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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zarakii, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. Fooba Elder

    Just responding to Axxius.
  2. Whulfgar Augur

    Why so much venom on some one who is proud of their guilds achiv's ?

    Stop the hate .. be proud of your tag, an be all that you can be !

    GO JOE

    And sup Foob, grats dude !
  3. Silv Augur

    Completely off topic bragging posts indirectly responding to another post that was already inaccurate shouldn't be praised. I'm not trying to diminish their achievements because it's awesome they did that. It has nothing to do with being 'proud of your tag'.
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  4. Sheaffer Augur

    Can you eli5 what made the raid so hard? How did it compare to other super tough raids from eq history like sep5 or whichever one of the raids from solteris who's name escapes me right now?

  5. Zarakii Augur

    because they said so come on better then the sleeper kill? now thats just being big headed
  6. Iila Augur

    Someone was saying that roi was only good because of <reasons>. Foob is bringing up the fact that we beat a raid that literally every other guild gave up on in it's original state, and we beat it because of things that had nothing to do with <reasons>.

    RoI streams raids every week at twitch.tv/roiguild, if you see any /stickers, feel free to call them out.
  7. Silv Augur

    Ah- okay. Apologies then. I misinterpreted the post and didn't realize it was in reference to debunking "reasons". This thread has become so convoluted that it's become a bit of a challenge to piece together appropriately.

    Speaking of which... how is this reaching 10 pages?!
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  8. Fooba Elder

    What made it hard was the amount of teamwork and communication required, the fact that a single mistake from most classes would mean a wipe, and the amount of time spent wiping to develop a working strat. I wouldn't say it was harder than sep5.

    I could be wrong, but from what I heard about the Sleeper, it was just a chain rez, zerg/lag fest of like 200 people from different guilds which couldn't have been that coordinated in a time when vent/ts wasn't really used and who were about to beat it on the first attempt before it was despawned.
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  9. Iila Augur

    This is the best question in the thread.
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  10. Zarakii Augur

    yes you are absolutely right its not people getting used to a new mechanic its them waiting on a new script because people simply cannot play well..... holy galore these days i give up you win
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    We didn't give up on it, although it did fall on the reward vs time scale a bit until T2 was done.
    I'm pretty sure it was post nerf we beat it, (been a long time, can't remember), but the reason it went down fast post nerf was we had been working/learning at it.
  12. Iila Augur

    The reason it went down so fast post-nerf was that the raid was basically cut in half.

    Pre-nerf was basically two add waves over what should have been beatable.
  13. Elricvonclief Augur

    Pre nerf, Big. The nerf was on a Thursday, we beat it earlier that week.

    I remember talking with some RoI paladins that night, and they didn't believe it.

    They still want to argue actually, that RoI was the only guild to beat it pre nerf.
  14. Iila Augur

  15. Elricvonclief Augur

    I bet I'm remembering an additional nerf then.

    I specifically remember beating the event before a rare Thursday patch, then a few guilds beating it the following weekend.

    I had thought only RoI beat us, but apparently triton as well.

    That said, it'll be interesting to see how the rankings go this time around! :)
  16. Leex Augur

    You're an idiot. You basically call everyone hackers because YOU hack. It's a symptom of hacking, you no longer believe other players are clean, because how can they be? You do it..Why wouldn't they!?

    I dislike the fact you lump everyone together. I've played EQ for a multitude of years and have never hacked. I have known people who do, but that's not the same thing..And the amount of people who do hack compared to who don't, is very small. Maybe 10% of the player population uses * Insert program *( Not talking about TLP, they bot it up hard )

    And for the record, I bet you were kicked out every guild you played in for hacking. In fact I bet if you listed your characters we could find out..Talking crap on a "new member" account like your tough just shows how cowardly you really are. Get kicked from roi, so you call them hackers, get kicked from Triality, so call them hackers, get kicked from MS, so gotta call them hackers too..

    Not sure where you're going with the Axxius reference, but trying to slander someone because they probably owned your is just as childish as calling EVERYONE on eq hackers.

    Gee gee bitchboy
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  17. Yimin Augur

    This sound like a job for the prison server , hehe

  18. Leex Augur

    A hacker calling everyone hackers..lol priceless.
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  19. Repthor Augur

  20. Whulfgar Augur

    Fact of the matter is as follows.

    1)- You claimed to have raided with RoI, MS , Triton, among others.. yet refuse to name your toons

    2)- You claim to have multiple "older" accounts yet utilize anew member tag to post.

    You a special kind of stupid aintcha. .

    Go make yourabsolutely baseless claims elsewhere.. kid..

    Or put up.. and name your toons you have raided in all the guilds you mentioned..

    Shame us all.. and name your toons names.. stud..
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