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  1. -wycca Augur

    There is a dark elf warrior with no loot, who very very rarely spawns in Solb if I recall. Name is "Midghh the Dark". So rare I never saw him in solb on live, and only saw him on P99. Yes, I know what you're saying, - he's not even on Alla's. But he did/does exist on live - evidence - https://www.msu.edu/~oconne53/eqatlas/nagafenslair.html

    I should mention that it's possible the SK soulfire is in the game. I have significant doubts if the quest was ever finished though. It's even available on live servers roundaboutly!

    Simple item id hunting tells a likely tale.

    Soulfire is item #5504 - http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=5504

    If you go down, you run into the better swords of classic.

    If you go up to #5505 - it is unknown. Suspicious.

    If you then go up to #5506 - you get what could have been the SK soulfire. It's proc is sort of odd, but it might also be un-tuned or possibly it got buffed for the gm event (or who knows, added later if Lucy's item history is accurate). http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=5506

    #5507 is the kith ykesha scimitar. Above that is also unknown.

    The stats fit too. Magelo has an entry of 2002 on it (I'm not sure magelo was up before then, if so, not a ton of ppl were using it), so it was likely in-game in a classic time frame. http://eq.magelo.com/item/5506

    The better question to Prathun is...what is item #5505 and are there any quests that use it, quests that use item #5506, quest strings attached to Midghh the Dark, and quests that use the Tattered Fliers (#18819 and #18818). My suspicion is that the quest was unfinished but that the item and hints for it were created, but it's possible the quest is just undiscovered/broken. If you catch a dev, it should take little time to do these database queries. Zajeer was kind enough to do a bunch of them for me back in like 2006 (which is how I know that Seru has no quest attached to him if you hit ally, nor does Sirran in PoSky have any quests).

    It's possible the name of it gives some hints. What undead kings are there in game? There's theoretically one in Nro who drops a sceptre for example. Are there any other quests in the game that discuss undead kings? NPC's that respond to this phrase? Remember Soulfire involved 2x Pal factions, and later on it involves all of the Pal guilds. Is it possible other SK guilds have triggers or related quests?
  2. -wycca Augur

    PS - There's still a ton of items, from sequentially numbered item groups in the same expansion, which are unknown. These are all likely culprits for undiscovered items, broken quest rewards, or stuff that was just never used in EQ.
  3. lalaloup Augur

    Weird, it's "kings". Gives it a ringwraith feel, especially with it casting lich.

    Everything coming to mind is either linked to npcs/items that have since been removed, or pieces from later expansions.
  4. -wycca Augur

    Not necessarily, the name fits with the soulfire lore as identified by the OP. Basically you either release the spirits, or more likely, you just remove the paladin's blessing from the blade and let the evil spirits within corrupt the blade. May not even involve undead kings - just cleansing the blessing or such.
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  5. Sorttou New Member

    The one that always bugged me was the Tome of Ages involving the four crystal staves, the Oracle in OoT, and all of that. I remember spending significant time way way way back in the day investigating that. Oh well.
  6. Krogoth New Member

    Thanks! While I've caught some flak about the ogrish bits, I do enjoy a good chance to write and writing from an ogre's perspective is certainly a challenge. Can't wait to hear your findings on the shaman quest.

    I originally picked up the search for the SK Soulfire from evilgamer.net and they mentioned the same things about the Sword of the Undead Kings being a potential end result. I downloaded the Lucy Item database just to have a look at many of the surrounding items, but given the jumble that is all the items in that area, with several from different points in progression part of me wonders if an itemDB revamp didn't take place at some point that made the running sequences not as reliable for those earlier items. I don't see any rhyme or reason for some of the placements otherwise, unless there was a lot of forethought put into future development (such as the range of beastlord armors from 5432 to 5473).

    I would love it if the SotUK was the result, because from a practical standpoint Lich would do amazing things for this era SK, especially Ogre and Trolls with their limited mana supply due to low natural INT. The SotUK seems to only be known from the Dark Elves invading Firiona Vie event that happened in 2005 where it was given to a few people on each server, but it now also is apparently sold by the rare item Noble merchant on live servers. Are there any items sold by Marcia Attamilgad that are still obtainable by other means?

    Your mention of Midghh the Dark is interesting. I had never heard of that NPC until now. But from the sounds of it, it may not be relevant if the mob no longer spawns outside of emulated servers.

    I agree that if a dev would be kind enough to look some things up, I'd like to know what item 5505 is, and whether or not there are any other quest ties to the SotUK (5506) and if there is an actual use for the decoded Tattered Flier (18819).

    As for the name giving ideas. Classic seems to have a distinct lack of high level undead (and I can't think of any undead royalty) for this to refer to, so I'm partial to your idea in the other post that perhaps the Shadow Knights and Necromancers bound inside the blade may be the kings referenced. As I mentioned before, I've run around all the places where the sword was "stolen" that might make sense, but so far haven't had any promising prompts. Unless there are some higher faction level prompts in Neriak, I don't think "The Dead" faction are interested. Soulfire itself seems to be based around two of the human factions of Paladins (Knights of Thunder aren't really involved), so it may be possible that the SK version would require interaction between the two human factions of Shadow Knights, however I haven't worked my faction back up with Bloodsabers to test that theory yet. Getting the hits with Temple of Life tanks the Bloodsabers faction pretty nicely, and they were KoS to me to start with.

    As for other races with Shadow Knights, I don't feel like anything points towards Ogres or Trolls being involved, other than Xicotl's involvement, but we can't really be sure who he is working for. We do know that he broke into the Temple of Life's vaults with intent to steal Soulfire, and walked away with only it's hilt. But then as one of the Dismal Rage guildleaders pointed out, Ogres and Trolls are often used as pawns. Paineel may be a possibility, but again I need to do some faction work to test out any theories there. Tangentially related to Erudites, Miragul as a lich himself could be involved. Lore suggests that his own soul has been destroyed. Maybe freeing (or absorbing) the souls within Soulfire would be something he desires.

    One should never count out Gnomes for being involved in something, and technically their king isn't alive, though he's not really undead either.

    The Tome of Ages I don't have as much trouble believing was never fully implemented. Given that the Oracle only mentions wanting the Books of Turmoil and Scale (both of which are obtainable, but the book of Turmoil seems to have no use). As for the four crystal staves, someone earlier in the thread mentioned the Blued Two-Handed Hammer which does require the 4 staves. Currently trying to obtain this myself, but King Xorbb is being stubborn by not spawning. When no one else is in the zone I level the whole thing with Wizard AE's, but still have only seen the named golem.
  7. Wrukk New Member

    Okay here goes, the unsolved Ogre Shaman quest (I will be editing it as i go) There really is a story to this. You can skip to the unsolved part below the # # #.

    A little background on Dark Elves, Ogres and Trolls (oh my!).
    The Dark Elves and Trolls hate the Ogres. This is probably due to jealousy and hatred, that the Ogres at one time were Rallos Zek's master race of super beings he created. The Ogres were cursed and the Rallosian Empire fell, when the Ogres invaded the plane of earth. You can read about this when doing the warrior epic 1.0 and in the books in Crescent Reach.
    The Troll quests in Grobb usually give bad Ogre faction and the Ogre quests in Oggok give bad Troll faction. Ogres are KOS close to the bank in Grobb. Trolls are reasonably safe in Oggok if they stay out of the class guild areas.

    If you kill the Orc Runner in Butcherblock mountains, he drops the following note

    "King Naythox Thex, Continue with your plans to exile the inept Ogres. Emperor Crush has agreed to aid us in our wars. He will require the help of the Indigo Brotherhood to rid him of the traitorous Deathfist Clan of Orcs in the Eastern Antonican region. We shall also continue our supply of arcane knowledge to their agent in Freeport. Ambassador. D'Vinn Crushbone Region"
    There are Ogres in the Neriak Foreign Quarter that are being referred to here. And it looks like there maybe another quest line towards the end of the note (the agent in FP."
    This is actually part of another quest from Oggok for Ogre warriors that you can get from Lork. It's called the Crude Stein. The rewards are a Crude Stein or Gatorsmash Maul. There is the possibility this quest is related to Dorn's letter from the unsolved quest below.

    I hailed Marda (shaman GM in Oggok shaman's guild) when I first made my Ogre shaman back in Kunark days. Realizing that I would have to kill Troll npcs, I decided not to continue with it at that time The name of the first quest is "The Emissary"

    Just a few days before LoY expansion went live, I took my 50s High Elf wizard to the swamp and killed the necessary troll npcs needed for "The Emissary" and "Marda's Secret Mission" so my Ogre shaman could loot the quest items including Zimbittle's pouch. I could not complete the quest line the day LoY went live, My shaman was even in Grobb selling to Ootok when the Frogloks invaded.
    For a time, Forager Grikk was nowhere to be found. Later on, I did find him after the Trolls got Grobb back. Since with the quest of the Emissary, the Frogloks are asking help from the Ogres. Forager Grikk gives you one of two possible notes to give to Marda and that is the end of the quest. The first note tells Marda that Zimbittle is training lizardman mystics to better kill ogres. The second note mentions Dorn B`Dyn by name and gives the password "MUKK."

    # # #
    Now for the unsolved quest.
    But one of the notes talks about Dorn B` Dynn in Nro and Marda sends you to find out about what he is up to.
    After killing lots of Halflings in Nektulos Forest for a BBQ cookout, you get to amiable with the Indigo Brotherhood (by doing a repeatable quest).
    Then you hail Dorn B`Dynn in Nro at his derv camp. After telling him "Zimbittle sent me" and the password is "Mukk"
    Dorn gives you a note
    Dorn B'Dynn says 'So you were sent by Zimbittle. Take this note Kraagia of Da Bashers in Grobb. Do not lose the note. If it were to fall into the wrong hands of [Goonda], this whole plan could be disrupted. Now, leave, I can no longer tolerate you foul stench!
    ~~ (Kraagia refuses the note, more on that later)~~
    The note reads:
    "Dorn, it is imperative for Grobb to send a small detachment of Bashers to raid the ogre encampment in the Western Plains of Karana. During the melee, an Ogre traitor shall retrieve the Crystal Shard from the stone and return it Neriak Foreign Quarter. Do so at once. Let no one keep the traitor from his escape. Beware the Oggok Shaman Marda has dispatched an agent also.
    Nezzka Tolax The Dead"

    You say, 'Hail, Chief Goonda'
    Chief Goonda says 'Greetings to you. What business do you have with us? We are quite busy with the [enchantment of the stone].'
    You say, 'what enchantment of the stone'
    Chief Goonda says 'That is none of your concern! I do believe that you should be on your way.'
    He refuses Dorn's note.

    Chief Goonda is an Ogre shaman GM, I actually trained my shaman's level 30 specialization with him. Ogre shaman start out with amiable with him and get the above message. He is on Greenblood faction.

    I tried to turn the note into Kraagia in Grobb with a Troll warrior and he still refused the note. I don't know when I will get around to increase faction by turning in enough froglok tadpole flesh to get to ally.

    Why do I think this quest is doable? Three reasons, two years ago the spelling of Kraagia was changed in game to Kragia to match the npc's real name and the brackets around [enchantment of the stone] were added before that. And before LoY, my shaman couldn't get Forager Grikk to accept the Jar from his brother Groak (a prisoner) in Grobb. Forager Grikk now accepts it so the questline can be completed. So the quest does go somewhere. I don't care what the quest reward is, I just want the story.

    My shaman on E. Marr is 52 and is max ally faction with Goonda, still don't get a response or get him to accept Dorn's note. The last time I tried Marda she wouldn't take the note either (still as of 4/20/17)

    I haven't toyed around with phrases about the Crystal Shard or the Ogre traitor in Neriak yet. ZAM only shows three npcs that aren't merchants in Neriak Foreign quarter and it doesn't show them dropping anything. But there is the possibility that Uglan in Neriak Foreign Quarter is the Ogre traitor as he is part of the Crude Stein quest.

    So that's pretty much where I'm at in the quest, now down to the dirty work.
  8. Asaru New Member

    Probably won't happen, but how cool would it be to get word from a Dev that there were still some crazy, unsolved, but doable quests to be found in game? Especially with Agnarr so close. Would be a hell of a story. /Removes his Tinfoil Hat I'll go back to narrowing down what I want to roll for Ag now.
  9. Prathun Developer

    There are no NPCs in the game with the name Midghh the Dark, or anything like it. No such NPC exists in the Mac server data for SolB either.

    Item 5505 doesn't appear to drop in the game.
    Item 5506 looks like it can be purchased from Marcia.

    The quests that use the Tattered Fliers appear to be for SoulFire or a spell or bronze weapon.
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  10. Prathun Developer

    In fifteen years, I have never found a legacy quest that could reasonably be completed that had not yet already been completed. I have found a number of quests that were partially implemented or otherwise broken that could not be completed. For example, the Kunark quests that were restored and added on Feb 15th of this year.
  11. -wycca Augur

    Thanks for taking the time to look! Even went to EQMac - wow! I wonder if they used to just delete old NPC entries back in the day when they removed them, rather than just not letting them pop. Some obvious examples would be the Ancient Cyclops in SK/EK/Rathe possibly (I know SK, the others I can't find solid info for), and my favorite mythical NPC that most don't even think even existed - The Kraken in Lake Rathe. Yes, that's my favorite, I never saw him (rumor has that it was just a huge shark graphic), but he did kill me with massive 200-250dmg hits as a lvl 16 monk who was swimming to do Aviaks with friends in late 1999 on The Nameless. The evidence was sort of flimsy on Midghh, but that wouldn't necessarily be unusual for removed npcs. Regardless, nice to know he's not part of an unsolved quest.

    Bleh though - looks like there was nothing more implemented for an evil Soulfire other than what's already been unearthed.
  12. mackal Augur

    Was it part of The War quest/event that was removed?
  13. Carns Lorekeeper

    Please remember, all of these claims of unfound quests were made by Sony Online Entertainment, also widely known as lying sacks of crap so shady they make EA employees look like chiorboys.

    This 10th anniversary claim is five years after the EQ2 froglok quest.

    At the open of EQ2, the froglok race was locked. We were told that it could be unlocked by a quest.

    Weeks pass, we question if the quest exists yet. We are told it exists.

    We level to 50. No one has found the quest... we ask if the quest exists. We are assured that it does, just unfound.

    We explore the world using all ... five? ... of the various sight types looking for otherwise invisible mobs. Writing down every single mob that appears on track and locating it.

    Not just one person, or one server, thousands of people.

    We asked if the quest existed. We were assured that it did.

    We investigated every stone in the froglok starting town, with round the clock vigils on areas that were "marked" by shadows or where some NPC stood during its route.

    We asked if the quest existed. We were directly told that a developers had booted up an internal testing server, tried the quest, and the quest 100% worked correctly, we just had not found it yet.

    Weeks pass.

    Then there is a patch. Suddenly there are new froglok NPCs virtually everywhere. He tells you to go into the newbie zone and talk to another froglok. He tells you to run two hills over and talk to another froglok. Congratulations. You have unlocked frogloks as a playable race.

    So... we could not find their cunning quest, and they made it easy for us? Of course not.
    The cloak animation clipped with froglok armor sticking through it. This was the patch where they fixed the animation. The quest was never actually in, they admitted.

    I no longer believe that any quest can go "unfound" for more than 20 minutes.
  14. Machentoo Augur

    Err, the Dev who just said there aren't any was a SOE employee...
  15. Carns Lorekeeper

    A, I was referring to the 2009 claim of unfound quests, ie, the second sentence.

    B, I am not sure the dev had posted prior to when I started typing this.

    C, and most importantly, my comment stands. It is up to Daybreak to prove they are something other than the same old comcast level evil in a shiny new xfinity packaging.
  16. MaestroM Augur

    I love that you responded. I hate thinking that we, as a community, have "solved" Everquest though.
  17. fransisco Augur

    p99 is not a reliable source.
    They have many quests/npcs that never were in classic.
    They are not a replica of old eq, but simlpy something that is close to it.
  18. Gemini Syringes Augur

    I cannot believe you wrote all of that and then did it again in Orge. Dude, you are a legend. I'm not even going to pretend I read all of the Ogre bit, but you write well. Good job.
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  19. Carns Lorekeeper

  20. Wrukk New Member

    Well, I think we as players have to define what we mean as unfinished. I'm primarily interested in unsolved quests. Quests that do work, but haven't been solved by players yet. I remember the excitement back in the day when epic 1.0s were in game, but weren't solved yet by players. I put 19 more levels on my ogre warrior while the warrior epic was being solved by players. Esther the tester had to give warriors many hints iirc, as players weren't figuring it out.

    I know the above shaman quest that I'm working on, is not going to have a good quest reward. Years ago when I first started working on the "Dorn's Note" quest, some posters in Zam's forum said they did solve it but refused to post details. They could've been trolling us old ogres too. But not that long ago, somebody went to the trouble of correcting the spelling of Kraagia to Kragia and went to the trouble of putting the quest brackets around [enchantment of the stone] in Chief Goonda's speech. Why go to all that trouble if the quest is broken or unfinished?

    There have been recent changes in old quests, take the jboots quest for example. I remember a few months back in the Rathe mtns., I couldn't find Hasten's three other PHs, meaning Brother Z, Maldyn the unkempt, or the a drake. I found a grizzly bear close to the Lake Rathe entrance area down a bit from the hill where the hands of Innoruuk and the bandits are, and killed it. Sure enough, the PHs for Hasten and others started spawning again, somewhere between 4:45 and 5:00 minute intervals, and sure enough the "a grizzly bear" would spawn on top with the HGs and path the same path the other PHs do. It's a little more challenging now because the HGs will kill the "a grizzly bear," and that makes it hard to keep track of the PHs.
    Thanks to Prathun's old post about spawning the AC in Sro, I got at least five ACs to spawn on Fippy, using the information he gave us. Tried it on Ragefire and Lockjaw to no avail.
    On Phinigel, very carefully killing the AC placeholders, I found out they have a quicker spawn time than they used to. I did get the AC to spawn by killing everything in the area (just like we used to do in the old days) and sure enough he spawned at night.

    I like the open quests in this game, the mystery is part of the fun. I don't always like being led by the nose to the next step in a quest with "exclamation" points (etc.) above the npcs. It's fun trying to get them to talk in EQ and give more clues.
    I wondered about p99 and quests, that's the main reason I've never played it, as the quests I enjoying doing and enjoy working on, most likely won't be there or worse, be totally incorrect or missing entirely. Sure, I'd love to see old Freeport and all the unvamped zones, but that's about it.

    Well, I can't help feel a little bit disappointed that the quest for the SK version of Soulfire isn't in game or was never completed by the developers. My heart goes out to the original poster of this thread. It was a wonderful story and is very tempting to try it myself even though the quest is a dead end.

    Thank you Prathun for responding to this thread, I appreciate the work you do! =) And please forgive me for re-opening a can of worms.
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