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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zarakii, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. mackal Augur

    I can, with M Q 2 though :p Secrets has also done other hacks like adding new zones to older clients. KLS also wrote something up a while ago to add features to clients.
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  2. Dice Lorekeeper

    But I see you boxing 6 characters. It certainly looks like you use Monkey Qrack.
  3. Koryu Augur

    It never fails, these threads turn to accusations. GJ being predictable.
  4. rune00 Augur

    Good for you then Mackal, you belong to a very small club of people who can, but you probably know that ;)

    I have the greatest respect for Secrets the talent there is real. (And extremely rare) we are talking about 3-4 people, in the world, that can do those sort of things (WITHOUT using m q)
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  5. Motherlee Augur

    Some of them have done sub-contract work.
  6. Tatanka Augur

    So, what makes his six-boxing look like , but not like ISB (which is allowed)?

    Serious question.
  7. Elricvonclief Augur

    This thread sounds like an love fest.

    The fact it hasn't been nuked is sad....
  8. PeteSamprasMMO New Member

    So.. round about 2011 I set up a bunch of bot .ini for a guy on xegony. He was an officer (more specifically I think he was the leader, and I was setting up the ini for his officer alts) and I am nearly certain their guild name was Lions of the Heart. He was super cagey about it all and wouldnt send me the info over email, made me do it all via his private teamspeak server. The name Corwyhn sounds really familiar.. but it could have been one of his officers.. There might be another guild on xegony with lions in the beginning of their names that had an officer that was boxing a crew... my memory isnt perfect and my eq records only go back to 2012 on my current hard drives so I might have the wrong guy. But it just really stuck out in my memory because of all the hoops I had to go through to help the guy. his name was robert hart and I remember thinking his guild was named after his name... which is why i think Lions of the Heart was his guild.. funny how the memory works..
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  9. Brogett Augur

    1. Sharing the code via opensource does not necessarily mean DBG can just steal it and use verbatim. It'll depend on the opensource licence; GPL (cannot do this) vs BSD (can) for example. I haven't gone off in search of it to bother checking.

    Anyway, I don't class releasing it as opensource ot be sharing it with the devs. Not explicitly.

    2. If I was hiring someone, I'd think very hard before hiring someone who is known to have been hacking my product. Are they really wanting to work for me to improve the software, or are they simply wishing to get access to more secrets? Put simply, if there is anyone with similar skills but without their background then it's a no-brainer which to choose.

    3. I don't care if you do or don't! I do care if you run hacking software that gives you an advantage over others. Do you use M Q 2?

    4. Again, I don't care about emulators, but it hardly suprises me that if someone needs to client modified in an unofficial way they'll use the software that has features to hack the client in an unofficial way. Pretty obvious really.

    I'm sure there are bugs and annoyances in XX2 that I'd love to see fixed in game, but the fact is they need to be lobbied to get them fixed, not to go off and implemented a plugin method that fixes those and anything else anyone may feel like adding. That's just asking for trouble and guess what, it got it in shovels.
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  10. rune00 Augur

    1. There has been multiple privately pmed code shares over the years as well.

    2. This is one of those times when something is going to be impossible for a non coder to understand and a coder wouldn't need an explanation...
    Suffice to say, working with m q is the closest you are gonna get to the real API without having the actual source, you call the exact same functions, you learn all the class names and members etc.
    So in practice it means, there just isn't anyone except m q devs that CAN have the same skills... You can obviously find someone that knows the windows API and c/c++ as well but they won't know thousands of Everquest API's... in any case I don't disagree that they may have concerns about the motive and so on, but when it comes to skill there is no question who would be the obvious choice in a hiring situation, especially if you need a guy that hits the ground running and you don't want to spend a year training them...

    3. It doesn't really matter if I do or don't my arguments here are based on logic and facts either way...
    Let's say I am, there are plenty of servers that allow it and in fact even encourage the use of it, I could just say HA! That's the one I play on...

    4. Ok.
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  11. Dice Lorekeeper

    This is weird, cos I don't play on server. I play on live. And if you only cheat on , then how could I see you cheat on live? - most bizarre.
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  12. Brogett Augur

    I am a coder and I fully understand APIs and the like. I still wouldn't employ someone who has hacked my product and actively cooperated with servers to reduce my revenue, unless it is in a temporary consulting role to help improve security.
  13. Synisca Augur

    Your anti-roi sentiment and your general stance on this thread is cracking me up. I can't be the only one.
  14. Silv Augur

    I was wondering that myself...
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  15. rune00 Augur

    The server p99 is officially supported by dbg now... It has been for some time, you refer to servers like they are not ok or something, well maybe you missed the memo but a lot of game companies actually embrace fan sites and fan run projects nowadays instead of shunning them...

    Anyway I like to address your other stuff:
    If you really are a coder you should know that "hacked" is a anti third party tool narrative...
    The m q devs don't feel they have "hacked" anything.

    The EQ API itself has been used to extend eq and add features to it.there was never any need for "hacking" anything.

    Plenty of other games expose their API so third party tools can extend those games and no one calls the authors of those extensions "hackers" why is eq somehow different?

    It's just weird, so stop it cause it reflects bad on your intelligence.

    (And please, if you are thinking of responding to this post with "but eq never exposed their API so therefore it's "hacking" well, they actually did once in 2003 and once in 2008, just because you haven't heard about it doesn't mean it's not so)
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  16. mackal Augur

    I wouldn't say supported, that could mean a few different things, some of which aren't true at all. Recognized is the right word :p
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  17. rune00 Augur

    Yeah it didn't look right when I typed it, I should have said "officially accepted"
  18. Zarakii Augur

    I apologize after the live stream and the way elidroth said thing were fair pissed me off and then someone just had to mention roi so i kind of went off on your guild because its the one everybody always talks about and for that im sorry i raid with a few of your members here in valhallah and enjoy there company i was just having a bad day that day and took it out on the wrong people

    p.s someone mentioned me getting trolled by noobmember 53498 or whatever and its true i started to derail my own thread and thats why i havent said anything here in a while but i wanted to clear this up
  19. Zarakii Augur

    so you are saying people cant be great players without it? i highly doubt the top 3 guilds who are always under a microscope could get away with what you claim without all catching the ban hammer that happened with a guild not too long ago (the name escapes me right now)
  20. Brogett Augur

    There is a difference between officially acknowledging something (p99) and actively endorsing it from the outset. When it was being developed SOE were 100% against it, so it doesn't matter what has happened since then (they've had their hand forced and are powerless to battle it basically). The fact remains that the p99 developers initially did it against the wishes of the devs. Personally I don't have an issue with it; infact I'm for it as it encourages SOE and now DBG to react to what players want, but there is a line to cross and altering "live" game code crosses it.

    As for hacked, yes hacked is hacked. Ok in the original hacked meaning for sure m q is a hack, (a kludge, a cunning trick, etc). In the more media used hack term it is also that, just as magelo sync is infact (albeit benign). In order for it to work at all they had to break the EQ encryption / checksums, which is why things like magelo sync (and I assume m q 2) weren't available for a day or two after every patch. That the devs don't desire such interaction is therefore obvious.

    I can believe that the authors didn't originally intend for all the cheats and exploits to be added, but some of them were for sure. Wasn't it the same authors that wrote ShowEQ, whose *sole* aim was to spy on mob movement and spot nameds spawning? Is the live mob-map no longer available by default nor downloadable from their primary site? Track for all *IS* cheating.

    PS. Next time you question my intelligence publically, I'll just report you for personal attacks.
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