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  1. Discord Elder

    I wont comment on the ruleset, i would however like to see new content added to classic and kunark. Just add a few dragons, maybe a few gods. Create some new loot, especially for kunark. This would be pretty exciting for all guilds.
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  2. Ktwmb New Member

    A TLP version of Stormhammer. The server specifics don't matter to me, but I would gladly pay 50 a month to subsidize an increased GM presence that stomps out RMT and enforces the old PnP.
  3. Jaera Augur

    Might as well toss an idea I've been pondering here and see what people think. I'm ignoring the technical difficulties of doing some of this stuff, since you never know...

    Progression Start: Velious unlocked
    Progression Unlocks: Two conditions must be met to unlock the next expansion or block of expansions:
    • 3 months since the expansion/block of expansions opened.
    • At least one month since all main raid encounters involved with an expansion/block of expansions are defeated at least once.
    Expansion Merges:
    • Legacy of Ykesha unlocks when Rallos Zek the Warlord in Plane of Tactics has been defeated.
    • Lost Dungeons of Norrath unlocks once the Planes of Power expansion has had all of its content completed, including at least one completion of the Signets of the Councilman quest.
    • The expansions Omens of War and Dragons of Norrath are combined into the same block of time specified above.
    • The expansions Depths of Darkhollow and Prophey of Ro are combined into the same block of time specified above.
    Boxing: Full boxing allowed, no Truebox
    XP Rate: Agnarr modifier until TSS, normal modifier from then on
    Modified Feature: MOTM is now a global flag, any NPC that would have MOTM has the effective MOTM level for the current expansion. For example, if the server is at Velious and the MOTM is MOTM III, then Nagafen, Innoruuk, Trakanon, Phara Dar, etc all have MOTM III. When Gates of Discord opens, all MOTM effects are removed.
    Modified Feature: The "loot lockout" and "request lockout" timer for all AoC Raid instances has been removed. All AoC raid NPCs shifted to the lockout timer of 5 days and 18 hours.
    New Feature: Old World Adventure zones:
    Players can now request an Adventure Zone of any zone that currently has an Agent of Change. Doing so will create an instance of that zone that does not and will not spawn any raid boss, nor any "rare" NPC spawned upon creation, but follows the standard zone XP, respawn (including rares repopping), and loot dropping rules with the zone duration set at 6 hours. Requesting an Adventure Zone will lock the accounts participating in the Adventure zone from requesting either the Adventure Zone or the Raid Instance for that zone for 48 hours once a single NPC in that zone has been killed. These zones lock upon creation, and players cannot be added to the zone, even if players that are participating upon creation depart the group. All non-common items found in Adventure Zones are flagged as No Drop [note: maybe Attunable instead?]. Finally, an Agent of Change for the Lower Guk zone has been added.
  4. Krezzy Augur

    I like the idea of making a progression server that unlocks based on the player community's achievements. Make the player base complete classic content and quests such as Plane of Sky in order to unlock new expansions. Promote EQ's unsolved quests, add them to the progression requirements, and start dropping hints to the player community. Make the community work together to beat the challenges.

    Keep xp rates low for grinding, but restore higher xp awards to quests that are difficult to repeat.
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  5. Machentoo Augur

    The economics didn't work on Stormhammer and it wouldn't work here. 50 bucks a month sub wouldn't purchase more than a token GM presence, not enough to really police the server, and people aren't gonna stick around paying a premium rate when the GM's fail to catch things.
  6. Machentoo Augur

    For what it's worth, the devs (Prathun, I think it was) recently confirmed that there are zero unsolved quests that actually can be completed.
  7. Krezzy Augur

    Neat! Of course, I'd suggest they fix the ones that cannot be completed. The archaeologist quests in Kunark were fun to do, even though the rewards were pretty uneven.

    (Also, can you link the comment? I love reading up on stuff like this.)
  8. Stewgottz Augur


    No truebox

    Normal to fast XP rates

    Quick unlocks.

    @Dev's, you can literally control all those things already Lol. Just put it together.
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  9. Celatus Elder

    No FV loot rules. Truebox for life
  10. Vedette Journeyman

    I would add no OW, and 54 man capped raids in instances. I play on Agnarr, and saw very little competition for OW, but some insane numbers for single guild raids in OW.
  11. Machentoo Augur

    Why would you want no OW? Just because it is not your thing doesn't mean it should be taken out. You don't have to show up for OW mobs if you don't like the competition.
  12. Kahna Augur

    I dunno, having done this a couple of times now I kinda would like to see what it is like without the open world stuff. I wonder if it would get rid of the "zerg guild". These days one guild advertises before the server opens that it will be the one doing open world stuff and everyone who wants to do open world stuff joins it. Kinda wonder what things would look like if that dynamic went away and that mass guild didn't exist. Would there still be a huge guild splitting instances? Or would folks naturally form into smaller guilds.

    This is mostly just curiosity, I have nothing against the one mass OW guild that forms on these servers.
  13. Barathrum Augur

    FV Rules
    No item Req on gear
    No item Req on procs on weapons
    All classes / races open from start with POK
    Spell vendors in POK exclude quest / no drop
    True Box
    x2 phinny exp
    un-nerf quest exp
    Sleeper AOC stays sleepy version until luclin
    MOTM added for GOD+
    POP/LOY/LDON open for 4 months never ever again 6 months of pop kills your soul and server
    revamp of classic/kunark items (not all some like most like 75%ish or more)
    double faction
    Epics / Keys can be traded

    HI this part is for the people who do not understand that FV rules offer more then Krono farmers lets go over the positives because all i keep seeing is emo emo cry cry krono krono farmers wah wah wah wah!

    1. You can share your old raid gear with your guildmates ! Sharing is caring
    2. did you know if a AA clickie drops you pass it around the raid so everyone can click it!! Mind BLOWN!
    3. Have a new friend starting out? Bam twink him out because your a raider and you have all this krono and plat you earned by playing the game who needs a krono farmer IM A RAIDER!
    4. Did you know if you can buy raid gear in the bazaar or farm it your self it allows you to have a super cool alt and the lvl 1-50/55/60/65 etc grouping game doesnt die? omg look all those twink groups so much fun!
  14. Notafel Journeyman

    Unsolved Mysteries
  15. RandomStrategy Augur

    I was probably part of your "insane numbers" single raid guild. I think the highest we had was something like 88 or 90 (we used to have two raids going sometimes) early Velious through just the early beginnings of Luclin (we had a lot of box wizards to take down the Emperor day 1 instead of farming the bane weapons).

    Once the initial 'rush' of the expansion died down a bit (like week 3 or so) raid numbers were not really that high.
  16. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    No Truebox.
    More instanced content.
    Fast Exp.
    No quest NPC's with greater than 2 hour respawn times. I'm looking at you, Marl.

    And what I really think would be fun: Fast unlocks (like 8 weeks), AND whenever a new expansion unlocks, everybody gets boosted to the level/AA cap of the previous expansion. So when Kunark unlocks, everybody gets boosted to level 50 (if they aren't already). And when Velious unlocks, they get all the Kunark AAs auto-granted. And so on!

    This way, we recognize and take advantage of the shorter, "disposable" nature of TLP/event servers, AND we keep it appealing to new players throughout the server's life!

    EDIT: I just remembered that AAs didn't enter the game until Shadows of Luclin :) So at Velious, everybody would be boosted to 60.

    EDIT #2: A tie-in with Live servers is also very appealing, like the reward from Quarm that could be claimed on Live servers. Give Live players a reason to play on these disposable servers!
  17. Machentoo Augur

    To some extent, this is already in place with autogrant--it is just for several expansions back instead of the current/previous expansion. If you made it grant everything all the way up to the last expansion, it would eliminate any need for people to ever AAXP, as you never need the current era aa's in order to beat the current expansion. Might as well just wait till you get them all for free in 8 weeks.
  18. Discord Elder

    Know what else would be fun? If they implemented the original pre expansion events that used to go up. I remember one with armies formed up in commonlands and faydark that actually dropped pretty decent stuff. Anyone recall what era that was?
  19. Discord Elder

    I actually really like the previous expansion autogrant idea. - maybe 2 expansions back.
  20. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Quarm server.

    10x Live EXP Rates
    Expansions unlock immediately upon defeating the related raid content
    FV Loot Rules
    AA Autogrants of current AAs

    I’d like to see how fast this server catches up
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