feedback before this crap goes live next week and the more people that get involved and provide that feedback the better wouldnt you agree?
    That being said, yes, if anyone wants to provide feedback that the devs will actually read, your best bet is to post it on the official thread https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...09-12-2017-patch-notes-and-discussion.243772/
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