20th TLP Wishlist

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  1. ZYLIE COYOTE New Member

    I've played through original (like back in 1999) up until OoW, came back when I heard about Progression servers and went through Original to Luclin on RF then Original to LDoN on Agnarr (while attempting Phinny but the XP rate was simply atrocious). Here's my 2cp...

    AoCs & True Boxing: If you have AoCs live, boxing really doesn't matter except in XP zones, so just change instances to have trash re-spawn, just no raid mob respawn, problem solved. So if AoC = yes don't waste time/effort with Truebox just fix trash / non-raid content to respawn. Yes I know whaaa VT trash whaaa, deal, the traps already do respawn so this would be a simple fix and guilds could also use the zones they popped for raids as guild XP zones until they close (like PoHate with a faster trash respawn or the like). Respawn would obviously have to be a zone by zone basis (IE: in PoG it would be impossible with a 7~28min respawn less you use tricks... but I digress). Which brings me to problem 2...

    AoC lock timers: Either reduce the reuse on them or leave the frigging zones open for the entire reuse timer with respawning mobs (non-raid targets). This would allow epic mobs to spawn if left open and if trash respawned also great areas to XP / gear up early on. It also allows for a guild to have more than just 1 night to attempt on some stuff if they are struggling. AoCs are good, but they could be SO much better. A combo of the two would be ideal (like 18hr / 2~3 day locks left open until the guild resets them with a new instance... one can only dream).

    FV loot rules: IMO don't care, if the AoCs are fixed loot wouldn't be that big of an issue either, but the passing around of clicks for AA... brilliant. Personally I don't think this would effect my decision to re-sub or not in the least. All drop-able loot has it's pluses and minuses, it boils down to a personal preference.

    XP Rates: Agnarr/RF speed or faster. If it's "classic" XP this will be a reason I don't resub. People don't want to spend 10+ hours grinding out a level. Or at least I don't. lol

    MOTM: Again, don't care as long as AoCs work and are active. Why bring up AoCs again? Because with no MotM and no AoCs bosses WILL be farmed by bot crews. Guaranteed. Otherwise, couldn't care less.

    Expansion Progression / Unlocks: 2 to 3 months is fine imo, or maybe 45 days after final boss in the expansion is defeated? Something like that. And please for the love off god LoY and LDoN as either 1 expansion together or DURING PoP release, they are NOT worthy of their own expansions and don't have enough content for months of use.

    Original/Kunark/Velious/Luclin Keys Zone Locks: Change to Level restrictions only. I've done... god like 6 or 7 VP keys, to many ST kills to count and probably like 10 VT keys and really rather not have to battle the others that are trying to get key pieces again. It's just toxic and annoying. IMO change it like this...

    Kunark Keys: HS unlocks at 52 (or around there), VP unlocks at 60.
    Velious Key: ST Unlocks after killing ANY of the ST key droppers @ level 60 (kinda like a PoP flag), Also keep the sleeper asleep until 2 weeks before next expansion launch.
    Luclin Key(s): VT unlocks at level 60 with like 50 AA (or something of the like), as for the dudes key that ports you in (name I am blanking on right now) leave that the same, that quest is easy and promotes grouping. Maybe increase the drop rate on the scrolls. Emp Key: Leave the same but increase spawns and drop rates to ease people fighting over camps and spawns.

    Faction Gaining: Don't care, is has never really been an issue if you know where to go.

    Races and Classes: IMO having expansion available races able to choose ALL classes that they eventually would have access to would be interesting for sure. Not sure how it would effect the earlier content, but this is how I'd like to see it. Example with original; only original races but ALL classes to choose from. AKA can't access Iksar until Kunark, but you CAN make a Dwarf Berserker from day 1 or a Barbarian Beastlord... Again can't access Frogs until LoY, so on. This would also boost point sales slightly because people would start the CLASS they want then race change later if they want a race that isn't out yet. Makes more sense to me anyways, but not sure how Zerkers and BSTs would effect original content. But seriously at the very least, let the races and classes that are available eventually available during original from day 1 please. Postponing a Ranger from being a Halfling or SK from being a Gnome because "that expansion isn't out yet" is the dumb. Both classes and races are playable, just turn it on.

    Levitation?: I don't know how this is even an argument. In the zones where it REALLY matters it's already turned off... same with the corpse summoning thing... this shouldn't be a deal breaker.

    Corpses Runs / Larger XP Lose on Death: I wana say yes because it makes the world MUCH more dangerous... but then the realist in me slaps that nostalgic nerd and simply says that corpse runs to get your gear have never been fun, they will never be fun and they always will waste time that you could be doing other . Period. Please don't bring either of these back.

    That's my 2cp, currently not playing and no active sub but keeping an eye on things to see what the devs do. I hope to resub for this release, but we'll see. If it's just another clone... the answer is nope.
  2. Quill Augur

    After having played on FV a week or two, I think its essential if you're going to speed things up.

    But if you do that, i'd have the max of the server be one expansion back of current. So, like this mythical server would have started Ring of Scale when The Burning Lands went live. And so on.

    The purpose for this is to keep the speedup(talking like 300%) rates without having them infect the current expansion. This leaves a couple of choices:

    A) Stay one expansion back on this server at the faster rates.
    B) Free Server transfer off. You can then play the current xpac with a Guild on a different Live Server. You can't come back.

    My feelings exactly... and I don't want some minimal bump... 300% all day every day. I'm even more adamant about that after having played FV. Its fairly fast, and you still won't be insta-max playing casually while significantly ramping the XP. It will be fun, though.

    Hah.. MOTM... had blacked that out. For this server? Remove it.
    Remove it.
    Remove it.
    Remove it.
    Remove it. If you like MOTM, there are other servers for that.

    I don't care about box crews rolling instances. It just drives prices into the ground. Also, Daily Raid Instances across the board. No lockout over 18 hours. Just make it rain loot.

    There is just something about wrapping Progression back around to a server with Combine-rules for opening that just seems right imo.

    The big thing you need to remember is that it will get more playable casually the deeper you go, particularly once mercs come in. The last thing I want is to spend inordinate amounts of time in Classic.

    Basically, at the start of the server it gets situated as a racing server and stuff without MOTM goes up in a cloud of bloody smoke. Play it like it were live!

    As the server gets deeper it gets more casual-friendly and becomes *the* server to just dink around on and level characters fast while allowing people to just buy random raid gear.

    One thing they might do, which would probably take work and coding, is to put in an xp slider from 0 to 100% for Live Servers, so you can freeze or slow down your levelling. On this server it would be 0 -> 300%. Don't want to level fast? Turn it down or off.

    The big thing to remember is i'm interested in a *new* server type, not the Phinny-clone one that has been played into the ground.
  3. Jontrann Augur

    I agree with everything you said bro.
  4. Ltldogg Augur

    I love slow xp and progression, corpse runs, sense of danger, darker nights, long time between expansions and everything about how EQ was up through SoV. That's what I want more of, personally.
  5. Quill Augur

    There is this thing called P99...
  6. Rampart New Member

    PvE server… Named “20th anniversary server”

    No transfers of toons allowed either on or off the server

    All zones unlocked at start up (yes it will be a race to the finish by some)

    All classes unlocked at start up


    All loot is for sale in the DBG store. (If your one of those that are willing to pay someone for items then if you want the GEBs but don’t want to pay some khrono pharmer a bunch of khrono… you could buy it from the store for preset price or choose to pharm it yourself… i.e. play the way you want to play.

    Keep all items the way they are (tradable, level restricted, etc) so as a toon is leveled up, the player can keep improving and paying DBG more money if they wish

    NOTE 1: it’s PvE, my loot doesn’t affect your game. And who cares is everyone has BiS… it doesn’t affect my game.

    We know that no matter what rule set is in place, people will still buy items from someone. Though this, khrono value will be brought down on this server and people who would have used khrono to buy loot will spend real money on their loot unless the value of khronos is less then the value of the points needed to buy the same loot item.

    NOTE 2: there will still be people that will refuse to pay DBG or the Krono pharmer, they too can play the way they want…
  7. jordune Augur

    fv rule set
    starts in clasic / kunark
    6 month open then 4 months per expansion
    no vote. timer starts after progression targets completed
    no motm
    box-able server
    ragefire xp lvls
    instanced raiding enabled
  8. Kronotowin Elder

    Release Coirnav 2.0
    Disable Krono sales until Velious

    Take a loss for 6 months and rejuvenate your player base
  9. TheTone Lorekeeper

    My only wishes are:
    • Trilogy open at release (Classic / EoK / SoV). Would be OK with SoL too.
    • Something different - edit spells, add abilities to classes, add AAs pre-luclin, randomize where high value loot drops.
    • Make some no-drop tradeskill benefits - so the masses actually have a reason to tradeskill.
    The best part of EQ was the simplicity and the sense of adventure. After 20 years, multiple websites documenting every single mobs movement, and replaying the same stuff on like 5 different servers, both of those things are growing stale.
    If they make a few tweaks to make each class slightly unique and maybe throw some curveballs with loot / tradeskills, it would be great. People would have to play the game again and not just mindlessly grind thru content that they have memorized.
    It's a pipe-dream, I know - but it's my TLP wishlist.
  10. Renshu Augur

    I'd come back for one without tru-box, or one that let you box 2/computer. I don't want to do the two or three computer thing again.
  11. Elskidor Augur

    I would say if we're getting a new TLP they've likely already mapped out what they want and an announcement will be made within the month, but then I noticed Coirnav announcement was officially made 9 days before its launch. Early promoting isn't their thing and probably haven't even made a decision on a TLP yet. Too bad. Never too early to start new server hype train but it would be great to hear something one way or another.
  12. Kywen Elder

    I think the Coirnav announcement was made so late because they were afraid of sabotaging sales of bags, mounts and potions on Agnarr. My guess is that official announcement of the 20th Anniversary Server will be last minute, also.
  13. jordune Augur

    the last 3 servers were all true box with Instances raiding.
    So logically the next server should be boxable with Instances raiding
    But to be fair least the true box folks don't get all butt hurt: do this
    Merge lock jaw with ragefire to free up a server then make 2 servers
    1 true box
    1 box enabled
    Both with Instances raiding, no motm, fv rule set
    Since boxers want longer expansion times do classic/Kumar for 6 months and 4 months expansion after that ( ldon and Don 2 months each) no vote unlocks

    True box no motm fv rule set classic Kumar 3 months and 2 months no vote unlocks

    Willing to wager both servers would max out and remain busy for quite a long time
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  14. Bolten_DA Augur

    -I would like to see Daybreak making raiding a challenge again. Raids are a joke even with 2-3 raid splits on a boss.
    - Launch with Velious - Helps with reducing a toxic environment (no VP key issue, Epics are less important, more exp/loot camp options)
    - 2 month xpac unlocks - Reduce the repetitive farming of the same raids.
    - FV style server

    A personal selfish preference - The final tweak would be perhaps stopping at an early xpac and just add new revamped raid zones. It could be a yearly TLP xpac. Think of the money it could bring in for people to buy xpacs ;p. The server feels different when the old commons tunnel goes away. I feel after luclin the world gets to big. The remaining player base gets spread out and the world feels empty. Having new xpacs would keep things new and interesting.
  15. Greendav Lorekeeper

    Classical Server with boat (love it) and instance for main raid (phiny powa)

    6 month and then Kunark 6 month and then Velious.

    After this the Classical server doesn t open any new expansion but all 6 month we have special content :) (Lore, sleeper and so...)

    Its is a breach we dont have any server stopping at the classical content that is to say only with kunark and velious.

    20th could be the good time to do it !
  16. Harmonix New Member

    I just want to be able to box a group of toons on the only computer I own in the next TLP. I can tab through a tank, healer, and dps combo much easier than I can find a solid group in these underpopulated TLP servers. I love this game, but I do not have the ability to play on any schedule other than my own, and would like to be able to progress at my own pace, doing so with my own characters. I haven't been able to play on the recent TLP servers, as there always seems to be a point at which I am not able to solo content (I play a bard main as a solo player, and we all know about the kite nerfs that have dropped the hammer on solo barding). If this server's population was likely to be as expansive as Everquest was in its prime, and people paying to play the game could progress at a rate of their choosing on a single character, true box would make sense. We live in a vastly different gaming world than we did thirteen years ago, and technology has progressed to a point where taking a stand against boxing is irrational. I now have a 40+ hours per week career, and between family commitments and work I am limited to how often I can play. If I have to wait hours to find a group in order to XP or farm gear then I am without incentive to play the game. Limit the loot to my characters and those people who are with me as the mobs die, limit the instances with lockouts, but allow me to play this TLP at my own pace within your framework and I will pay you monthly for 3-4 characters' accounts.
  17. Tornat Augur

    Would like a progression server that just clones Live exp rates and zone unlocks by level . but start with Classic/kurnark/velious unlocked at the start for 3 months than release 1 expansion every 3 months from there. maybe even double name spawn rate and double chance of drops , Rather play through the game faster that would keep me subbed even if i ran out of stuff to do and waited for next expansion. most gamers play more than 1 game now . would love to play EQ at a faster rate and not be a full time job to get any real progression. I mean come on the one guy who streams says raiders need to raid 12 hours a week 3 , 4hour sessions and that's fine in all but to spend 12-20hours on top of that to get anything else done , come on daybreak cut that in 1/3rd the time ... Would give someone like me a chance of thinking of doing an alt to. I would commit a 4 year subscription to a server like that give me a fast pace progression server
  18. Kronotowin Elder

    Disable follow command. Get rid of multi boxers. Improve the economy 10 fold.
  19. jordune Augur

    lets imagian 1000 trueboxers paying 15 a month to play.. thats 15k a month daybreak makes
    now lets imagian that same 1000 people box six toons each. thats 90k a month daybreak makes

    a box server supports your truebox server. might as well get over it
  20. jeskola Augur

    This will never happen and it has been explained why numerous times. If you really want to rampage through early EQ on your beastlord and zerker, check out Test Server or try to form a progression guild on Live.

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